thahaan-a new start (episode 4)

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Hi guys sorry for being late but I was not in the mood to write as I got very less comments in my last epi..I got very depressed..I was expecting some good comments n suggestions but…it’s a kind request to all the ppl who read it plzzz plzzz plzzz share ur views with me either
bad or good.I’ll try not to repeat the mistake again..but if u guys r getting bored u r free to say dears no issues…n I have read the updates n found some mistakes in my ff actually there is

some problem in my keypad..I’ll try to spell correctly n check but if any mistakes plzzz forgive me….

So here we go

The nxt morning

Thapki gets up on her usual time 7 n freshen up..she comes out n sees bihaan still sleeping..she smiles..she sees his blanket is
fallen down n he took his legs n hands together
as feeling cold looking like a cute baby..she smiles n goes to him..she puts the blanket on him n rubs his hairs gently..she goes down to
the kitchen..she sees adhiti there boiling
milk..she goes to her.Adhiti sees her..adhiti hugs her..Thapki gets surprised but hugs her back..they separate..
Adhiti:di I could not congratulate you

yesterday..di I’m very happy for our babies will grow together..she holds her tummy..thapki smiles..adhiti was 1 month pregnant..thapki goes from there for doing puja
arrangements…thapki does the arrangements n call everyone for the puja..she goes to her room n sees the blanket wrapped on the bed looking
like a human was sleeping there..she makes an
angry face..she goes to the bed
Thapki:bihaan ur still sleeping..get up its 8..come down for the puja..she removes the
blanket n find no one under it..she gets shocked
Thapki:where did bihaan go??
Suddenly she feels two strong hands around her belly..she turns her head n finds bihaan. .

he smiles..thapki tries to free herself
Thapki:bihaan leave me..what r u doing..
bihaan:u dint wished me good morning today…
Thapki:ok baba good leave..he turns her..
Bihaan : aha not like this..the way taught u..he comes close..thapki puts her hand on her mouth..
Thapki:bihaan not now we r getting late for
puja..she starts going..bihaan holds her hand n pulls her close..thapki holds his shoulders n sees him
Bihaan:no now means plzz tell ur mamma to give papa a kiss..he touches her belly..she smiles..he sees her n comes.close again..
Thapki:bihaan plzzz

Bihaan(stubbornl):thapki plzzz. ..thapki stays quiet n closes her eyes..he smiles n comes close..he was about to kiss her but they hear a voice calling “diiiii”..adhiti comes there n sees
them.she turns..bihaan n thapki moves a distance..adhiti smiles..
Adhiti:di maa is calling u for puja..thapki nods..adhiti sees there bowilderd faces n
laughs..she goes from there..bihaan signs in relief..before he could again start romancing thapki runs out..bihaan smiles…he goes to bathroom ….

After the puja everyone sits on the dining table..
Thapki comes to serve bihaan but he shows his hand n stops her for serving..thapki looks at hi
m confused..he takes another dish n serves himself..thapki gets worried..bihaan eats his pray n leaves for the work with out even looking at one in the house notice that..thapki eats her breakfast n leaves to the room..

In afternoon
Thapki comes down n sees the house
decorated..everyone was working hard to decorate it..
Thapki : maa what is all this..
Vasu : thapki this arrangements r for ur
baby..thapki gets surprised she smiles..
Suman:yes Thapki after a long time we heard a good news so thought to celebrate..everyone smiles..thapki sees everyone tired working she
goes to the kitchen to make juice for everyone..
On the other hand
Adhiti was tying flowers on the pillar using a stool
Vasu:adhiti be careful beta..
Adhiti : ji maa

Preeti:are adhiti y r u taking risk..get down I’ll tie that awesome wala flowers..
Adhiti : bhabi just it’s done…suddenly she slip n shouts..everyone gets shocked n closes there eyes. .some muscular hands holds adhiti in her arms..she opens her eyes n sees its
dhruv..thapki comes there..everyone gets glad n sign in relief..adhiti was in tears..dhruv puts him down n consoles him
Adhiti : dhruv if u would have not come our baby
would..he puts his finger on her mouth..
Dhruv:shhhh..nothing will happen to our baby..she smiles..thapki holds her makes her sit. .

