Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Bihaan that Vani is not Thapki and she is his future wife, and says woman is not a lifeless thing who can be accepted by someone at any time. Thapki comes and says well said. She repeats the same dialogue. Bihaan goes. Thapki thanks Kabir and apologizes to him as Bihaan was threatening him. Kabir says it is okay. Thapki says you are really a nice guy. Kabir says don’t tell like this, else love will happen. Thapki gets tensed. Kabir asks her to relax and says it is a joke. Thapki says yes, it was a joke. Bihaan is talking on phone and sees Kabir going somewhere at night. He thinks where he might be going at this time, and follows him. Bihaan’s phone rings. He attends the phone and misses Kabir. He wonders where did he go?

Kabir comes to a place, where a woman is tied with a chain. He gets emotional seeing her and keeps his hand on her head. Woman gets hysterical and hits him. He says I will go. He is about to go and sees Bihaan standing outside. He comes back to the woman and keeps his hand on her mouth stopping her from shouting. Bihaan looks for Kabir there and says he is not here. Woman asks Kabir, if he wants to beat him and cries. Kabir asks her to have food, but she throws food. Kabir hugs her and cries.

Vasu calls Suman and Preeti and ask them to give servant’s clothes to Shraddha so that she don’t forget her value in the house. Suman and Preeti get happy and think to take revenge on Shraddha. They come to Shraddha and give her servant clothes, asking her not to touch costly jewellery. Kosi comes there and gets shocked seeing Shraddha in servant’s clothes. Suman says she is Shraddha. Kosi says she got scared and says she looks like dayan without makeup. Once Suman and Preeti goes, Shraddha asks Kosi to sweep the floor and threatens to tell her secret. Kosi agrees and is about to sweep the floor. Aditi comes there, Shraddha takes the broom in her hand. Aditi tells Shraddha that she should be indebted to Kosi for staying in the house, and shouldn’t forget her favor. Kosi says she is tired and asks her to make tea for her. Shraddha thinks to take revenge on them.

Bihaan searches something in Kabir’s room. Kabir comes and asks what he is searching? Bihaan says you are betraying my Thapki and shows the woman’s pic asking who is she? Kabir asks how dare you touch this pic and asks him to give. Bihaan asks who is this girl? Kabir asks for the pic. Bihaan refuses and asks him to tell truth. Kabir raises hand to slap him, but Bihaan holds his hand and says you will get pic only after I come to know about the truth. He says I know how to make you tell the truth. He holds his neck. Thapki comes and asks Bihaan to leave Kabir. Bihaan says he is betraying you, and asks her to ask Kabir who is this girl. Thapki sees the pic and asks who is the woman and what is your relation with her. Bihaan says this woman is his wife or lover with whom he has spent a night…Kabir asks him to mind his language and says the woman is my sister.

Kabir tells that they shall go on a picnic. Everyone agrees. Kabir takes out gun from the box and says it is just an excuse to kill you Bihaan Pandey.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I hate Thapki ad vaani…
    Don’t make Kabir negative… Pair him with Sankar and make her good….
    Unite Thahaan and expose Kosi- Naman
    And. …….please please end this drama as soon as possible..

    1. Why to end this drama as soon as possible? ?????

  2. pleass bring back our thahaan,, the story is bored why vaani will be marriage with kabir..!? she is still bihan wwife’,,the cvs think the marriage is ggam,they must change the story if don’n want lost the audience . we just want thahaan back together, after this,wathever if many problem come..

  3. How many dramas within a single drama…

  4. Thapki plsssssss stop this yaar,its so ridiculous and meaningless.

  5. Bihaan should find out the pregnancy report and Thapki should realize Bihaan’s innocence..And make Kabir pair with Sankar..Always we can see only Bihaan’s sad face and Thapki ‘s revenge on him..Tpk’s starting story is super and Writers should cm back with TPK’s old charm to gain audience..

    1. Agreed with shwetha. What a silly Kabir leave her sister lonely in house day/night. How can he cope both thapki and sister ? If he have time. ?

  6. Kabir and thapki will be good pair.. I hope everything will be all right.. Bihan you don’t deserve thapki… When hurdles come between husband and wife the relation should not be weak so that you leave your wife.. The relationship made with trust… You trust your family more than your wife… As soon Kabir marry thapki, Bihan will be paired with sankara, tit for tat…..

  7. It’s getting interesting again, I like Kabir he can play the cheeky chap really well, but also today we got a glimpse of something darker which I found really intriguing. I don’t want to see him with Sankar he’s to good for her!!! But B for Bihaan is still B for Best.

  8. Vajra-SG29™


    Episode Synopsis…

    Episode – 509
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 29 Nov Set Alert
    More show timings
    Kabir gets a cake for Neha on her birthday. However, she gets hyper after seeing the lit candles which remind her of the fire that killed her husband.

    Episode – 510
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 30 Nov Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bihaan and Thapki come closer when Thapki gets injured and Bihaan helps her. Kabir tries to shoot Bihaan but fails. Thapki panics when she notices the bullet stuck in a tree.

    Episode – 511
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 01 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Thapki probes the cave when she hears the cries of a child. She is shocked to find a group of children who are abducted to be sold. She saves them with Bihaan’s help and thwarts Makhanlal’s plans.

    Episode – 512
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 02 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Thapki gets emotional on seeing Bihaan taking good care of the kids. Vasu figures out that Vaani is Thapki and asks her to read the newspaper in order to test her.

    Episode – 513
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 03 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Sankar makes a glass chamber and tricks Thapki into entering it. As the chamber gets filled with dynamite, Thapki panics.

    Episode – 514
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 04 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bihaan panics when Thapki goes missing. He and Kabir search for her. They find her stuck inside the glass chamber. Kabir saves her and proposes marriage to her. Thapki accepts his proposal.

    Episode – 515
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 05 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    There is no synopsis available for this episode……


  9. Please unite Bihaan and Tapki…before Kosi and gang came..the show was went downhill after that…we thought after the 2 year leap, things will be better..but it got worse..bring back the old Tapki and Bihaan..bring back the old gang…pair up Kabir with Druv’s sister..Tapki and Bihaan belong to each other..dont destroy this drama

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