Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya hide in an old couple house

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The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya where was the shooter? infront of car or at the side. Pragya looks at the shooters aiming gun at them. She says they are behind. Abhi looks at them and says he is feeling jealous to see them behind her. He calls the shooters to come and then throws the stones on them. They start shooting. Abhi asks Pragya to run. They run while the shooters run behind them. Meera pleads infront of Aaliya and says I beg infront of you. Aaliya asks her to get out. She closes the door and turns to Pallavi, says Servants are here to unburden their responsibilities, and says if we make them sit on our heads, then they become burden. Meera cries standing outside the house.

Pragya’s foot twists and she stops running. Abhi makes her sit and checks her foot, says your foot got twisted. Pragya says we shall run. Abhi says your sprain will increase. Pragya says I will think about it when I am alive. Abhi says you are not of the same age now. Pragya says whatever my age be, I won’t let my suhaag’s age gets less. Song plays….He looks at her. Pragya says I can’t afford to lose you. Abhi says when you love me so much, then how come my love get less. He says I can not give my life as I love you so much and can’t risk to die.

She says she didn’t think that they have to run after marriage. Abhi asks if she has the same weight as before for lifting her. Pragya says if something had happened to you,then I would have lifted you. Abhi asks her to lift him, but she can’t even move him. He asks her to choose a finger. She chooses a finger. He says you have won and lifts her, to start walking. They knock on a door. The old guy opens the door. The guy asks who are you both? Abhi asks them to ask how are they and get inside, closes the door. He says his wife got her foot injured. The old guy’s wife makes Pragya sit. The shooters come there and look for them.

Meera is leaving and thinks of Rhea, Abhi and Pragya. She thinks the love and respect that she got from this house,in the return of it she couldn’t do much, but she’s feeling peace to get make Krishna meet his Rukmani. She thinks this is enough for her happiness and prays for their lives with their daughters.

Rhea tells Ranbir that today she wants to marry him, today itself. Ranbir says not today. Aryan says because he gets tensed seeing Pandit ji. He says we need elders’ blessings for it. Rhea says today she is feeling romantic. Ranbir says no, how can it be romantic day infront of the temple. She sees Baljeet Dadi and Sarita behen and tells that today is the lucky day for her. She calls Ballo Da…, when Ranbir keeps his hand on her mouth. Dadi says Rhea. Ranbir hides Rhea. Dadi and Sarita behen don’t see them. Sarita behen says we shall go and see the newly weds. Ranbir tells Rhea that he hid her as Baljeet dadi does not know that Aryan is marrying Palak. Rhea says ok and tells that she will get ready for her marriage. Pandit ji thinks Ranbir can’t refuse this girl also. Rhea goes to get ready with Palak.

Abhi and Pragya tell everything to the old couple. Abhi and Pragya say we need to stay here for few hours until the shooters go. The old guy refuses to let them stay there. His wife takes him to talk to him.

Tai ji comes to Aaliya. Aaliya asks her not to lecture her. Tai ji says it is good that you have kicked Meera out as she would have supported Pragya. She reminds her how Pragya made them dance on her tune. Aaliya says I will fight back and will fight until I kick Pragya and her daughter out.

Prachi hopes that Palak’s parents have agreed. She says I wish that they agree for the marriage happily. Shahana thinks Rhea is there and I can’t tell you about my tension. Prachi says she will go out. Shahana says you are the bride and that’s why can’t go out. She then says you are bride’s maid and that’s why can’t go. Rhea hears Prachi talking. Palak takes her away from there and says she is my cousin, we shall go from here. Prachi hears Rhea’s voice. Shahana says Rhea is not here and says if you stay here, then it will be a problem for Palak. The old lady asks her husband to let them stay inside. He says that child is not our son. The old lady Ratna says that they shall let them stay here. He says our son never returned to us, and got even married. He says that he feels ashamed to call us parents. The old lady says we shall let them stay here. The shooters come to the old man’s house and one of them asks if they saw a guy and his wife. The old man and his wife refuse that they have seen them. The shooters tell that they shall search them in the village. The old man says something bad is going to happen with them.

