Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 13

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Thanks for the wishes and support my dear readers.. I hope u all r enjoying it…. Here Priya back with the thirteenth episode..

The episode starts with the next day in Bihaan’s room,
Bihaan started decorating his room with full of balloons and colour papers with Thapki’s favourite colour..
Bihaan’s mindvoice( I hope my Thapki will like this and accept me for sure..)
Suman and Preeti knocked the door..
Bihaan just showed his face outside ..
Bihaan: kya bhabi…
Suman: arre Bihaan devarji.. what are u doing for a long time..?
Bihaan: I was just lying on the room bhabi..okay.. y u came here?
Preeti: hurray Bihaan devarji.. u started asking the reasons for our visit too..
Bihaan: its not like that Bhabi.. I just asked..

Suman: what actually.. we need some makeup items from Thapki..
Bihaan: makeup items…? but how I will find that..?
Preeti: hurray Bihaan devarji.. u need not to find..we will find by our ownselves..(They were about to enter..)
Bihaan(shouts): nai..nai…(Suman and Preeti shocked) wo…y r u taking risk.. I will find it and bring it to ur room..u gonna bhabi..
Suman: what is the risk here devarji..
Bihaan: risk.. but u can get it from Shraddha bhabi na..
Preeti: oh … nooo.. that Shraddha idiot will not give us..
Bihaan: okay bhabi.. I will get it for u..(Bihaan closed the door suddenly)
Preeti and Suman shocked..Bihaan made a phone call to Thapki
Bihaan : hello Thapki..
Thapki : Hello Bihaan..had ur breakfast?

Bihaan: oh chuk chuk gaadi ..stop ur silly questions..first tell me where is ur makeup set..
Thapki(kids): Bihaan..u started applying makeups too..
Bihaan: oh..stop ur stupid jokes.. first tell me..
Thapki: I kept it in the second door of self..
Bihaan cuts the call.. Bihaan took that and gave to Bhabi’s..
The next day night.. Bihaan was eagerly waiting for Thapki.. Thapki entered Pandey Nivaas.. Bihaan came to know that through his bhabi’s message and was waiting eagerly in the room..

Thapki enters the room..Thapki gets surprised at his arrangements.. Bihaan told I love you Thapki.. Thapki told I too love u Bihaan.. They hugged each other.. Bihaan’s imagination stopped and he was smiling..
Thapki entered the room..She saw the decorations..
Thapki: Hai Bihaan.. what is this arrangements.. anything special today..?
Bihaan: I want to convey you something.. that’s why I have made this arrangements..
Thapki: Even I want to tell you something Bihaan..(Bihaan gets glad..)
Bihaan: Then okay.. u tell me first..
Thapki: its okay Bihaan.. u tell me first..
Bihaan: nai.. nai.. ladies first.. u tell me..(Thapki nods)

Thapki : Bihaan.. we are thinking that we got united by destiny..
Bihaan thought she is confessing her love but..
Thapki: But the cheat and fake drama have united us Bihaan..
Bihaan shocked..
Bihaan: what..?
Thapki: haan Bihaan.. we got cheated..(the FB plays
In Agra, Thapki got dashed with one person.. his face revealed.. It is Naman
Thapki: Swami .. tum?
Naman(scared): hello r u?
Thapki: am fine swami ji.. how r u..?
Naman: am fine betiya. . how is ur husband Dhruv?

Thapki(confused): oh swami ji.. u misunderstood.. I got married to his younger brother Bihaan..
Naman(confused): oh..may be I forgotton..
Kosi (Naman’s wife ) came there..
Kosi: My dear hubby.. what are u doing here.. u have drama now na..?
Naman signs her to stop..
Thapki gets confused and saw the posters there.. she saw his photo in the drama actors..
Thapki started staring at him angirily : are u a drama artist..? she hold his collars.. whether u have cheated my maa..? how dare u r doing this..? I will complain to police..
Naman gets anger and told: ur maa told me to do the drama.. (Thapki gets shocked..) if u complained to police then ur maa will only be caught..

Naman told the entire drama to Thapki..(Thapki had a great shock)
then he told : But seriously I don’t know why she conducts marriage between u and Bihaan..(Thapki records everything in her phone)
The FB ends..

Thapki: Maa have cheated us Bihaan..(Bihaan gets anger)
Bihaan (shouts angirily) : Stop it Thapki.. my maa is my bhagwaan.. don’t ever try to raise a word against not going to believe other’s words..
Thapki holds Bihaan’s hands..
Thapki(cries): Please Believe me Bihaan.. I never used to lie ,…u know na.?
Bihaan throws her hands.
Thapki: Bihaan.. u need to know about ur maa na.. that’s y I….
Bihaan(angirily) : who r u to tell me about my maa..?
Thapki(cries): Bihaan, I just wanted to convey the truth to u..

