Molkki 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Daksh and Dhwani to marry in Rewari

Molkki 8th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender says why delay a good thing. Plus, Dhwani ji is such a nice girl. You are lucky to have her. Daksh smiles. Virender becomes emotional and thinks of the past moments with Purvi. Purvi watches him keenly but looks away when he looks in her direction. Past memories keep flashing in Virender’s mind. Daksh takes his leave. Purvi looks back at Virender. He thinks of how rude he was to her before the accident. Purvi leaves. Virender decides to remind Bawri her past in 10 days. I will lose her otherwise. I will have to bring her memories back at any cost within in 10 days!

Purvi, Nani and Chandni are busy shopping for the wedding. Juhi and Manas feel bad to see it. Purvi waves at them but they run away. Purvi wonders why she isn’t feeling happy even after accepting Daksh’s proposal for marriage.

Kids come running to Virender and hug him. Manas says Haathi will get married in 10 days. Juhi asks him how it can be when haathi is married to him. Virender comforts them. That’s what I am thinking. Bawri was and will always be mine. I must do everything to stop it.

Virender meets the doc again. Everyone has tried their best but Dhwani cannot remember anything. Doc reminds him that her case is very rare. Virender says it will be a problem if she wont remember anything. Is there a way how we can remind her of her past without harming her? Doc nods. No one knows about her past life though. If we find someone who knows her then we can take her to the place where she used to live earlier. Her memories can be revived if she goes back to those surroundings and lives with the same set of people. You can do it if you find out anything. Remember that she shouldn’t be under any stress and no one should force her to remember anything. She can have brain hemorrhage and lose her life otherwise. Be very careful.

Nani goes aside to attend a call. Juhi and Manas sit with Purvi. Purvi notices Manas asking why he hid her earring. Manas says I don’t want haathi to wear it. Purvi asks him why. Will I not look good? Manas denies. Didi and I don’t want you to marry Daksh uncle. I wont give it to you. She chases him around the table. Virender steps on her pallu by mistake. Purvi slips in his arms when she tries to chase Manas again. Kids smile cutely. Virender and Purvi share an eye lock. She steps aside a few moments later. Daksh asks Virender the reason of his visit. Virender says I had an urgent work with you. Daksh asks him to have a seat. What is it? Virender says the work in your Mill in Rewari will start soon. You should foucs on the work initially in 15 days so that things sail smoothly. Nani becomes unhappy. Daksh realizes that he skipped that point completely. I can neither ignore the project nor the wedding. I don’t know how to handle them together. Virender suggests an idea. Why don’t you get married in Rewari? There wont be any hindrance in either of the things. I am the Mukhiya of Rewari so I can make arrangements for you. You can get married royally in my haveli. I cannot think of a better solution than this. He looks at Nani. Daksh likes the idea but Nani intervenes. You should marry in Delhi and not in some village. It is Daksh Shekhawat’s marriage. It isn’t a kid’s birthday party which can be arranged like this. Why do you want to burden Mukhi ji? Virender assures her that his haveli is beautiful than any 5 star hotel in Delhi. Daksh is also my friend now. Why should there be a problem then? I will be thrilled to arrange his wedding from my haveli. I don’t want to hear no. You have done so much for me. Give me a chance now. Nani looks away. Daksh says people look for heritage destinations for their wedding. Why don’t we give this a shot? Purvi agrees. Virender says I will leave for Rewari with kids today. You can start tomorrow. I will arrange preps till then. Daksh nods. We will meet you in Rewari tomorrow.

Prakashi and Anjali are enjoying peace in the haveli. They both wish that Virender and the kids will never return. They enter just then shocking Prakashi and Anjali. Prakashi pretends to be glad to see them. You could have informed us so we could make delicious food for you. Virender asks servant to call Sudha and Veer as well. Prakashi is curious to know what it is but Virender tells them to wait for them. Sudha and Veer come there. Virender shares that Purvi is not dead. Everyone is taken aback. Prakashi asks Virender how it can be. Veer and you saw the dead body yourself. Virender says it wasn’t Purvi’s dead body. The one we met is Bawri. Prakashi asks him about the dead person. Virender says I don’t know who it was. I don’t know if she was wearing Bawri’s clothes or if she stole them. I only know that Bawri is alive. Don’t be shocked. She is coming tomorrow. Make preps. You can believe her after seeing for yourself. Sudha is thrilled. She asks the kids if they saw her too. Manas nods. We even played with her. Juhi shares that they went to picnic with her too. It was a lot of fun. Sudha asks them why they dint bring her with them. Virender begins to explain.