Ranbir makes plan and shares with Aryan and Jai. He says just as Aryan is about to make Palak wear the mangalsutra, he will take it from his hand and make Prachi wear it and fill her maang with sindoor. Jai says you know that I love Palak and says if Aryan gets married to her… He says then Shahana will be with me. He tells that he knows that Aryan and Shahana like each other. Aryan tells Jai that he is crossing his limits now. Jai and Aryan argue. Ranbir thinks he has to marry Prachi now itself and for that he has to send Rhea away from here. He thinks Rhea will go for Chief.

Precap: Prachi says that marriage haven’t happened and yet asks why are they happy? Ranbir says marriage will happen, as you have come. Prachi says right now we were in so much tension. Ranbir says tension is over. Pandit ji says today’s mahurat is good and the time should not end, else inauspicious thing will happen. Ranbir asks Prachi to sit in the mandap surprising her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Prajkta

    This is just unnecessary dragging of the story…. Now that they have united Abhi-Pragya, why don’t they get over with the extra and unrelated things…. I really hope that they unite Prachi-Ranbir soon…. This track is getting prolonged for no reasons….

    1. All shows on Zee dragging extremely long, this is probably the worst script for the dragging shows. Imagine a guy/s trying to kill him about 8 episodes now, good for who watch, i only read now because of the dragging

    2. They always drag the events of this show, 3 months down they will still be running and hiding from the goons and another 6 months Ranbir will still be trying to marry Prachi. There never is any sense to this show

  2. Samaila

    This has turned damn boring. Pallavi is a toxic friend. Ashita, congrats I finally went over my laziness and submitted part 16, it will get uploaded tonight.

    1. Thank u so much samaila your fan fiction is much more better than this ekta Kapoor’s serial

  3. Leisa s morris

    Stupid track,I just dont understand zee writers,such utter crap. Out of nowhere without any backstory this guy supposedly came cause of aliyah and now hes behind pragya and abhi to kill them,with dozens of hired killers and even talking bout international killers. What in pray tell did these two do to attract his ire considering they were apart for the past 20 yrs? This just does not make any sense and is just a complete waste of time. Then theres these stupid scenes with ranbir them real stupid. Thought ranbir told rhea that he dont want to marry her yet shes saying she wants to marry now and going to get ready and hes just making excuse. This track is also dumb. This whole show is dumb. The house is abhis yet aliyah is doing as she pls and tai ji and her family is helping saying pragya made them dance to her tune,how? Pragya never ordered them to do anything yet they hate her while they encourage the one who actually troubles them smh. It is time aliyah get her comeuppance she gets away with too much and now shes gonna say that everytime abhi and pragya comes together someone wants to kill them conveniently forgetting that she was/is the one causing it to happen. Right now I believe it couldve been raj who may have been the one to put out the hit since he is broke cause I cant see no other reason for this guy wanting them dead. Aliyah doesnt even realise that the guy she’s working with is trying to kill abhi cause she is still crying about their marriage.

  4. Please don’t end the serial

  5. Kill off abhi and pragya and send.them to heaven….let Prachi and ranbi mrarry and let rhea turn mad…and Aliyah win..and done the story..

    1. Samaila

      Perfect Ekta sense.

    2. Prajkta

      Yeah, at least everyone will get over with this stupidity for once and all

  6. Did any1 hear something abt this show ending or is it dusri peddhi ending like wat does it mean is pranbir ending or Abhi Gaya I’m so lost Ik every1 is saying it’s not gonna happen but I rly hope pranbir reunite and get married but rly tho wats all this abt this show ending

  7. We, the viewer have an assumption this show is a drama about the life of Pragya and Abhi. After 20 years leaps it is impossible to find a story line, it has been turned into a sitcom of arbitrary baseless events. Gangsters are running among the people, their veapons are visiable and their clothes are showing they are gangsters but no one is calling police!! The kids and Aliyah scenes are too bad and baseless. Who is DV? We know he has a relation with Raj and Aliyah. Aliya seems unaware of what DV is doing already. So there is a single choice for the orderer of killing Abhi and Pragya. That is Raj but Raj does not have money????? Why is Meera leaving by the order of Aliya? She is not her boss