Thapki:but adu(adhiti)u should have taken care na..adhiti smiles
Adhiti:di after a long time u called me by that
nick name..thapki smiles..
Thapki:ache leave it n drink this juice..she gives it to her n givesit to everyone..
Suman:arre who made this juice we all were here working
Thapk:bhabi I made it..I saw u all were tired working so I thought to make it..
Vasu:beta ur pregnant u should take rest not work unnecessarily. .adhiti takes a Glass nake thapki sit..
adhiti:di it’s healthy for u too..drink it..everyone smiles n drinks juice..

After sometime thapki takes a flower basket n starts walking outside..bihaan was coming from there didn’t notice her nor she noticed him…they both collide n basket falls in the air ..thapki was about to fall bihaan holds her..the flowersfall on them..thapki n bihaan were lost in each other..bihaan makes her stand they were still holding hands but then they comes to senses as they noticed that the flowers are continuesly falling on them..they sees up n finds Preeti n Suman throwing flower petals on them..they move apart..
Thapki:bha…bhabi ye app
Suman:are yes thapki u guys started romancing here itself so we thought….bihaan cuts her..
Bihaan:no bhabi nothing like that..he runs up..thapki sees him…

Bihaan was standing in the balcony..he was normal..suddenly he turns his expression in anger as he sees thapki standing behind him in his bike mirror…
(Flash back..bihaan:thapki u didn’t gave me kiss na now u will only be the one who will kiss me..he smiles..)
Thapki was behind him n sees his angry face..she gets worried..she was holding juice glass..

Thapki:bihaan see I brought juice for u drink it..bihaan ignores her n start going..thapki holds his hand..
Thapki:bihaan plzz tell me y r u angry..did I do any mistake..he again start going but she stops him again..n shouts
Thapki:bihaan I don’t even know the reason of ur anger..y r u ignoring me..everything was fine till morning. u were normal but what happened then..plzz bihaan I don’t go away from me I am not strong anymore to lose u again..she hugs him..bihaan gets emotional he hugs her too.. .she smiles..she separates..bihaan again gets angry ..thapki’s hands were across his back

Thapki : bihaan will u tell my mistake now..
Bihaan : u don’t love me..
Bihaan : yes if u do then u would do anything I tell u but u never do as I want u to do
Thapki:what do do do do bihaan I’m not able to understand anything..ok now first drink this juice..bihaan turns..
Thapki:bihaan plzz..he was turning his head while she was trying to make him drink..Thapki gets angry she turns him with a jerk n before he would say anything she kisses him on lips..
He gets shocked but happy..he takes the glass from her hand n keep it on the table beside..he takes her to the wall n holds her hands on it..they kissed passionatly ..they separate as the were lacking oxygen..bihaan holds her head they were panting..thapki looks at him he was happy now..

Bihaan : this was the reason Mrs thapki bihaan pandey..thapki gets shocked
Bihaan:u did not gave me kiss in the morning so I got angry..thapki beats him on chest..
Thapki:bihaan u u r very bad..I got worried..I’ll not talk to you now..she starts going..bihaan pulls her n hugs her from back..
Bihaan : thapki I know it was very childish but u know na how stubborn I’m
Thapki:baby ask ur papa to leave me..bihaan smiles
Bihaan : baby it was not ur papa’s mistake u know na..but still I’m asking sorry ask mamma to forgive papa na.thapki smiles but hides n acts angrily..
Bihaan : baby u know what ur mamma looks very cute when she gets angry..becoz her little nose..he touches her nose
Bihaan:gets red when she gets angry..thapki smiles..Bihaan sees her n turns her..n holds his ears..thapki smiles n takes his hands..she gives him juice n he drinks it like a small child..thapki laughs..bihaan sees her
Thapki:bihaan u got one more mustache that too orange colour..she laughs..bihaan smiles at her..he pulls her
Bihaan:so now I’m giving you a task..thapki looks at him
Thapki : what

Bihaan : :u have to shave this orange mustache now..thapki smiles n takes her saree pallu n cleans it..they smile at each other(na na naa plays)

