Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: A competition between Mahi and Avnit

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Scene 1
Rupa tells Mahi how dare you throw Avnit out of the kitchen? Mahi says she is our guest so I don’t want her to work here. I want to serve her. I want to repent my mistakes so I don’t want to hurt her anymore. Avnit says Mahi is right, I am a guest and will leave soon so I don’t want the family to fight for me. She leaves from there. Rupa tells Mahi that you always hurt her, she goes behind her.

Rupa comes to Avnit and says I won’t leave you alone. Avnit says I was always alone. Rupa says Jogi and I are with you. Avnit says Mahi pacified Jogi that’s why she is making sweets for him. Rupa says she is a witch that keeps trapping my son. Don’t lose hope.

Mahi is making sweets for Jogi and tells Renu that we will soon throw her out of the house.

Rupa tells Avnit that it was a mistake to get Mahi married to Jogi. We will change that. Beeji comes there and says the truth is that Jogi will always choose Mahi so don’t give false hopes to Avnit. She tells Avnit that Mahi and Jogi are made for each other, nobody can separate them. Rupa says Avnit is made for Jogi, I am his mother. Avnit asks them to not fight. She tells Rupa that Beeji is right. You are owner of this house as Jogi’s mother, you have right on everything here, even on the kitchen but I am a guest so I shouldn’t enter there. Rupa says I won’t let Mahi rule here. If this is my house so I will decide who will work here and not. She takes Avnit from there.

Rupa brings Avnit to the kitchen and pours water in Mahi’s dish. Mahi says what are you doing? Rupa says it’s my kitchen so I will decide who will work here. She asks Avnit to make anything you want. Mahi says I was just making sweets for Jogi, she can wait till I am done. Rupa says so you can’t wait? Mahi says Jogi is waiting for the sweets. Rupa says then make it a competition, you both will make sweets for Jogi and we will see whose he will like. Mahi says Jogi will recognize my dish with just it’s smell. Rupa says Jogi’s mother is on Avnit’s side to let’s see. She asks Avnit to start cooking. I am with you. Mahi says if it’s a competition then we both will not take anyone’s help. It’s between me and Avnit. Avnit says I accept. Mahi says all the best. Mahi says you all can leave now. Rupa and others leave. Avnit doesn’t know how to cook. Rupa says how will she win? Beeji says her heart will break now. Renu opens the gas for Avnit. Avnit is copying Mahi. Rupa is trying to help her but Renu stops her. Mahi laughs at her way for cooking. Avnit puts a lot of sugar. Mahi laughs. Jogi tries to come in the kitchen but Rupa stops him. He says I can smell my wife’s cooking, he leaves. Renu tells Rupa that she should have let him go inside. Rupa says if my son saw his wife and his friend fighting then he would have left without eating.

Mahi and Avnit bring their sweets to the table. Jogi comes there and says let’s start. Rupa says you eat it first. Mahi asks him to taste both the sweets and tell us which one is good. Jogi eats Mahi’s sweets and says I know Mahi made this. He eats Avnit’s sweets. All look on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Mahi feels that Avnit has some plan behind singing challenge that she gave. In night, Mahi sees a masked man and tries to attack on him, but another masked person grabs her from behind. Avnit comes out from hiding and smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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