Mushkil yeh ishq (DevAkshi) Episode 10 LAST EPISODE

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Thank u for ur support in this ff finally it has come to an end. Please give ur views


Soon they reach India. Dev feels Sona’s head on his shoulder, he finds her sleeping on his shoulder,he slowly wakes her up

Dev : Sonakshi utho…get up we’ve reached

She gpt up and got shocked seeing herself sleeping on his shoulder. She somewhere felt happy and got an unknown peace

Sona (mind) What’s happening with me???? Y am I doing this??? Y am I sad hearing the news about my wedding??? May be I do love him….(happy) yes I do love him…but how do I tell him wedding??

She brushes her thoughts away and finally both r in their respective home. Everyone rejoices this moment while Sona, Dev and Arjun r sad. Soon it’s the wedding day. Sona was getting ready in a baby pink heavy lehgna with a golden border with some matching jewellery. There were tears of helplessness in her eyes. While Arjun was also very sad he was only thinking about Amrita, while Dev was thinking about Sona. Soon it was time for the wedding, everyone was down. The rituals started, as Arjun and Sona got up for the first phera a voice came

Voice : Please stop the wedding!

They all looked at the voice

Arjun : (happily) Amrita!!!!

He left the mandap and and ran to her, there was a baby in her hand also,

Arjun : Amrita u here…but that day…
Amrita : Ya I know what happened, but I left the car because felt a sudden craving for ice cream I saw a ice cream parlor and got down to have ice cream when suddenly the car blasted. I fell unconscious and when my eyes opened I found myself in a hut in a village I thought I lost u so I stayed there but I got a happy news that nothing happened to the baby all thanks to God…I thought mein ne tumhe kho diya but I was happy as I had our symbol of love, but when I heard about ur 2nd marriage I couldn’t stop myself so I came

Arjun couldn’t control any longer and her hugged her and kissed the baby on her forehead

Arjun : Auntie, uncle, ma, papa now I can’t marry her please I’m sorry
Anu : Haan please understand now this wedding can’t happen
Bejoy : Yes we understand ur son finally got his true happiness back thanks to the will of God.
Asha : Haan and look at the brighter side he got 2 beautiful things, one his wife and second his child what can be better than that

Sona heard all this and got relived that she can finally talk to Dev and sort things out between them whereas Dev was also very happy knowing that his Sona will remain his only even he can get a chance to talk with her.

Asha : Beta ur alright na
Sona : (mind) How can’t I be ma
Sona : Um…ya

Next day both decided to talk t each other (DevAkshi). They decided to meet in a garden

Dev : Hi
Sona : Hi..aa..I want to tell something
Dev : Hmm go ahead

She sat on her knees holding out a rose

Sona : Dev, I really don’t know whether u can digest this fact or no but it’s true even I have fallen for u….I LOVE U…do still love me ??

Dev gets happy hearing that

Sona : What r u thinking?? That a girl for the first time proposed u so the answer should be yes but it’s ur choice
Dev : Hmm..yes of course…can anyone forget their love and that to first love na so how can I reject it haan….of course I LOVE U TOO

Saying this he makes her stand up and hugs her tightly and all the people viewing this clapped on their proposal. Finally both were married and they shifted back to London having a happy life ahead..


How was it please give ur views. Sorry if I wasted ur time

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    Ritika its awesome. I had not read ur all parts. But its nice

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    Aww..It was sooo sweet..

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