Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Priya comes to Gopika’s house

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Scene 1
Gopika says why didn’t your all eat? Saksham says we were all waiting for you. Gopika says I don’t like you all waiting. Nikhila says sit. Aashi says gopika what are you wearing? Chiragh says it’s such a good saree. Priya comes downstairs in Priya’s kurta pajama. Aashi says when did Gopika start wearing those? Saksham says these are mine. Priya says I liked them. I didn’t like Gopika’s sarees. I will change later. Nikhila says it’s better to know what’s yours and what’s not. Nikhila says to everyone Gopika needs support from all of us. she says Priya what are you thinking? She says it makes me happy to see such a good family. Nikhila says Gopika and Saksham there’s a pooja for both you. She says Priya your friend would be busy with his wife so you can leave. Priya says I didn’t want to go so early but I will come back later.

Scene 2
Hitain says this food is so expensive. She’s ruined the budget. Ramila says you see how I get double money

Priya says thanks Saksham your family is so sweet. I wish I had a same similar family. He says I hope you get married in a family like mine. She says but where will I get you. He says I am married. She says yeah yeah I know let me know if you change your mind. He says you didn’t change at all. SHe says you’ve changed a lot. I know you’re a big businessman now. see I am wearing your designs. He says this is because of Radhika. She says Radhika who? Saksham tells her everything. Priya says strange girl, she never showed your face. Saksham says I am waiting for the day I can see her. He leaves for pooja. Priya says I need to find out this Radhika. I saw her signature. She tries to look for the file but its not in her bag.

Gopika finds the file under the bed. Baa says Priya came to your room to change. Priya comes in and says I can’t go in to look for the file. Saksham’s mom will catch me. Gopika says what will se do with the file? I will end everything related to radhika and close her chapter. Priya says I will find about Radhika. Gopika says today’s pooja is special. I know this pooja is special. I will make it more special.

Nikhila says to Gopika you’re starting a new life. You should leave your past behind. He says maa Priya is just my friend. Nikhila says I know that, just know your priorities in life. Saksham looks for Gopika. Gopika says I am ready. He says what are you wearing? Gopika says baa wanted me to wear matching clothes with you. Do you like it? He says in heart everything doesn’t look good on everyone. But I can’ts say it. Gopika says you didn’t like it? Let me go change it. He says it’s okay. Let’s go.

On the way, the song dil diya gallan plays. Saksham lowers the volume. Their car breaks. There’s no car around. Gopika says in heart this is like movies. Saksham says why are you looking at me? Is something wrong? Saksham looks for a mechanic. He gives her a flower and says say what you want to. I took my step. Gopika says in my heart. She was imagining it. Saksham says is there network in your phone? WHat are you saying? Heart what? She says let me check. Gopika says there’s no network. He says how will we call the mechanic? Gopika says let’s walk and see if we can find a mechanic or network. they walk and stop a car. Priya comes out of it.

Episode ends.

Precap-Priya comes to temple and tries to steal Gopika’s chunri. Nikhila stops her. She runs. Nikhila says her sandals are same as Priya. Was it her?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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