Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 14

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Thanks for the wishes and support my dear readers.. I hope u all r enjoying it.. Am really glad and satisfied on seeing ur support and hope on me.. Here Priya back with the 14 th episode..
The episode starts with Dhruv on hearing voice recording,gets anger..
He called Vasunthara, Bihaan and Thapki to his room and plays the voice.. Thapki and Bihaan gets shocked and looks at each other..
Vasunthara started crying..
Dhruv(in anger): Stop it maa.. ur evil plans already out.. don’t try to do any more drama..

Bihaan(please): bhai.. please don’t talk to maa like this..
Dhruv(in anger): you stop it Bihaan..u need not to teach me.. what ‘s this maa.. how cheaper u r?..u have not cheated ur sons alone.. u cheated Thapki also.. don’t u feel ashame.. ?
Thapki: Dhruv sir.. please try to control ur anger..maa is like bhagwan whatever she do that will be good for us.. (Bihaan looks at Thapki..)
Vasunthara crying continuously..
Dhruv: Naii Thapki…I can’t bear this.. am going to tell this to Bhabuji and Dhadhi maa..(he steps forwards) Thapki and Bihaan tried to stop him..
Dhruv moves fast..

Thapki(shouts): Stop Dhruv sir..(Thapki pyarki plays….) see ur maa’s face first.. look at her tears sir.. her tears having true value,sir.. that tears are having love on u.. try to find the meaning of her tears,sir.. u told maa cheated u.. yes she cheated u.. ..but that is only for ur goodness.. every maa’s used to cheat their children just only for their goodness.. she just want u to be happy sir.. she can even give her life to make u happy sir.. please don’t forget that..
Dhruv gets stucked by Thapki ‘s words ..he recalls Vasunthara’s good deeds to him and tears getting rolled from his eyes… he runs towards Vasunthara and hugs her..
Dhruv: sorry maa.. please forgive me maa..
Vasunthara: you have to forgive me Dhruv.. I promise u I will not cheat u anymore..
Thapki and Bihaan smiles at them..

Dhruv left the place..
Vasunthara hugs Bihaan and Thapki
Vasunthara(cries): sorry Bihaan,sorry Thapki….now only am realising ur values..
Vasunthara fold her hands and asks: please forgive me..
Bihaan and Thapki shakes their heads no to Vasunthara and holds her hands..
Vasunthara keeps her head on their hands.. Bihaan and Thapki looks at each other..
At night, Thapki and Bihaan entered the room..
(the romantic music plays.. just imagine exactly as the original Bihaan’s proposal scene in tpk..)
Thapki is arranging her clothes..Bihaan is looking at her continuously.. Thapki notices this and getting nervousness..
Thapki was about to sleep on the couch.. Bihaan came near by her..
Bihaan :Thapki.. (Thapki gets up from the couch)
Thapki: Bihaan… u … u r talking with me.. u don’t have anger on me anymore..?
Bihaan: No Thapki.. how I will be in still anger on u.. u made the things fine for me and maa..(Thapki smiles at him) Actually I have to apologise to u Thapki..
Bihaan folds his hands and he puts a single knee down on the ground..(Thapki getting tears rolled from her eyes)

Bihaan(cries): sorry Thapki.. please forgive me.. am really motti budhi Thapki..that’s y I hurted u.. (Thapki cries and removes his hands..)
She makes him to stand up…
Thapki(cries): naii Bihaan.. I did the entire mistake.. (Bihaan shakes no to Thapki..)
Thapki hugs Bihaan..
Thapki(cries happily): I knew Bihaan..I knew that u will forgive me and u will talk to me one day.. I was waiting for that Bihaan..
Bihaan had tears and hugs her back..(The song tum hi ho plays)
Bihaan: I need to tell something to u Thapki..
Thapki broke the hug and tells: yes Bihaan.. tell me..
Bihaan: wo..what actually when u left Pandey Nivaas, I felt something difficulty in my heart Thapki.. when u r not here, I was missing u very badly .. I were feeling alone in the room Thapki.. I started finding the reason for it..(Thapki looking confusedly..) then I realised that I can’t even spend one day without u Thapki….and I found out the reason for this thapki.. this is because..

