Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Veena Devi catches Hansika, Purab and Thapki romantic moment

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki starts singing and then stammers, and laughs. She says you people are sweet and this mic is senti, got upset with me. She says I will sing without the mic. Veena Devi gets up and says enough. She goes to stage and asks what are you doing? Thapki laughs and hugs her. She says thank you for giving me a chance, you are good. She kisses on her cheeks. Veena Devi gets smell of wine and asks are you drunk? Priyanka signs Sudha. Sudha signs no. Priyanka says she is drunk. Tai ji says she is cutting our nose. Armaan says she is cute, I like her. Hansika and her mom laughs. Mukul scolds them politely. Thapki falls down. Thapki’s mother, Mama ji and Anchun run to the stage. Veena Devi says I will talk to you all. Preeti says we are saved due to wine. Priyanka says who made her drink wine?

Mama ji tells Veena Devi that why will they lie? Thapki doesn’t drink. Veena Devi asks him to see her condition. Ashok says we really don’t know what has happened? Sapna says she is my bahu. Veena says she will come here after marriage. Armaan says it is not a big deal, everyone drinks. He says we shall find out who made her drink. Ashok asks Thapki who made her drink. Thapki points finger at Veena Devi and takes her name. Veena Devi gets shocked. Dadi asks what are you saying. Veena is shocked and says do you think that I will do this. She says she don’t like such joke. Thapki says you send it through waiter. Veena Devi asks Armaan to take her to other room, she needs rest. Armaan holds Thapki and is taking her to room. He opens the door and finds guests there. He thinks where to take her. Thapki asks him, why is he holding her hand? He says you will fall down. She says she has to sing song. He asks her to sleep today and sing tomorrow. He takes her to room and asks her to sleep. He keeps pillows under her head and asks her to sleep, counting backward numbers. Thapki says ok, I will try. She count 50, 49 and gets sleepy. Armaan smiles looking at her, and thinks their first meeting was different and hopes for a good future with her. Veena Devi sees Hansika giving money to the waiter and saying good job. Veena says I am not surprised seeing your doing, I hope this from you. She says you made an innocent girl lose, and says you can win today, but will defeat in life. She says you made her drunk. Thapki’s family and Veena’s family come there. Hansika thinks she has to save herself, tells that Thapki is her dewrani, why will she do this with her? Veena says jealousy and asks why did you give money to the waiter. Hansika asks waiter to tell him why did she give the money? The waiter tells that Hansika Maam saw me crying, as I don’t have money for my sister’s school, so she gave me money. Sapna asks Veena why she is making issue, and says I don’t have any problem. Dadi asks Veena to let this matter end right here, and says tomorrow is karwachauth. Veena apologizes to Thapki’s family and says I will send her tomorrow, now she is sleeping. Thapki gets up in the night and find Purab’s pics. She thinks this is hot vessel’s room, and that’s why I am feeling hot. She sees his smiling pic and says you knows how to smile, you always make an arrogant face infront of me. She finds his watch collection and counts it. She makes all his watches fall down accidentally. He gets worried and thinks to leave, before he comes there. She knocks on the door and says open the door. She thinks to leave from the window.

Hansika comes to Veena devi and asks if you will not ask, why I have come here? Veena Devi says to make fun on me. Hansika says you have always insulted me, and asks what do you think that she is girl of her times, and says this era is to give tit for tat. Veena Devi says you mean…Hansika says absolutely correct, I made Thapki drunk, and broken the bridge of her praising. Veena Devi says you are foolish to tell about your deeds to me, everyone will know in the morning. Hansika says you are funny and innocent. You have tried, but nobody will believe without proofs. Veena Devi says I have proof, that waiter. Hansika says that waiter went by train. She says we will go to all villages and search him. Veena Devi says I have set Veena records on my own and says you don’t know my limitations. Hansika says when your own production, your son doesn’t listen to you, then how you will harm me. She asks will you send sargi for me, sasumaa. She goes smilingly. Veena Devi gets upset.

Sargam calls Purab and asks where is he gone? He says I have to go to office for Diwali songs release. Sargam asks if family is not important. He asks what happened? Sargam tells that someone made her drunk and she went on the stage. Purab says she is always inebriated. Sargam asks if she drinks. He says no. Just then he sees Thapki swirling on the road and a car about to hit her. He stops his car and runs to rescue her. He holds her and she hugs him, but his hand gets hurt. Thapki says it happened like in films, a hero saved his heroine, but you are not hero. He says even you are not heroine material, clever and oversmart, and even went to stage drunk. She says she has broken his watch, it is fun. Purab says it is fine. Thapki says you will know later. He saves her again. Thapki asks him to show his injury. He says I have saved an irritating girl. She says then you will have problem. He says I shall stay away from her. She asks him to get rid of her fully. He asks her to come. They hear thunder storm. Thapki hugs him being scared. Purab looks at her. Suddenly the rain starts. They look at each other. Thapki covers her dupatta on his head. They have an eyelock under the dupatta.

Precap: In market, Thapki sees a girl with mehendi. The girl says it’s for Karvachauth and asks her if she wants to do mehendi. Thapki says yes. The girl asks for the name (to write in mehendi). Thapki says, my name is Thapki. The girl points at Purab and says, not your name, his name. Thapki says Purab. The girl does mehendi and writes Purab in it. Veena Devi says she chose Thapki for Purab and they will have to be together. Other side, Purab makes Thapki drink tea as her hands are with mehendi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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