Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi doesn’t like Pappu

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1Jogi says the Pooja will happen at our place. Mahi says it will happen at our place. He says challenging me? She says you will lose anyway. Ladu (a kid) comes. She says Ladu.. Come. She runs to Jogi and says you came. Rupa says he’s your uncle call him mamu. Mahi says Ladu come to our place for the Pooja. Jogi says it’s at our place, come here.

Pappu sees his wife’s shoe and says there is mud in your shoe? He throws it in the fire. She says what did you do? He says I can’t stand anything dirty on your shoe. Pappy looks at Jogi’s family and says be happy, I will teach you a lesson. Mahi comes home and gives a gift to her brother. He says I need entry test fee. She says what happened to sponsorship? He says you’re my sponsorship. Their mom does Pooja. Maa gives sugar free laddu to dada ji and says you have to eat these only. Maa prays I hope my Mahi gets married in a rich house. Where she gets a driver. Mahi says I will take the key from him and drive myself.

Mahi’s other brother in law comes. She says why do you keep sitting home? Go and sell your real estate. Mahi says don’t talk to him like that. She says he stays here, he has no respect and see Pappu. He’s so well off and nice.

Jogi says I wish I win the competition. Rupa says you have never been this tensed in exams either. Dadi says looks like love. He says what no.. Ladu says Mahi didi is a heroin. Rupa says you wake up so late, how would you do it? HE says I won’t sleep. Mahi says we have to go get arti things. Scene 2Mishra comes and says Pappu ji sent gifts for you. Pappu says dogs need to be trained. Humans get trained faster, like I train my MIL and SIL. Maa says I wish I get a SIL like Pappu every day. He gives gift to dada ji. He says this cap reminds me of my BIL. Mishra gives bat to Akash. He says jeju is the best. Mishra gives a gift to Mahi. She says I don’t want it. Pappu says my SIL has taken my peace away. The entire family is in my control, they see God in me. Just this Mahi, she sees me as a villain. People who don’t take gifts are difficult to control. Maa says why didn’t you take the gift? She says we take gifts that we can return as well. Maa says are we beggars? Dada says why are you so mad at Pappu? She says Shalu is controlled by Pappu. She lives in a gold cage. All these things are to fool us. Shalu says to Pappu see my nail art. It has his name written on it. He says why was it needed? She says I was getting a tattoo as well. He says I can get 20 servants to massage my feet. But not one is like you.
Dadu says to Mahi you will get a man who will understand you. Jogi says I don’t wanna work. I will sing a song and have fun. Dadu says someone who isn’t like rest of world. Mahi says but why would I need such person when I am can fulfill my dreams. She says who is singing? Mahi comes out and sees around. Mahi says who is this person singing? His voice has peace and truth in it. His words are deep. God bless him.

Mishra comes back home and tells Pappu Mahi didn’t take the gift. He says singer neighbors Jogi and that taxi driver SIL. Jogi sends Mahi friend request, she says I accepted the challenge but won’t accept your request. He says she rejected my request? Scene 3
Mahi gets ready. Jogi gets ready as well. Mahi says I will win at all cost. Jogi says how do you feel Mahi? Ready to lose? He stands in front of her car. Mahi drives, he gets on his bike and they race.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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