Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Jogi decorates the room for Mahi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
The doctor checks Mahi. Jogi asks how is Mahi now? Rupa says he said she’s recovering. Her stitches are getting better. Jogi says to Mahi let’s start our new chapter then? You said I love you too. I, mean, there is only one thing left to do. Mahi says I don’t get it? He says that night. Mahi says I don’t know any such night.. She leaves. Jogi says I mean suhagraat. rupa comes in and says do you have any shame? He says I was saying the same, what a shameless girl. She says the time is wrong. Jogi leaves.

Scene 2
Renu slaps Chanda. Pappu says you.. Chanda says how dare you.. Renu says enough. I am done living like a sidekick. Not anymore. I won’t get any respect neither would my husband if I stay with other people. Chanda says let me call the police. Renu says sure call them. Will you show them that video? I will go to jail and you think you will be saved? I can go to jail for one shot, I can shoot both of you as well, and add a few more years. I can do that.

Scene 3
Mahi says thank you Jogi for taking so much care of me. She recalls her moments with Jogi. The song hansi ban gaye plays. Mahi smiles. Jogi says what are you thinking? Mahi says I never believed in these filmy things, I thought there was no such thing as well. But I feel so special now. Is that what love is? Everything looks good, colorful. There’s only trust and no doubts. Is that love? He says let me take you to the skies. Jogi picks her and takes her to the room.

The entire room is decorated. Mahi is shocked. She is very happy. Mahi says it looks magical. It looks like a Karan Johar movie set up. He says it looks special, the moment is special and the most special is my wife. Mahi says am I that special for you? He says the most special, beautiful, wise, and.. hot. He comes close to her. Mahi runs. She sits on the bed. Jogi comes close to her. The song kaisay kahun plays. He comes close to kiss her.

Scene 4
Renu says how does it feel? Time changed? I need you both and you both need me? You want to see Mahi’s life ruined and so do I. Chanda says what? You were crying for her and she forgave you? Renu says yes she forgave me but insulted me so much. I am done with family, I just want money now. Enemy’s enemy is a friend. Deal? Pappu and Chanda say deal.

Scene 5
Mahi says on the first-night husbands give a gift to wives. He says I was so caught up in decor I forgot it. I will give your gift with interest. But for now, give me a little bit of love. Mahi says no I want the gift right now. He says I don’t have anything at the moment. Mahi says the gift I want is the world’s most special thing. The one that touches the heart. Your voice gives me so much peace. It united us. It’s magical. I looked for that voice everywhere. And you never told me it was you. He says music sounds better when you know a girl is looking for you. Mahi says sing me 2 songs. He says not right now. Mahi says I want to listen to it right now. It was so soulful. It would always bring me peace. Sing now. I won’t talk to you. Jogi sings badly. Mahi says what? Sing your own song. Jogi sings dil ke armaan. Mahi says stop it. If you feel shy I can look there. Mahi says I am waiting. He says it will be long. Mahi says don’t do drama. Jogi says let’s sleep. Mahi says what’s wrong? He says nothing. You can’t understand. Mahi says I would. He says the biggest secret of my life is that I can’t sing anywhere and everywhere. It comes out on its own. When God wants when I am full of emotions. It happens on its own. Mahi says okay.. She comes close to him. Mahi is about to kiss him and says did you get the emotions now He says it’s not a joke. I want to sing but I can’t. I am on auto mode. I am telling you the truth. It isn’t my talent, it’s my weakness. I can’t sing until I get a voice from here. It comes out from here only. Sorry, I can’t sing today.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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