Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti becomes painter

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori performing classical dance in balcony, Tiwari asleep dreaming about talking to Gulfamkali and Anu. Tiwari wakes up and walks to Angoori and shouts at her and says I don’t like all this, Angoori says this is my hobby, both get into argument, Tiwari says this is house and not dance bar, you have to look after house and not do all this, and leaves, Angoori gets upset.
Angoori performing pooja, Vibhu walks to her, and asks her why does she look upset, Angoori says I was practicing kathak, Tiwari scolded me, Vibhu says he has no knowledge of art and culture and I feel bad for you, you should have married someone who knows about art and culture, you know I love art and culture, I love kathak dance. A man walks to them and asks Vibhu to return his 1500₹ he borrowed 2 years back and if he doesn’t he won’t spare Vibhu. Vibhu says I will.

Anu asks Vibhu for breakfast, Vibhu asks Anu for money, Anu asks why, Vibhu says its just 1500 you just cant behave this way, David walks to them, Vibhu asks him money, David says I would love to, here is 3000₹ take it, wait 800 I will keep for my suit, and 700₹ for my spa, you keep 1500₹, Vibhu thanks him, David says wait I have to give my friends party, so you keep this 100₹, Vibhu says you keep this too you may require it, David takes and leaves. Anu says people are selfless and useless, and your along belongs to, Vibhu says he is combination of both, Anu hands him money.
Prem walks in, with a painting, Anu leaves, Vibhu says to Prem she hates you, Vibhu sees painting and says what nonsense is this, its scribbling, Prem says you don’t know art, this is 3 lakhs worth, Vibhu says I can make it while I am asleep, Vibhu says Prem my friend I will get you lot of money I have a plan.

Angoori asks Tiwari will he have Aloo Paratha, Tiwari says yes, Angoori keeps asking weird questions, Tiwari keeps saying yes, Angoori gets angry and yells at him, and asks him why is he ignoring her, Tiwari says the news says they found bones of a lost man, Angoori says oh god, Tiwari says &tv will have new show “Mokaye Vardat” which will tell about such news.

Prem meets Angoori and greets her, Prem says you cooked so beautiful parathas, Angoori says it has no makeup, Prem says wow so much interesting and says two artist are neighbours, you know even Vibhu is a painter and has won awards too, Angoori says I have no idea about this, good for him, Prem says he lost his inspiration Harshada Devi as she shifted to Canada and gave up painting, Harshada use to dance and Vibhu use to Paint, she was his inspiration, and he would continue he would be great painter and would be earning in millions, god give him his inspiration backnor someone dances for him.

Angoori meets Vibhu, Vibhu looking at sky, says god is such good painter can paint without any inspiration, Angoori says you start painting again, Vibhu asks who told you, Angoori says Prem, he told me everything about your painting stories, Vibhu says he shouldn’t have told, and the painter inside me is dying, Angoori says so sad, Vibhu says I wished someone danced for me, Angoori says I will. Anu walks to them, and asks who is dancing and painting, Angoori says Vibhu and tells about Vibhu’s painting story, Anu says this is hidden talent, Angoori says now I will dance and he will paint, Vibhu says offer is open even you can dance, Anu says I have no hopes on you, so I will handle my business, bye.
Angoori says to Vibhu, we have a problem, Tiwari. Vibhu says don’t worry we will handle him.

TMT at tea stall with Tiwari, Tiwari tells them they owe him around 7000₹, and says I am happy you called me to return it, Tilu says yes we don’t like eating others money.

Pre cap: Prem dressed as a foreigner, David says he is renowned artist from London, he says I will buy it for 5 lakhs, Anu gets greedy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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