Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditi taking Thapki’s pics. She sends it to Diwakar and Thapki smiles. Diwakar comes to the salon and gets Thapki’s pic. The barber sees the pic and says she is very pretty, and shows everyone in the shop. Aditi asks how did he like her surprise, Thapki looks beauty queen. He asks him to talk to her before marriage and asks Thapki to talk. Thapki says I want to thank you. Diwakar asks why, say. She says for coming in my life. He says you messaged the same at night. She says yes, you care for my family, thanks. He moves in anger and his moustache is half shaved. He sees it in mirror.

She says sorry, I was saying you care for my family, you are very good, I m so lucky to have you in my life. He ends the call and holds the barber’s collar. The barber says you jerked and this happened, moustache will grow again. Diwakar cries. Thapki says the call ended. Aditi says I will call again. Thapki says no need. Aditi says I will trouble him a lot when baraat comes.

The baraat comes in the evening. Diwakar hides his face by his hand, as his moustache is removed. He tells his mum he needs to talk and she says come first. Krishnakant welcomes Diwakar. The lady asks him to show his face and then go inside. Diwakar removes the sehra and they are shocked seeing him. Aditi says OMG. Shubh says how is he looking. Aditi says be quiet, he is looking handsome and young. Diwakar’s friend jokes on Thapki.

Aditi and Poonam bring Thapki in the mandap. Shubh says Diwakar has removed his moustache, see him once before marriage. The pandit tells about the marriage vows. They undergo the marriage rituals. Thapki stammers in saying the marriage vows. Diwakar gets irked and recalls his friend’s taunts on his fate and Thapki. He makes a angry face and says he will not marry Thapki, he will not listen to any vows, he will get old till she ends her statements. Everyone is shocked.

Mishra asks is he mad. Diwakar says he will get mad if he stays with her. He says I became a joke because of her, people laugh on me because of her and her stammering. Thapki and her family cries. He says I lost my moustache because of her and look at her, she has many weakness and can’t bear my small weakness, she wars high heels to show I m short, even I m stammering being with her. He leaves from the mandap. Krishnakant stops her and says Thapki has thrown all her high heels. He says she can even throw me. Krishnakant says she can’t hurt you. Poonam says she will keep you happy. Diwakar says no one can be happy with a stammering girl.

Aditi asks what is he saying, how can he say this in mandap. Thapki sits in shock. Krishnakant says he will give him anything to marry Thapki, all guests have come, it won’t look good. Mishra’s wife says she does not like this relation, they will not accept Thapki. Krishnakant apologizes to them and says my daughter is very lucky. Diwakar’s mum says we will not ruin my son’s life. Krishnakant says Thapki will be fine, her speech therapy is going on, she stammers less now, doctor said she will be come. He asks the guests not to leave. Aditi says what are they saying, did they hide anything, how can they back out in final moment.

Diwakar’s mum insults them. Krishnakant removes his padgi and begs to them. Thapki stops him. She smiles and asks him to get up, this is not needed. She shows her strength. He says he will make things fine. She says if this marriage happens today, nothing will be fine. She says she wanted to leave memories here, she can’t leave them like this. She says my parents love me a lot, my dad is folding hands to you, as he loves me the most. She says what all her dad did for her.

She says about her mum, who never made her feel bad on my weakness, she says I got this as I have strength to bear this, Lord loves me a lot. She says about Shubh and Aditi. She says she is fine, and asks Diwakar to know that she was happy with this marriage, as she felt he cares for her family, but he proved her wrong and made them upset.

She swears on Lord and says she did not joke on his short height, but today she has realized he is short by mind. She tells his mum that she did not differentiate between me and you, but I did not know you don’t know the difference between someone’s daughter and clothes, and asks them to make any mannequin your bahu, please have food and go. They all leave. Poonam asks is she fine. Thapki says they made us cry more than spending money, you did not make me weak, I can bear everything, I should get a Thapki. Poonam hugs her.

Thapki removes all the decorations in the house and says she does not remember yesterday. She says she got offer from Dhruv’s channel, I did not apply. She goes there to work.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank god. I was hoping she wouldnt marry him

    1. That was true yr if marriage gets happened then no story were there

  2. Ha its better she did not marry him

  3. i said yestrday!!!! dis marriage wont happn…… m soooo happy

  4. Nice build up for story hope a good drama will come up to see people m enjoying this show

  5. its gud they did nt get married. Dewakar and his family were idiots. Its also nice to see a show which is nt dragging.

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