Bihaan: look Thapki.. even if Maa have cheated me.. I will not consider that as a big thing..she is having rights to cheat me also.. she is my maa.. whatever she do,that will be good for me.. maa will not do bad deeds to their children..
Thapki: okay Bihaan.. even I used to think the same. I agree with u.. I just told u that I found out the truth..
Bihaan(angirily): stop it Thapki.. whether u went to Agra to find out our marriage truth.. You don’t want to stay with me right? That’s y u have started searching the reasons for our marriage..
Thapki(cries): please try to understand me Bihaan.. u r talking unnecessarily..
Bihaan(angirily): oh.. am talking unnecessarily.. even am unnecessary.. everything is unnecessary.. even this arrangements are unnecessary…(he started spoiling the arrangements..)
Thapki(shocked) : what are u doing Bihaan.. have u gone mad?
Bihaan(shouts) : yes Thapki .. I have gone mad.. that’s y I believed u.. that’s y I made arrangements like this.. that’s y I have started lov….(about to say loving u but stops and turns his face..)
Thapki(cries): nai Bihaan..
Bihaan : nai Thapki… I should not have done this for u.. I should not believed u..
Thapki: please Bihaan.. listen to me once..
Bihaan: oh.. that is what.. whether u need divorce too from me..?
Thapki folds her hands..

Thapki(cries): please Bihaan.. don’t talk like this.. just I thought to tell u the truth.. I don’t want u to be separated from me…Bihaan..I want to live with u.. I don’t want divorce from u Bihaan.. please understand me..
Bihaan turns to other side.. Thapki holds his hands..
Thapki: forgive me Bihaan.. otherwise u will regret for this..
Bihaan(turns and shouts): u will regret for this Thapki..(Thapki gets shocked) Bihaan (angirily cries) : u raised a word against my maa.. I can’t forgive u Thapki… From today onwards am not going to talk with u Thapki.. u r going to have a lonely life in our room.. remind that.. don’t ever try to talk with me..
Thapki cries.. on seeing her tears, Bihaan turns his face..

The song Hamari Adhuri Kahaani plays.. (Thapki cries )Pass aaye..dhooriyan phir bhi kam naa hui ..(..Bihaan slowly walking towards the couch..) ek aduri si hamari kahani rahi (Thapki turns to other side..Bihaan turns and sees Thapki) aasmaan ko zameen ye zarrori nahi jaa mile jaa mile(now Thapki turns and sees Bihaan but Bihaan turns and moves) ishq saccha wahi jisko milti nahi manzilein manzilein (Thapki started crying loudly and sat on the ground)rang the nor tha jab kareeb tu tha ek jannat sa tha,yeh jahaan waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa likh he chhod gaya tu kahaan..(she is seeing the decorations and crying) The scene ends..

The next day in dining hall, Thapki tried to serve food to Bihaan..but Bihaan signs her to stop and he served himself..Thapki became sad.. Dhadhi maa sees this..
Dhadhi maa’s mindvoice( I think they had a fight.. I should unite them.. )
Dhadhi maa asked Bihaan and Thapki to go outside and do some work.. Bihaan refused..Thapki became sad.. But Dhadhi maa insisted him to go..They went..
They were silently walking.. they did n’t talk with each other..
On the way,Dhiwakar came to Bihaan
Dhiwakar: Oh.. super hero… r u..?.. where are u going with this stucked tape record..?
(Bihaan gets anger and turned to another side)

Dhiwakar : Actually I got anger when u were supporting for her and fighting with me..then I came to know something about u.. (Bihaan looks on) I came to know that u r just an adopted son of Pandey Nivaas.. u r not related to them by blood na.. but u r getting anger on me and behaving like a hero..the persons like u don’t even have the rights to touch me.. u r meant to be grown on the platform na.. but u r enjoying the royal life..

Suddenly Thapki came forward and slaps Dhiwakar..(Bihaan gets shocked and looking at Thapki)
Thapki(shouts): How dare u r raising words against my pathi.. what are u thinking in ur mind.. whether I will be silent for all ur words..? if u raised a word against me,then I can be silent.. but if u raised a word against my pathi I can’t…I can even show ur death.. what u told.. Bihaan is the adopted son…yes he is the adopted son.. But Pandey Nivaas is nothing without Bihaan.. (Bihaan cries at her words).. Bihaan is the pillar for Pandey Nivaas.. even he can sacrifice his life for them..he can do anything for his maa.. what u told he don’t have the rights to touch u.. first know ur status.. u don’t even have the rights to look at him.. from now onwards, u should not even try to come in front of my Bihaan.. mind that… leave now..otherwise u will meet ur death today…

