Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi sneaks back in the house

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Gulshan says I will teach you a lesson now Mahi, He lays Mahi on Jogi and takes their photos together. Gulshan brings them close and takes their photos from different angles. He says now these will go to Pappu. Pappu gets the photos and says I am ashamed. Pappu calls Gulshan and says good job. He leaves. The cows are going crazy. They hit Gulshan. He falls down. The cows try to hit him He runs. They go after him. One of them moves Jogi and tries to get him up. Jogi caresses her face. He realizes it’s Mahi for real. Jogi is shocked. Jogi says Mahi get up. What are you doing here?

Jogi throws water on Mahi’s face. She gets up. Her head hurts. She sees her dupatta and his open collar. Mahi stands up in shock. Mahi says what is all this? She cries. Jogi says I don’t know myself. It’s not like this.. Mahi says look at us. Something has happened. He says no nothing has happened. We are standing in front of God. He says what are you doing here? Mahi says I came to check on you. You got so drunk. I made such a huge mistake. Jogi says I didn’t drink. I only had lassi. I swear on my mom. My head was hurting. Mahi recalls when she came in there was smoke. Mahi says did something wrong happen between us? He says trust our friendship and upbringing. Nothing can be wrong between us. Mahi recalls someone locked the door. She says someone is doing this to trap us. He says I feel the same. He says go home, we will think about this later. Mahi cries and says who should I talk to about this? He says you are so progressive. Why are you saying this? She says I can’t tolerate fingers being pointed at my family. Jogi says I wont let that happen. I will die but won’t let anyone point fingers at you. Mahi hugs him and cries.

Scene 2
Jogi says you should go home. He covers her in a shawl and takes her out. Jogi sees the street is clear. Pappu looks at them. Pappu keeps making their video. They6 come out of the house. Mahi says I am so scared. He says your heart is pure. You shouldn’t be scared. Mahi says what will people say? He says the Mahi I know doesn’t care about people. No one will know. They sneak in. All women come dancing from the other side. Mahi is scared. Renu says Jogi come dance with us. Mahi’s face is on the other side. He says I will distract them. You sneak out. Seema says who is that girl? This is is his truth. He got drunk and is with a girl now.

Mahi tries to sneak in. Seema says whose character is he staining now? Seema comes to see her face. Jogi says what are you doing here? You should dance in the jaggo. come here. Everyone dances around Seema. Jogi takes her on the other side. Mahi sneaks in. jogi says go home. Nothing happened. Mahi goes inside. Jogi says someone did all this. It can’t happen on its own.

Mahi comes inside the house. She collides with pappu. He says all good? This shawl.. Did you go out to meet anyone? Mahi is scared.

Episode ends.

Precap-Chanda says the video is just shot the fix is left. Pappu says congrats Mahi. Mahi calls Jogi and says my wedding is tomorrow and now this. I have to tell Arjun everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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