Saraswatichandra 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 13th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud thinking about Saras and his sweet words. She sees his gift and smiles. Saras calls her and he asks her where are you, She says I’m in my room. He says come out, I have to see you. He asks how is the gift, she says its nice. He says wear it and show me. She says you will laugh on me. He says I will keep looking at you. She says I m feeling shy. He requests her to come. She says ok I’m coming, don’t see me straight, I will meet near the small lake(her house pool), see my image in water. He agrees and promises her. She says just coming. She smiles. Saras is waiting for her near the small pool in their house. Kumud comes there and he hears her payal sounds. Kumud is dressed in a saree. (Looks pretty) She is unable to walk properly in a saree. She says you promised, don’t turn. Saras says I can see your image in water right. She smiles and walks towards him. Mann ke dor .. plays..

He looks in the water, and sees her image. (beautiful visuals) She comes and sits beside him. He stares at her image. He says Kumud, you are looking very beautiful. She says no one gifted me such a beautiful gift till date. He says when I bought this saree, it was not beautiful, but its looking amazing on you. He touches her image in water, she closes her eyes. She says don’t touch, and puts her hand in water, she disturbs the water and their images fade out. He says now I will see you, and she runs away.

Danny comes to Laxminandan and says he is really happy for Saras. As he heard him laughing on phone, so he understood Saras is happy these says. Laxminandan says the credit goes to Kumud. Danny says yes I felt the same when I met her. Laxminandan says when she comes to our house, she will take care of everything. Danny tells about his plan, shall we all go to Spain. Laxminandan says Kumud did not go outside the village, and we should give her time to adjust with us. Danny says she is smart and she will adapt it to us soon. She will feel good when she comes on a trip with us. Laxminandan agrees.

Vidyachatur and everyone gather in the hall. Laxminandan comes and Vidyachatur asks why did you call us here. Laxminandan shows the ring he bought for Kumud. Everyone are happy to see it. Vidyachatur likes it and says Kumud’s fate is like this, shiny. Laxminandan says Kumud should like it. Kumud comes and sees it. She likes it too and smiles. Laxminandan asks how is it, she says its really nice, and you have bought it from your heart. Ghuman is jealous. Laxminandan says you have said right, you have not seen diamonds, but my love. He says its priceless gift for my priceless bahu. Danny asks everyone to pose for the family photo. Danny says something is missing. Saras comes and stands beside Kumud. Danny says now its perfect. Kusum asks him to show it, Danny says Desai family come out of the frame, and we will take a pic with Vyas family and Kumud. Vidyachatur takes the photo. He gets emotional seeing Kumud with them. Kumud understands his feelings and cries. Badimaa tells Vidya Bhai… Vidyachatur says your family is complete, but our house will not be like always without Kumud.

Vidyachatur says how will my day start without seeing Kumud, and how will my day end. Don’t know. He says when I remember her, I can talk to her on phone, but when she says Bapu, I can see her childhood in her eyes. She will be going far from me. Everyone shed out some tears.
Saras goes to him and holds his hand, saying he wants to give him a special gift.

Saras says we have done video conferencing earlier also. He says Vidya kaka, assume that Kumud is with us in Dubai, and you are here. He asks them to sit near the laptop. He asks Kumud to come towards him assuming she is in Dubai. They talk on video chat, and Saras greets everyone. She talk as if they are married and they are really talking on video chat. They joke. Everyone laugh. Yash’s mother says bring a silk saree for me, and asks about the weather. Kumud asks Badimaa when did you take this saree, Badimaa takes if you like that it, and I have prepared shrikand for you. Saras tells its like we are together. Saras ends the video chat and gifts it to Vidyachatur.

Saras says whenever you want, you can talk with Kumud, just like she is infront of you. Saras says now your Kumud will be always with you. Vidyachatur gets happy, and says you are my son. He says I have done kanya daan today with all my heart. He hugs Saras, Kumud looks at them with happiness in her eyes. The Episode ends on Kumud’s smile.

Kumari tells today is Kumud’s engagement, Ghuman says its your marriage today Kumari, go and get ready for Umesh. Kumari looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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