Swim Team 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa thinks…Rewa tells she have to do something..Rewa calls Umang..Rewa tells she want something from her locker..Umang tells she will give if Rewa call TK on her birthday..Rewa tells she will tickle Umang in her ear..Umang tells okey she can take…Rewa takes a newspaper…Jai calls and tells to come after training come cafetria they will hangout..Rewa searches “DIKSHIK SWARNAKAR”…Rewa calls DIKSHIK and tells she want a favour…
Jai tells he known that Rewa is intrseted in whom..Bhagat comes..Jai tells that Rewa wanted to meet Bhagat..Jai tells that Bhagat is the problem to their solution..Jai tells Rewa to sit near Bhagat..As he known that why they ara doing…Bhagat tells he is enjoying,,,Jai tells shut up…Bhagat sees Rewa and thinks all the moments spent with her Song goes on nbackgroud “ISHQ BULAVA”…Bhagatt tells that he wil give six marks out of ten..Rewa tells its soo less as Rewa acted soo Good..Bhagat brings coffee…Rewa tells where is her coffee…Bhagat tells he done some acting that Rewa is telling to bring Coffee….Jai tells now Bhagat will understand they have to do all works of Girlfriend..Jai and Bhagat laughs…Rewa tells enough and she can bring her coffee by herself…Rewa tells she is going…Jai tells to stop..Jai tells he was just joking..Rewa tells she dont wanted to talk..Bhagat sees and feels..Bhagat tells he will see If TK is coming…Rewa tells she was just joking..TK stands..Rewa comes..Rewa tells she wanted to ask something..TK tells to asks Jai…Rewa tells please..Rewa tells SWIM TEAM is not of Jai is Of Coach TK…TK tells what does Rewa means he is not a good Coach ignoring his team..Rewa tells its nothing like that and TK is the best coach…TK tells he has lost everything..
Rewa tells that DIKSHIK SWIGNAKAR who lost his leg in accident..But he saves small children from drowning..When asked in Intervew he said that he heard TK saying that Its possible to do anything…Rewa tells that TK is winner and make hero..Rewa tells that DIKSHIK wanted to talk TK…TK tells that he dont wanted to talk anyone and he is not a hero..What that boy did is because of his bravery…Coach TK tells rewa to Go…Rewa tells that Coach is really messed up..Rewa stands..TK tells why Rewa is standing???Rewa tells that UMang birthday is coming,,,So TK will come or not???TK says he will come..Pixy and Deepum sits in dicky of Jai car’s and hides…Jai tells that Dolly came..Pixy hides…Dolly comes and sits.. Umang comes and search TK…TK drinks in Pool…Umang comes..Umang drinks..TK tells this is out of rules..Umang tells that her coach is different..Umang tells she came to invite TK..

Precap:::Umang kiss TK in pool..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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