The Buddy Project 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 13th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 13th June 2013 Written Update

Few last scenes from yesterday. Panchi gets nervous at the sudden laughing and hooting. JJ makes encouraging motions to her to keep continuing. She takes a deep breathe and continues like there was no interruption! (YAAAY!!! ) It feels like the crowd has gotten over it all but Omi hasn’t. While JJ keeps making encouraging gestures at Panchi, behind him Omi angrily asks KK to open his mouth. KK is confused. Omi says he wants to see if he has a tongue in his mouth or not? KK replies of course he does. Omi asks then why is he ashamed of speaking in his own mother tongue? And the girl who is doing so, he’s making fun of her! If he makes fun of her one more time, he (Omi) would teach him something in a different language! KK asks which and Omi shows him his fist which is more than enough sign for KK to shut his trap.

Panchi continues the act confidently and JJ is happy seeing it. Even the jury is enjoying it. KK2, who is standing in front of Avi, jokes to his friend about Panchi whether she is here for MVC or to win Best Fatso Tomato Award. Avi flares up and asks KK2 what’s his problem? KK3 asks Avi to mind his own business and Avi asks them to step out, he’d tell them his business. KK2 and KK3 get all machoistic saying they haven’t donned bangles and Avi retorts when they’d come out, he’d personally make them wear bangles! (Itne style se bola! “O beta! Bahar chal tujhe churiyan pehenata hoon!” Hayyyee! ) KK1 notices this and follows the trio out and Omi, after cursing a little, follows suit. There, Panchi finishes the act and the hall is filled with applause! (OMG!!! I have proud tears in my eyes! )

Chintu comes in RS where Mini is alone doing all pre-show preps. Chintu sits beside her and asks isn’t RV going to be here? Mini angrily replies she can take care of all this on her own, it’s near time to start and she will do it without RV. She hands Chintu a set of headphones as he is also to be on air. Countdown begins. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Before Mini can kickstart the show, RV comes barging in and greets the listener and opens the show in ek dum STYLE! (My Man!!! ) Mini glares at him as RV introduces Chintu in a light teasing sort of a way. When he announces his name, Chintu stands up to greet the audience. RV makes him sit down and whispers that it’s the radio, no one can see him and can only hear his voice. Chintu gets a hold of himself. Interview starts and RV asks is he feeling good being here? Chintu replies in affirmative. RV says conversationally that even they are feeling good because unlike other guests, Chintu didn’t come empty handed and has brought some breakfast with him. Chintu blurts out on air that RV was the one who ordered and RV takes over the situation by changing the topic. He asks Chintu that he is from small town, right? Does that mean he had a few complexes when he shifted here? Chintu says mostly people don’t pet complexities, but the ones who do he can’t say about them. He has a pet dog though. His dream was to have a huge canteen and it got fulfilled in ICC. RV praises this and Mini cuts across asking Chintu that he has been in ICC for years and has seen many students come and go, including all those rich spoiled brats (she’s annoying me! ), the ones who think they know everything but in reality are nothing. RV glares at her while asking Chintu does he think all small towners are hypocrites? Chintu says aren’t they in circus? RV replies, still glaring at Mini, that he isn’t talking about hippopotamus, but hypocrites! Two-faced people. Because he personally thinks that they are. They want to live an affluent life, want to speak English but they can’t so they pretend that they are all high and mighty. Mini cuts across saying all these high society people don’t even know their own language and culture! Chintu keeps looking left and right. RV asks what does she mean by that?! And Chintu asks what kind of interview is this but Mini shuts him up with a sssh and pushes him away! ( oh it’s fun!) Mini says these high society people are the ones who are hypocrites. From the outside they are all cool but from within, they are all annoyed at other people who are different! RV sarcastically apologizes to “Miss Inferiority Complex” at this and Mini calls him “Shreeman Badtameez!” RV flares up and shouts at her for calling him that and says these small towners abuse the ones who help them! Outside in the canteen, everyone can listen to this banter going on. Specially KD who is the only Buddy there! (All my annoyance is gone! THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! ) In RS, Mini angrily picks up her mic to hit RV with it but RV stops her asking what’s she doing which people can hear. He even calls her “Mohtarma” in flow of things! (Samar ka influence hai, aise nahin jaega! ) Just then, professor comes there. Seeing him, VeeNi stop fighting and get up. He informs them that they are on-air and RV silently curses for forgetting that. Mini leaves from there apologizing to him. Professors tells RV to thank his lucky stars that JJ wasn’t there else he would’ve kicked them out and closed the RS. He tells RV to value everything given to him. RV leaves after apologizing. Chintu asks Professor what about his interview? But Professors tells him to go to the canteen! (aww! Poor Chintu! )

RV comes out of the RS and a few students laugh at him. He seems lost in thoughts and STTC that what did he just do?? He became that same old selfish, egoistic Ranveer! All that preparations for RS, learning Hindi and what not, all was to help her, right? But in his ego, he ended up insulting her. He shouldn’t have done that…(ek baat hai, since the beginning, RV does admit his mistakes and tries his best to rectify them. Sometimes late, sometimes in a silly way, but he does that. And overtime it has grown. Doesn’t change the fact that in his fit of emotions, he makes a bigger mess of things. Oh well, we all have flaws ) He curses himself and in anger hits the pillar and ends up hurting his hand (not bleeding, just paining) but keeps on muttering he shouldn’t have done that.

KD is still recovering from all the RS dramas and gets a call from DD. He wonders if he’s calling for some other projects. DD tells him that his friends want to design their websites from KD but the pay won’t be much, only 5k per website. KD gets excited at this and readily agrees saying they are more than enough and thanks DD. DD says he deserved it and disconnects after saying he’ll send him the contact details. KD gets very happy and STTC now he can repay all RV’s debt!