Precap-thahaan moments..bihaan cares for thapki

Though to take leap but changed the story ..plzz comment

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  1. Don’t say sorry dear, errors of good ffs are always overlooked so don’t feel sorry ..I was actually waiting for the update…Thahaan scenes are so very romantic and orange moustache ? this part made me smile and blush too….update soon dear

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much dear…

  2. amazing I was waiting for ur ff please don’t be sad coz of less coments some time here reaDer be very busy and they just read in a hurRy and went I m also a writer so I knw them just focuss on ur works and I must say its mashallah loved it a lot thahaAn forever I love naughty biHu

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you dear I know but sometimes we expect alot but never mind thank you for your valuable comment

    2. Juveria.ghalib

      ..Thank you dear I know but sometimes we expect alot but never mind thank you for your valuable comment..thanks alot

  3. Hi Juve…
    I’m not a writer, and actually I’m really admiring you guys who could write stories. You’ve been given such talent,great imagination which i don’t have, and entertain people like me by your written. I really appreciate that.
    I can imagine it’s not easy to maintain your mood to write, especially when you’re busy,it’s understandable. That’s why even i dislike TPK storyline sometimes,but i still appreciate the writer because I’m sure it’s not easy to write everyday with highpressure from audiences.
    Anyway what i mean to say is you’re such a wonderful writer, I’ve read your royal birds, it was awesome. Your strength is in romantic scenes. You’re really great in that.
    I think you should enjoy what you’re doing, explore your imagination, your writing skill, just have fun, don’t think too much, especially about comments, sometimes readers are also moody to comment, or they’re too busy…
    I’m sure if you enjoy and have fun, it will come out beautifully.And don’t be afraid to make something new,some twists,or anything else beyond imagination.
    Just keep writing. Thank you and take care

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u much much..I’ll try my part best dear

  4. Very cute and mischievous Bihaan. I like it. Waiting for the next update.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thanks mala..alot alot..

  5. DivyasriSivaKumar

    Its really nice ..i have just started reading it..hereafter i will definetly comment on your ff..its kinda interesting tough

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u dear I have a friend named divyasri…thank u dear for commenting

  6. ??How are you my dear friend
    Waiting waiting waiting for your ff and your ff
    Your all 4part are amazing, marvellous, rocking, lovely,???????
    Waiting for your next part??
    Keep it up
    Small gift???

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      I m fine dear..thanks alot..n loved ur gift❤

  7. Vinolin.d

    hai my dear juvi… please don’t be sad dear.your ff is know I was waiting for your ff. I loved it.everyone’s love to read your ff. don’t say sorry dear.there is no any mistake in your ff. we can understand your situation. we are all tpk friends.
    your ff is outstanding. you nailed it pls don’t get disappointment. update soon next part.we are eagerly looking for your awesome ff dear
    take care.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much dear..actually ur comments always make me smile thank you again

  8. Hi juveria ….. seriously thanks for the update I was waiting for it from so long…… your ff is just awesome and every one loves to read it and plzz don’t say sorry…

    it was a great fantastic episode thahaan scenes are so romantic and love the mischievous bihaan..waiting for the next part update soon

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you Kiran..plzz comment on each part to encourage me

  9. Hi dear don’t feel sorry n plz write for those who take time n comment for u don’t feel depressed by those who didn’t commented bcz if u wait for those u shall lose old readers 🙂
    BTW the episode was amazing upload next part soon

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Yup ur right dear..thank you arooj

  10. Thahaan scenes amazing

  11. Nice part. I was eagerly waiting for your updates.don’t be sad for less comments. Please keep writing. I will try to comment on all episodes.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you rifa dear

  12. Sulbi

    Lovely dear

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you sulbi

  13. Shibil

    Awesome episode dr …..ur track is so nice ….do continue …..thahaan scenes lovely….waiting for next epi

  14. I love ua ffs.. I already read royal love birds it ws an awesome ff… I love ua new ff so much…. Update soon

  15. Pls continue with your ff. Don’t stop writing. You are an amazing writer. I read your ” Royal Love Birds ff”. It was awesome .I didn’t have words to express your writing skills. Pls don’t stop writing just because you do not get many comments. I know comments encourage us to continue our work but there are many silent readers like me who enjoy your ff. Ur Thahaan new start is also lovely. I read your os too. Just love THAHAAN.?????

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