Dhiwakar looks at her angirily and left the place .. Bihaan is staring at Thapki continously.. Thapki signs Bihaan to move further.. The scene ends..
In the evening in Bihaan’s room… Thapki is not in the room.. Her phone rings..
Bihaan took the phone and searching for Thapki.. The call ended.. That time recent apps gets opened and Naman’s voice which is recorded by Thapki plays.. just then Dhruv passes by and hears that.. Dhruv entered the room ..on seeing this Bihaan hides the phone..
Bihaan: kya bhai..
Dhruv(realising that he is hiding) : nothing Bihaan..just I came..
Dhruv left the room and hides from the door and sees what he is doing..Later Dhruv came to his room and took the phone and hears the voice..Dhruv gets shocked..

Precap : Dhruv shouts at Vasunthara.. Vasunthara cries.. Bihaan and Thapki shocked.. Bihaan’s love confession to Thapki.. Thapki gets glad..
If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading..
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  1. Vinolin.d

    hai dear Priya…I love it yaar..waiting for next part.I like the way thapki slaps diwakar.

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks Vinolin dear.. its on the way..

  2. Nice episode….

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      Thanks Anchal for commenting regularly..

  3. Such an awesome episode …. ? Loving it … Precap ❤ …. Each and every part of the episode is so perfectly written ? Loved it .

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks Naitan for reading and commenting regularly..

  4. OMG… priya epdi daliy ipdi oru super duper episode ah kudukuringa… wow… dnt no wat to say… jus fabulous,marvelous n awsme episode… u rocking dear… aftr reading the precap cnt able to wait… wanna knw wats nxt hw s gonna hapn… evn i strtd imagining abt the episode lol… brilliant dear… luv u darlu tc…

    Yup i am a pure tamilian… i think u too tamilian… by the way whr u frm dear?

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks a lot crazy girl… yes am a tamilian.. magizhchi… tamil la comment pakkarathukku romba santhosama irukku.. mikka nandri

  5. Navami

    Very nice priya.. but i cant see thahan fighting …pls unite them

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks Navama.. very soon they will be united

    2. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks Navami.. very soon they will be united

  6. Navami

    Nice epi drr… but i cant see tahan fighting…pls unite them..waiting for next epi…

  7. what a twist…….eagerly waiting for next part and also thanks for your fast updating

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      Thanks a lot pooja prabha for ur regular wishes

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      Thanks Rifa for commenting regularly..its on the way

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks a lot Lucky….

  9. Thenkani.M

    Seriously if im infront u dhi…i wil gv anything u want…u knw the way u describe the scene of hamari adhuri song line by line omg…i cnt even have any words to describe it..i cn feel the scene when i read it..really didi i love u so much…the way they fight n the way thapki cries to him n protect his pathi infront tat diwakar…everything was awesome n the precap jst the thing i want…tq so much dhi…u knw wht di i wanna share smthing..i cnt see bihaan in pain anymore at tat stupid tpk programme…wht the hell..did tat cvs wanna do wth this story…i feel so sad n scare i dowan thia tpk stop like tat swaragini…???? sorry dhi jst feel wanna share wth u tats y dear sis…anywayz tq so much for a cute n sweet epi…love u ????

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      Thanks a lot my dear sister Honeyfruit.. am always glad to see ur comment.. s.. even am worried about current tpk treat.. Let’s have hope tpk will not end like that… thanks a lot dear

  10. Thenkani.M

    Just for a info im a pure tamil girl too…priya akka en peru thenkani…rombe thnks akka daily enode naal santhosamana naal la taratuku..??

    1. PRIYAMK471

      nandri… tamil la unnoda comment pakka enakkum romba santhosama irukku

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      Thanks sadia for reading & commenting regularly.. its on the way

  12. Jacqueline Nicole

    U again nailed it swthrt…the way they care fr each other just wndrfl!! Seriously im speechless…. u have great writing skills dear… may god bless u wth all the happiness one word fr todays epi semma ji 😉 😉

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      thanks a lot Jacqueline Nicole for reading and commenting regularly… special thanks for the word “semma ji”… thanks ji…

  13. Alia919

    U r amazing writer… U nailed every sence…. Lovely episode…
    The way tgey care for each other… Support each other… Truth revelation… All sence are suoer duper…. Waiting for next episode

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      Thanks a lot Alia for ur continuous hope on me… thanks for reading and commenting regularly

  14. Manish ki deewani

    Nice episode priya but precap awsm bihaan confession eagerly woit 4 next part loved it

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      Thanks a lot Manish ki deewani for commenting regularly… its on the way…

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      Thanks a lot Shwetha..its on the way

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      Its okay Irene…. thanks for the hope and support and comment

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