KK comes in an abandoned garage type place with Omi following him in ek dum Bhojpuri hero style. KK asks why is he following him? Omi replies to do something KK’s father should’ve done and slaps KK so hard he falls on ground. Omi crouches and says he can’t understand Hindi and he was talking of Bhojpuri? Doesn’t he know Bhojpuri is such a sweet language, if anyone abuses in Bhojpuri, the guy he said it to thanks in return. KK warns Omi to leave him alone, he’s the student of Victoria College! (Haan tou? ) Omi replies if he would’ve been Queen Victoria herself, he still would’ve hit him like that! Before he can land another blow, a few gunda type guys come there. They all gang up against Omi and start beating him (MERI JAAN KAHAN HAI?!?! ) but Omi doesn’t go down easily and gives them a tough competition (5 against 1 tha! ) From the other side, Avi comes handling a few guys on his own! Thing making him angry was that the guy dared to call Panchi “Moti” (OH MY GOD!!!!! *feels mode activated*) JeeMi’s back hit and they look at each other before pushing all the guys away. Then they shout, “YOU!” after looking at each other! (OH MY GOD! I think I said this my Crazy, Wacko, Secret Fantasies thread! That I want JeeMi to unite and fight guys because those guys somehow hurt Panchi! And this scene is more or less like I imagined! I just realized that! Like, in my imagination it was a bit more open space than a closed dingy room but HECK! WOW! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!) One of the VC guy points at them and exclaims they are from ICC and tells the guys to beat them! JeeMi look at each other for one second before passing each other and hitting the guys from other person’s group (Omi hit the guys who attacked Avi and Avi attacked the guys who were hitting Omi! OMG! Classaay shot!! )

One by one, they push each guy out. KK, before leaving, shouts a warning at them but JeeMi tell him to get lost. They smirk in delight saying that’d teach them a lesson for taking panga from ICCians and they do a brotherly handshake (the one like you do when you are arm-wrestling xD) before realizing what they are doing (*sigh* Reminds me of how Samar persuaded RV to fight in TFP when those guys were hitting KD! “Royal ki izzat ka sawal hai!” Jo bhi ho, common educational institutions do bind us despite a thousand enmities!) When they do, the break apart coolly. Avi comments Omi that he did good and Omi does the same. He comments those VC guys were only laughing cuz they didn’t understand. How would they know how much hardwork Panchi did! (Syapa begins – NOW!) Avi says true man! She did practice everyday! Omi says he knows how much hardwork he did on that speech; she spent days with him to perfect it! Avi looks at him in surprise and tells him to hold on! Just cuz he helped him that’s why he isn’t saying anything but that doesn’t mean Omi will keep saying white lies. Panchi trained with Avi! Omi is shocked and exclaims, “WHAT?!” They look at each other and suddenly remember the times the trio happened to be together. They realize that Panchi has been with the two of them all this time and they mutter “what…?” in utter disbelief! (This is worse than what I thought it’d be! Their expressions are more than disbelief…Omi ka tou full on heartbreak hai and Avi seems like someone clubbed him over the head! )

Behind stage, Panchi is thanking all these people and she seems so happy! (Mummaaa! ) Omi comes there with a super massive angry expression on his face and he sees her. She sees him in the mirror and rushes to him saying she won the first round and it’s all thanks to him, if he hadn’t helped her in Hindi she wouldn’t have been able to do it! Omi is silent and angry as she excitedly holds his arm and says on and on. Just then, Avi comes there and sees the duo (MUMMAAA!!! ) and hears her thanking him. Panchi notices him there and seems to realize what has happened here. She is stunned and Omi shifts a little to face her directly (his expressions! HIS EXPRESSIONS! Maine kaha tha na! That dream sequence would be NOTHING compared to the real scene! Uff! There’s so much devilish anger in him that if there was a guy standing instead of Panchi, he would’ve teared him apart limb from limb!) JeeMi look at her in anger and disbelief. Avi turns to leave and Panchi stops him by holding his arm telling she can explain but before she can do so, Avi rudely yanks his arm away from her grip (Crap! Crap! CRAP! KEE-RAAAPPP!!!!!) and goes away. She keeps calling for him. Then turns to Omi to say something but he holds his hand to silence her then leaves after turning that hand into a fist to show his restraint. She keeps calling for them and then curses at the sitaution (she’s played with fire, ye tou hona hi tha I just didn’t know it’d hurt so much ) Dejected, she sits down.

JJ comes there excitedly congratulating her but silences seeing her crying like that. He asks her what’s wrong and she says she did something terrible.

RV comes to the library looking for Mini but he can’t find her anywhere. He even tries calling her. He STTC even her phone is switched off, now how will he apologize?

Panchi tells JJ everything but keeps on crying. JJ sits beside her and asks does she remember the saying she heard when she was a kid? “Honesty is the best Policy”. That still applies today. Now, no tricks, no strategies will work. What’ll work is truth, honesty. She has to clear out everything truthfully. Panchi looks at him blankly and he nods saying, “Truth and only the truth.” Panchi nods as she understands what he means to say.

Precap – Panchi says to RV the happiness will be double if tomorrow, they are also present there. They are new friends but they are a part of life now. Shocked, RV asks does the “they” include Avi as well and Panchi looks at him. (eff!eff!eff!eff!eff!eff!eff! RV’s super massive stunned way of saying those words like she would say yes, someone would suck the soul right outta him!)

Update Credit to: Mais

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