Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Thapki attempts to unite Purab and Veena

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hansika telling Veena Devi that she had defeated her last time too. She says again she will defeat her, as Purab will be hers and says if he didn’t become mine, then also you will be defeated due to Thapki. She says this is one sided war this time, you are badly trapped Veena aunty. Veena goes upset from there. Hansika appreciates herself.

Thapki and Purab come to the office. The employees greet them. Purab says Thapki is my secretary here and not wife. They greet Thapki. Thapki asks for their intro. Purab says work says and not the name. He sees the file and why stats are low. The employee says just 21 songs released in a month and says how many times, people will hear the same songs. He says we shall release more songs. Purab takes water and asks Thapki to make notes. Purab says songs are good, and asks the employee to give hampers to the event organizer. The employee asks for his approval. Purab says Thapki will see. Everyone leaves, except the HR Manager. He asks how much salary, you are expected. Thapki says 5. HR employee says shall I fix 5 Rs. Thapki says this is my first job and says whatever you offer. HR employee offer 30000 and then 40000. She gives her contract and asks her to sign. Purab says you got the salary increased. Thapki says she was about to say yes for 30000, but her stammering problem halted her. He asks her to call him Purab sir. Thapki says ok sir, and asks if they can go before dinner and tells that she needs to cook food. Purab asks her to leave home work at home.

Hansika talks to Anjali. Anjali asks her to go to Purab’s office and do her work. Hansika says she will make Purab realize today that Thapki is wrong for him. She turns and sees Priyanka standing. Priyanka says I will talk to your mom, she has thrown you out of the house. She takes the list and sees Mon on the call list. She asks who is Mon. Hansika says Monty, my friend. She says she don’t want to discuss the personal issues with anyone. Priyanka returns her phone and goes. Hansika thinks it is good that she saved her Mom’s name as Mon.

Rohit comes to Sargam and praises her. He says if you have love for me. Sargam says yes. Rohit gives her a gift and says we shall work with this cucumber ring. Anchun is upset. Rohit makes her wear the cucumber ring.

Veena Devi thinks of Hansika’s words. Dadi comes there and asks if she is fine? Veena Devi looks sad. Dadi asks her to share what is in her heart. She says you have to celebrate birthday tomorrow. Veena says I don’t like to celebrate birthday, but have to do for the people. She says she is a helpless mother who is going to lose her son. Dadi says you will not lose him and says you both cut each other’s words. She says you both shall sit and talk, may be your victory lies in his victory. Veena Devi says I can’t be quiet, I will play with trick. Dadi says no. Veena Devi goes from there.

Thapki and Purab return home. Purab says I am hungry. Thapki says I will make something for you Purab sir. He says sir in office only and asks her to call him Purab. Thapki says I will make something. He says he likes pizza and sits on the chair.

Hansika comes and sits on the chair. She reminisces the incident when they used to go out and have food and then talks about her stalker, whom he had beaten him. He says yes. Hansika says you have changed my favorite color from Pink to green as you liked it. He says we will always be good friends. Thapki makes Pizza and keeps in the oven. Hansika asks about Thapki’s favorite color.

Thapki adds achaar to the pizza. She brings it out. Purab says achaari pizza. Hansika makes faces and asks Thapki if she made it for first time, and tells Purab that they shall order food from outside. Sapna and Priyanka look at them, holding the weighing machine. Purab says I will die with hunger until food comes. He eats the pizza and likes it. Hansika says Purab doesn’t like unhealthy food. He asks her to have it. Hansika takes out achaar and masalas from the pizza. Thapki offers him more piece, but Hansika asks him to eat the pizza from which achaar and spices are taken out. Purab takes the achaari pizza and says it is good. Thapki goes to bring more and hears Purab praising her, saying she is a wonderful cook and makes tasty food. Hansika thinks before she turns him as desi, I shall put a break.

Later Dadi and Sargam come to Thapki. Thapki asks did you all have food? Dadi says yes, but Veena didn’t have food. Thapki says if I take plate for her, then she will get angry. She says only Purab can convince her to eat. Dadi says Purab will make excuses. Sargam says I saw them fighting also. Thapki asks Dadi to send Purab where Maa ji is there somehow and says I have an idea.

Dadi acts as having back pain and asks Purab to take out the herbs from the plants, and says she will apply it for relief. Purab goes. Dadi signs Thapki. Veena Devi is talking on phone, while Purab plucks the herbs.

Dadi signs a lady and her son. The lady scolds her son. Veena devi asks the lady, why is she scolding the boy. The lady says he has become mischievous. Purab says scolding is right for his betterment. Veena Devi asks the lady to give sometime to her son and says he might have done this for your intention. She then tells Purab that if he had told then she would have pluck the herbs. Purab says you was busy on call. Veena says nothing is important than you. Dadi comes there and asks them to learn from their lecture which they were giving to gardener and her son. She says I don’t want anything wrong to happen on Veena’s birthday and asks them to hug. Purab and Veena Devi have a hug and get emotional. Purab asks do you want to talk about Hansika. Veena Devi says no, and says whatever you think right is done, and says let it go. She thinks I will handle Hansika and Thapki my way.

Precap: Thapki says I have always wished Maa ji seeing her pic always and says this time she will wish her personally. Purab asks Thapki to organize the birthday. Thapki says yes. Veena Devi asks Hansika to pack her bags and leave. Hansika thinks Thapki will bring out your truth in front of everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Can u remove Hansika pls?? She plays POSITIVE ROLE better – like in Barrister Babu 🙂 Enough of Vamps for Thapki – Witches Sapna n Priyanka n Sudha n the biggest of them – Veena Devi !!:-(Pls change Hansika role – otherwise your rating will definitely go down 🙁

    1. Sakuraaa

      Yeah, I also watched her in Barrister babu but as she doesn’t have an innocent looks, she is suitable to a character like that too.

  2. Metin

    Please be carefull about the border between stupid and naive.
    Develope thapkis skills.

  3. Metin

    “Desi” meaning?

    1. It means more of indian

    2. Sakuraaa

      Desi food means local food, I think

  4. Exactly,make her smart like season one and also don’t downgrade her self confidence.Start showing some affection on Purabs side

  5. Sakuraaa

    Please upload episode of today🥺

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