Thapki: this is because..?
Bihaan tensedly looking at Thapki.. Thapki confusedly at Bihaan..
Bihaan(fastly): This is because hum thumse Bahuth pyaar kartha hoon Thapki… I love you … I love you Thapki…
(Thapki gets a glad shock and shockingly looking at him continously..) The song Ranjhana plays..
They were looking at each other.. They had an intense eyelock..
Bihaan: u… tell me na..?
Thapki: wo..wo.. what I have to tell u..
Bihaan: tell me that u r loving me..(Thapki recalls his arrangements for her)
Thapki’s mindvoice(He made a lot of arrangements to propose me.. I should not tell him very simply.. I should tell him with lot of surprises to him)
Bihaan: Tell me Thapki.. don’t get tensed .. tell me the same way as I told u..
Thapki(tensed) : Bihaan.. I need to think about it…

Bihaan: oh… am really motti buddhi Thapki.. its okay.. u can take time..u think well.. u decide it.. u can realize ur love first and then tell me.. but u have to tell me.(Thapki looks on)…u can sleep now..good night..(Bihaan leaves to bed)
Bihaan sleeps with the smiling face…Thapki looks at him..
Thapki recalls the romantic moments with Bihaan.. she recalls how she realized her love for him..(FB plays in Agra in bus stop, Thapki gets Bihaan’s phone call (the same conversation we have seen already)
Thapki: okay Bihaan.. bus came,I will talk to u later..
After getting into the bus..
Thapki’s mindvoice(why this Bihaan is like this.. he even not had the breakfast.. if am not with him, he will be careless like this only..)
Ticket counter came nearby her and calls her..
Thapki turns and sees: Bihaan ….tum … what r u doing here..?
The bus conductor shouts: hello madam…ticket..
Thapki came back to senses..

Thapki: wo…. am sorry….(Thapki took the ticket)
Thapki’s mindvoice( oh…my god, what happened to me..)
Thapki reached her college.. she is walking confusedly on the path..
Suddenly one girl is running towards her and hugged her…
Girl: how are u Thapki.. I can’t able to see u for long days..
Thapki ( tensed) :Bihaan… what are u doing?… this is public place..
The girl gets confused and broke the hug..she shaked her shoulders..
Girl : what happened Thapki?
Thapki came back to senses..
Thapki: Sankara… tum…where is Bi..?
Thapki turns and searches for Bihaan..
Sankara: what happened Thapki..whom r u searching?
Thapki came back to senses..
Thapki: nothing.. how r u..? the scene ends..
At night in Thapki’s old home..
Thapki is sitting on the bed and looking around the room..
Aditi came there..
Aditi: what happened di..? what are u looking for..?
Thapki: there is no place for him to sleep..
Aditi: for whom di..?

Thapki: for him only.. even couch is not here.. where will he sleep..?
Aditi(confused): who di..? Aditi shakes her..
Thapki came back to senses..
Thapki: ye…wo… nothing Aditi.. I am searching the place for keeping my handbag Aditi..
Aditi (laughs) : ur lies are very cute and comedy.. I knew what happened to u..
U r in love with Bihaan ji.. right di..?
Thapki : stop ur kidding Aditi.. go and sleep..(Aditi went)
(For reader’s note: It is the same night and time when Bihaan realized his love for Thapki)

Thapki came to balcony , she sees the moon and closed her eyes.. Taj mahal came to her sight.. suddenly Bihaan came to her memory..Thapki smiles and opened her eyes..
Thapki’s mindvoice( whatever Aditi said is right.. I knew it already Aditi.. am in love with my I can’t love a person who cares for me always, who fights for me always, who supports me always , he never used to give up me to anybody for anything..he is such a cute caring person.. we r united by destiny only, but because of that I realized am very lucky to have him as my pathi… ) Thapki smiles : I love you Bihaan..I am loving u a lot ) FB ends..
Thapki smiles..
Thapki’s mindvoice( How can I propose him.. what surprise I can give to him..)
In the morning.. Bihaan came to Thapki..
Bihaan: have u thought about it..?
Thapki(pretends like not knowing) : about what..?
Bihaan: our love..?
Thapki: at night only u told me.. how can I reply very soon.. u have to wait bihaan..
Thapki turns and smiles..