Nani asks Daksh again why he fell for Mukhi’s idea. I can arrange your destination wedding anywhere in the world. Why Rewari? Daksh says people are coming to Indian villages for wedding these days. Local is new global. Virender ji is the Mukhiya of the town. I don’t think we will have any problem. We should be grateful to him. We cannot ignore it that it is time for the factory to open. We will incur a loss of crores. Do you want that to happen? I can either bear the loss then or postpone the wedding. Nani insists that the wedding will happen in 10 days only. She agrees to go to Rewari. He calls her sweet. Nani thinks that it is Mukhi’s plan to get Dhwani married there. He wants her to remember everything in 10 days. What will he do in 10 days when she couldn’t remember anything in 6 months? I will get rid of him in these 10 days.

Virender tells everyone not to call Purvi by her name. she should feel as if she is meeting us for the first time. we should be strangers to each other. No one will try to remind her of the past. There will be no photos or any past mementos outside. It can cause brain hemorrhage otherwise and she can die. I wont let anyone do it. I hope you all have understood. He looks at everyone’s faces. Sudha nods. Prakashi is in thoughts.

Precap: Virender orders servants to remove and hide all Purvi’s pictures. Dhwani and Daksh arrive at the Haveli/mansion. Prakashi and Anjali get shocked seeing Purvi. Dhwani and Virender step in the house together. When Dhwani is in a room, Bhuri moves cover from Purvi’s painting. Dhwani gets shocked seeing it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Achaa.. so basically this might be how the drama would carry on. As an assumption, now Virender will make sure or probably will succeed in making Purvi regain her memory. Or maybe, meanwhile trying his best to help her to regain her memory, our very very “nicest people” like Prakashi, Anjali, Veer, Priyashi and Nani will try their best to spoil the situation. Why? Because each of them don’t want PurVir to get back together due to each of their selfish reasons.
    That is what I am guessing. Or maybe there is other things might happen. Well let’s see, what else the makers have prepared to take forward Molkki. Thank you Pooja,for the updates.

    1. Sonia..

      All these evils will team up and on the other way what they will do things that Dhwani regain her memories..kill 2 birds with 1 stone 🙂

  2. Ya!! Thanks pooja very much

  3. Pooja

    Most welcome, Sonia and Anu 🙂

  4. Pooja right ur doing a great job thanks men very

  5. I think Purvi will get her memory back on the marriage day.
    How interesting would be that episode.

  6. But I wonder what Virendra is going to do because their enemies are more than their supporters eg Anjali, Prakashi,Bhuri,Veer,Priyu,now Nani .Five enemies against Manas ,Juhi ,Sudha and Virendra.But all I know is that no matter what you do to separate two bound souls u end up breaking ur own home .Prakashi said it herself Virendra is stubborn from childhood when he sets his mind puts his feelings and emotions on something .Nothing can stop him not his loved ones or even God if he loves he loves all. But let’s see what the writers have in mind.

  7. Tday epi belonged to Virender 😘🔥🔥🔥
    Amar was phenomenal tday…Viru rocked😎😘and evil Nani shocked😃
    Prakashi, Anjali n Bhuri expressions on learning Pur is alive🙄😃🤣
    Vir is on fire 🔥 and no one can stop him …
    Thanks to Pooja for the nice updates💐😘

  8. Good morning pooja
    Tq for the update
    I am sure the villains n vamps are the ones who will help purvi remember her past n regain her memories
    I think that’s virenders plan
    Bcos the more u tell them not to tell her anything… the tendency is to do opposite
    They might not ask direct questions but showing objects or paintings
    Bhuri is back
    So many don’t want purvi to be around
    Why can’t virender tell the truth to his elder kids regarding the vamps
    Even if purvi regains her memories… they are not going to let them live in peace

    1. Selva,

      Only Mukhi, Manaz, Juhi & Sudha in 1 team..they’ve been surrounding with this evils and surely these evils plans will turn to the other way round..kill 2 birds with 1 stone..

      I hope Dhwani will gain her memories soon..

  9. How I hope that Purvi already gain her memory back its just that she is just playing along in order to do justice to those she had hurt and to get her self respect back, and I hope she is stronger and wiser too.

  10. Pooja

    You’re very, very warm welcome Ttt, Nadin and Selva 🙂

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