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it was the next morning and swara woke up by lazily opening her eyes and trying to move when reality hit her and she opened her eyes just to widen her eyes first and then blush deep red to see the state. both swasan were without clothes and sanskar was keeping one hand on her bare waist and the other on her back tightly holding her in his embrace.she was blushing hard with the close proximity with sanskar and remembering the last night.
she moved her head up to look at sanskar’s face which was like a cute baby. she caressed his face with her soft hands and kissed his forehead.

she was lost in his cuteness but flinched when she felt sanskar’s hand caressing the skin near her br*ast.
swara- sanskar
sanskar- [still closing his eyes] hmmm
swara- [stammering with the sensuous touch of sanskar on her back] wh..en…. di….d…. y….ou… w…ak…e
sanskar- [looking into her eyes with love] when you were caressing me.
swara- [breathing heavily as sanskar was rubbing his leg against her] san..skar…lea…ve…me….plz….ha..ve..to…wo….rk….. aahhhh.
sanskar fondled her bo***ms and pressed them hardly.
sanskar-[huskily] stay here for sometime. he started kissing her nape sensuously and swara closed her eyes due to his pleasurable torture.
swara- sanskar ….no…t. ..no..w..
but sanskar did not listen to her and continued. he was giving lingering kisses to her and then looked at her face. she was tempting him and he kissed on her forehead, her closed eyes, nosetip, cheeks, chin and then placed his lips on her. they kissed passionately and then they again got intimate. they rested for sometime and then swara realising that’s it’s late started moving but sanskar again held her and started kissing her. he kissed on her lips and then started kissing her nape and cleavage.but this time swara didn’t allow him further.

swara- san..skar if.. yo..u don’t….leave…me… now….i ..will…not …talk…to ..you.
sanskar stopped kissing her, turned other side. he covered himself completely and slept without uttering a word.
swara knew he was angry, actually not angry but upset as she stopped him but she also knew that if she starts convincing him then it will take time or may be he start again so she got up and went to washroom.
after sometime she came out of washroom and saw sanskar still sleeping.
swara- sanskar get up and get ready don’t u have to go to office.
sanskar just got up without saying her even a single word and wore his clothes. he arranged his files and then went to wardrobe and took his towel and started finding his clothes.
swara- sanskar i will take out your clothes. you go and take bath. sanskar payed no heed to her and took out his clothes and went in washroom. he did not even look at her. this hurt swara but she composed herself and thought how to convince him now.
she came in kitchen and made breakfast and made kheer which is sanskar’s favorite.
she came in room to call sanskar.
swara- sanskar come for breakfast.

sanskar- no response.
swara- sanskar please don’t be angry. it was getting late that’s i stopped you.
sanskar stood from his place and moved towards wardrobe and took out a file and turned to come back to bed but swara stood in front of him.he moved to left but swara brought her hand blocking his way. he moved to right but again was blocked. he stood at his place with blank expression and did not look at her even once.
swara- i am sorry naa.sanskar please say something .
she cupped his face and again said sorry but he didn’t look at her. tears welled upp in her eyes but she somehow controlled them from falling.
swara- sanskar don’t avoid me please. please i am sorry. at least look at me once.
sanskar was adamant and didn’t look at her.

swara leaned up to him and placed her lips on him and kissed him gently while her tears made its way as sanskar did not respond. sanskar has closed his eyes and fisted his hands. he controlled himself from responding. swara was kissing him continuously waiting for him to respond but moved apart due to lack of breath. she starts sobbing and hugged him.
swara- sanskar please say something. i don’t want to lose you. although you were there but i missed you and now when i got you back your silence, your ignorance is killing me. i won’t stop you next time pakka.
sanskar hugged her tightly.
sanskar- swara i was angry on you but not because you stopped me but because you told that you will not talk to me. you don’t know that even the thought of getting away from you is so painful. please don’t even in your thoughts say things like that which keeps you away from me. that day will be the end of my life.
swara- sanskar. please don’t say like that. i am sorry. accha let’s have breakfast. i made kheer for you.

sanskar broke the hug and wiped her tears and kissed her forehead.
sanskar- waise i have to finish a work before breakfast.
swara- what?
sanskar kissed on her lips passionately to which swara reciprocated after coming out of her shock.they parted due to lack of oxygen.
sanskar- u don’t know how hard it was to control myself when u kissed me. waise now a days u are being daring in kissing me. not bad haan.

swara playfully hit him and then they came and had breakfast.
done with this part.

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