Bihaan’s mindvoice(gajab…whether this chuk chuk gaadi is playing game with me.. don’t even she realized her love..I think she will not tell simply like this.. I will make her realize as how I realized it..)
Thapki came to room and seeing Bihaan was packing the things..
Thapki: Bihaan.. why are u packing the things..?
Bihaan(lying): My friends have planned a trip to am going..
Thapki’s mindvoice(oh..super.. then I can plan a big surprise to him..)
Thapki: oh..super Bihaan.. go and have fun..
Bihaan: are you happy with this..?
Thapki: yes Bihaan…wo.. naii Bihaan… u r going to enjoy with ur friends na.. go and enjoy..
Bihaan looks on..
Thapki: when you will return..?
Bihaan: within 2 days I will return..
Thapki: okay Bihaan..u go and enjoy..

Bihaan: u will also enjoy those 2 days chuk chuk gaadi..
Thapki nods at him.. Bihaan’s mindvoice(I am not going to enjoy any trips Mrs.Thapki Bihaan Pandey.. I am just going to roam around Noida..) Bihaan left Pandey Nivaas..
Thapki started planning …
Thapki’s mindvoice( First I shall buy some gifts for him..then I will decorate the room with full of his favourite colour..I will use the first day to buy the necessary things.. but how can I go alone..I can’t able to call any of my family members..okay.. I will call John..he will help me..)
The next day, Thapki called Bihaan..Bihaan on seeing her call..
Bihaan’s mindvoice( oh.. she is calling me..I think she started missing me as like I missed her..)
Bihaan: hello chuk chuk gaadi..

Thapki: Bihaan where r u..?
Bihaan’s mindvoice: (haiyooo.. she suddenly asked this question.. what I will tell to her..)
Bihaan : I am enjoying with my friends..
Thapki : okay Bihaan..u can enjoy..bye..
Thapki cuts the call..
Bihaan’s mindvoice(what is this … she did not tell anything about missing me.. she don’t even asked me the regular question about breakfast..its okay.. I have to wait for some more time..)

Precap: Bihaan shouts at Thapki angirily.. Thapki cries.. Later Bihaan is forcing Thapki to confess her love to him..

If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading.. I have to inform this to my dear readers that we are nearby the end of our fan fiction.. so the silent readers please do comment at least for my last episodes..
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    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks a lot NaiTan for reading and commenting regularly.. the next update is on the way…

  2. Vinolin.d

    its awesome Priya darl… but I am so shocked seeing precap.please update the next part soon.

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks a lot Vinolin dear for reading and commenting regularly.. its on the way

  3. Jacqueline Nicole

    Im waiting for thapkis confessm but precap!?!? O.o … dont hv any idea abt it. Do whatever want but dont make fight between thm… i mean make it but not so long.. a little and cute one. Hope u bring mre cute twist in story line. Keep weiting ji

    1. PRIYAMK471

      for sure I will not create more fights between them.. thanks for ur continuous hope..

  4. Superb Priya..Thahaan’s part which u explain is excellent..and sad that ur ff is going to end..

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks a lot Shwetha dear.. every thing has to be ended one day..

  5. Vinni7

    Amazing!!! U nailed it!???

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks a lot Vinni dear…

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks a lot Lucky dear..

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      Thanks a lot Sandy for ur hope…

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      Thanks a lot Rifa… its on the way

  8. Episode was superb… both of them realised their love… sema…. bt aftr seeing precap am really tnsd…. ena nadaka podhu onu purila… waiting fr nxt part dear… tc…

    En kelvi ku nenga padhilea solaliyea sisy… will u cme bck with anthr ff pls??

    1. PRIYAMK471

      Thanks Crazy Girl… enna nadakkapodhunnu seekirame ungalukku puriyum.. its on the way dr.. unga kelvikku badhi… I will try my level best to come back with another ff or continue the same..

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      Thanks a lot pooja prabha for ur wishes

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    Realization was superb…
    Amazing episode…
    Keep it up…
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      Thanks a lot for ur wishes and support Alia.. its on the way

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      Thanks a lot Divyasri Sivakumar…. its on the way..

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