  8. Ranbir is annoying and selfish, shouldn’t he first ask Prachi if she wants to marry, and what about Prachi’s mother?

    1. I disagree with you there meli, ranbir and prachi are the only thing that makes sense in the show at the moment, look at it this way, abhi and pragya have been on and off every single time for about 30-32 years now, remember the first leap in the show when he lost his memory and the second leap when pragya was supposedly dead and the third when she had kiara and now the 20 year leap…so all this time abhi never took any real action to keep his so called love safe and with him, he always let’s other people tell him how to treat her, on the other hand ranbir is sharp and smart, he realized he was in love with prachi and wasted no time or effort to let her know, he persevered until he finally told her and she told him back, after finding out she loves him too, he wasted no time yet again to move for marriage and of course with her willing consent. Look, the hiccup in their love story is due to rhea, Aliyah and pallavi’s relentless shameless actions to keep them apart but still he believes in his love….prachi’s reason for leaving ranbir is nonsense,how can she honestly believe a person who tried to kill her, almost got her raped, kidnapped and so much more can actually unite her parents doomed “love” no no my dear, that will never happen ..prachi is the most innocent person in this show, she only ever tried to help these awful people and SHE DESERVES HER HAPPY ENDING, at the moment she’s just too naive to see that her parents won’t last no matter what she does… ranbir is the only one who can save her from the horrible mehras and kholis

    2. I liked what you said Esie And I totally agree with you but one thing I didn’t understand of yours is when prachi almost got rapped cause I don’t remember anything like that ???

    3. Samaila

      Essie, when did Prachi get raped? Everything else, I agree

  9. His way may look tricky but it is in no way selfish, if abhi and pragya’s so called “love” is real then nothing rhea can do will separate them, if anyone here is selfish, it is rhea, Aliyah and pallavi….ranbir is doing this for prachi because he literally worships the ground she walks on, he loves her and he promised he will marry her and he is doing everything in his power to keep that promise…. pranbir is what abhigya should have been from the start, no matter how hard everyone tried to keep them apart they should have believed in each other and loved each other and most importantly trusted each other…..that is gospel truth

    1. All of u can say that again I have being seeing this movie for over 10yrs now with no complete marriage between Abhi and Pragay I’m tire of seeing the movie is no more interesting everybody is complaining ahhh

    2. Please show us interesting part the whole thing is so so boring

  10. @Esie
    This is the story of the two main characters Abhi-Pragya. The show lives from the two whether separately or together.
    Would Ranbir and Prachi switch with Abhi-Pragya it would be just the same.

    he wants to marry Prachi without the permission of Prachi’s mother and without the permission of Prachis father. So he is selfish

    1. aikona man hah, main characters who have the least screen time no man eish….and as for consent pragya already blesssed their union twice and she said she’s happy as long as her daughter is happy. secondly abhi has done nothing “fatherly” towards prachi other than extreme acts of “bravery” when he went into the fire to save her……let”s be serious here, he has not even taken any time to know the child he blamed pragya for separating him from, every time she has tried to talk to him the only thing that leaves his mouth is rHeA. My blood is boiling fam, let ranbir marry prachi and run away with her then this abhigya merry go round can go on for 6 more years. All I am saying is let atleast ONE LOVE STORY END WELL PLEASE.

  11. More ringa ringa roses …..my head is spinning!! Lol!

  12. Good grief. This is a repeat from an episode a LOOOONG time ago. It will be romantic for a bit but nothing good will come out of it. That’s the reoccurring theme of this series. One of them is going to get hurt and they will be pulled apart. This show will end if they ever got together and lived happily ever after. I keep coming back to check to see if it has finally ended. NOPE!! Same garbage. Happiness is fleeting and evil always wins.

  13. @Esie
    it is about the permission for the wedding and not about some blessings.
    and the fact is that Ranbir has not the permission so he is acting selfish.
    Abhi – it doesn’t matter if he did fatherly thing towards Prachi he is her father.

  14. As always whenever Abhi and Pragya come together, crisis would follow but you claim they’re destined to be with each other! It will always twist for the worst _ evil winning over good What sort of entertainment is this? Do you encourage people to follow the evil ways as the movie doesn’t seem to have created adequate punishment for evil doing, rather there’s always an escape route for the evil perpetrators. We expect something better than this, please.

  15. Please don’t end the serial

  16. Please show us interesting part the whole thing is so so boring

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