Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Avnit gives Lata money

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Scene 1
Guru ji says to Mahi stay happy. Jogi comes back home. Jogi says Guru ji.. He doesn’t give Jogi blessings. Guru ji say don’t call me Guru. I am ashamed to call you my student. You forgot your teachings and manners with just a few money. He leaves in anger. Mahi says that woman wanted helped from you. She thought you might sing and her son would get well and you didn’t come. When did you become so selfish? Your talent was found in the temple and you forgot it? You broke your promise again. Lata comes and says Jogi forgive me. When I went home my husband told me Avnit sent 5 lacs from your side. She also connected us to a doctor. He said my son can be treated. I asked you to pray for my son but you became a God. Avnit says we did what we should have and we are just humans. She says thank you for this favor. She leaves.

Jogi says avnit when did you do all this. Avnit says I did what you asked me to. Jogi said what would happen to the kid. Avnit said I will handle everything. Avnit says I gave that money from your recording money. You have a big heart. Not everyone can do that. You don’t show it. I am proud of you. Jogi looks at Mahi. Jogi says say now.. You kept scolding me in anger. That kid needed treatment more than prayers. This is how strong money is. Money can get him treated now. I won’t go Jagrata anymore. Mahi is shocked. It isn’t good for my career. Mahi say what are you saying? Your faith.. He says I have faith in my heart. I can do pooja. It requires money to help people. Mahi says I am proud you for helping that kid but don’t say it off after helping. Jogi says according to you I am always wrong. Avnit says Jogi please calm down. jogi says she always thinks I am wrong.

Jogi says thank you Avnit. What you did today, no one could. People leave no chance to taunt me. Biji says enough. Go and sleep. She says Mahi you sleep too. Then you have to get kanjkay too. Mahi says I will go. Jogi says no.. Avnit will go to get kanjkay. Mahi is shocked. Jogi says she only ruins things for me. I don’t want that with kanjkay. Hence, Avnit will go. Mahi says what is wrong with you. Our relationship start with these kanjkay. Jogi says living together isn’t being together. I don’t want to do kanjkay with a drama. Rupa says he’s right. Prayers are done with a clear heart. What Avnit did for Lata and our family today shows how pure her heart is.

Scene 2
Mahi is upset in her room. Biji says let me help you with it. Biji says I know you wouldn’t leave your right. You will do kanjkay pooja. Mahi says I am doing this so Jogi and Avnit don’t forget anything in the biji. Biji says why? Who are you? The Mahi i know never leaves her right. Mahi says I can fight for my right but I can’t beg anyone to love me. Biji says that love is yours. It’s your right. You are the DIL of this house. It’s only your right to sit with Jogi. Don’t forget that.

Avnit is sleepy. She says it’s only 5:30. I need to go at 7. Mahi calls Seema and Renu but their phone is off. Mahi says I hope they’re okay. She cries. Mahi says what happened to you Jogi. You were never like this. Why are we getting distant from each other. She hugs his photo. Mahi says we are one life.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mahi does pooja with Jogi. Avnit is angry. Mahi cuuts her hand. Jogi holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Raven

    I am not liking this new Jogi at all

  2. Jogi is a crazy dogi now!! He has forgotten everything mahi has done or how he grew up nd forgot his values too.. Rupa is also greedy now…so money is everything now?? Tabela was everything for them but now avnit is the goddess for them…how disgusting!! I hope seema nd renu are still alive.

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