Udaariyaan 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo and Fateh bond

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The Episode starts with Tejo stopping Fateh from drinking. He asks her to chill. He says you are my wife, I m your husband, we will dance together and forget our sorrow. She says you are too drunk. He plays music. He dances with her. He imagines and dances with her. The door bell rings. She asks him to go inside the room. She asks him not to come out until she tells him. She goes and opens the door. She sees Satti and Bebe. She says you here at this time. Bebe says we just came to meet you, where is everyone. Tejo says they went to Vaishno Devi. Satti asks are you and Fath alone at home. Bebe says so songs were playing loud. Tejo says I was cooking food. Satti says good, Rupy sent kachoris for you. Tejo says thanks, go home and call me, you can go. Satti and Bebe go inside. Tejo worries. Satti asks what’s the matter.

She asks did Jasmin do any drama tomorrow. Tejo recalls Jasmin’s words. She hides the alcohol bottle from them. Satti says show us what you have cooked. Tejo says I was just clearing this stuff. Fateh calls her out. Tejo says I will just come. She stops Fateh from coming out. He asks for his bottle. She makes him go inside the room again. Satti asks did you tell Fateh about our coming. Tejo says you guys can talk to him later. Satti and Bebe start leaving. Fateh stops them. He behaves weird in drunken state. He says Jasmin broke our relation, thank God I got some food, I didn’t eat anything since yesterday. Satti and Bebe feel bad. They leave.

Tejo asks why did you make fun of our relation. He says its already a joke, everything got over. He asks Tejo to drink some alcohol. She pushes him. She asks him to calm down. He rests in her lap and cries, recalling Jasmin. Tejo cries for him. He says I m very heartbroken, it will always be the same pain. She asks him to stay strong. He cries and says its tough to live like this. She says life’s other name is problem, we can’t change the past, you have accept life, time changes and also changes everything, it heals every wound, it ends every sorrow, just give yourself time, you will be fine. He says I have loved Jasmin more than myself, my life is incomplete without her. She takes him to the room. He says Jasmin left me, you never leave me. He holds her hand and sleeps. She says don’t know Jasmin will realize her mistake or not.

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  1. Now this is what we call an episode ❤…. And the good thing is in this Jasmine’s arrogant attitude is not shown only fatejo is shown…

    1. Yes only fatejo

  2. The ep went from this 😂 to this 😭very fast. It’s one of the best ep. First half was very funny. And the last part made me cry. Tejo’s mother n grandmother shouldn’t have come. Well everything was good. N thank God 🙏 fateh didn’t took Jasmine’s name while holding tejo’s hand. “Jasmine toh mujhe chod ke chali gayi aap mujhe chod kar mat jana tejo ji” 💔😍😍. I’m falling in so love with this couple ❤. The best part of today’s ep was fateh cried his heart out he was controlling his emotions for so long it was much needed. The only thing I didn’t like in the ep was while dancing with tejo fateh was imagining Jasmine 🙃. Fatejo 💕💕

  3. I just loved this episode💗….at the starting I laughed a lot…but the last part was so emotional….and I loved when Fateh said Tejo not to leave him just like Jasmin did❤️ and I also liked that finally Fateh cried his heart out….since many days he was just holding his emotions….in short I loved this whole episode 💞💞

  4. Wah aj to treat fatejo fans ke liye doo episode aik din mei kaal 16 ka bhi aise hi upload kardena fast

  5. I love this episode so much prob my fav episode made me sad and happy at the same time

  6. Where r y’all ppl? There r less comments since past 2 days

  7. WOW!! That was a heck of an episode. I viewed 2 latest episodes as if there were one and here are some observations:
    1) When the family was leaving for the mandir why was it Gurpreet only spoke to Fateh but I was glad that Kushbeer gave a good advice to Fateh – I think that it would have been better that if it was Gurpreet giving similar advise to Fateh.
    2) Why is it that Sandhu family is still being rude to Jasmine. I know that I will get a lot of push back for what I am about to say but this is how a western educated and raised mind sees Jasmine’s actions to be justified. In NA and most European countries the bride can refuse to marry and leave the groom at the alter; groom’s family will object, as expected, but the bride’s family and the preacher will put an end to it as it is her and only her decision to get married.
    Also, let’s not forget that Jasmine and her family were already taken to the cleaner once before by Jass so what is wrong with Jasmine putting her marriage to Fateh on hold till Fateh gets a Canadian visa.
    3) Today’s episode was very good for a couple of reasons – Fateh opened his heart out to Tejo not as a Husband but as a friend and it was equally important that Tejo acted very sensibly and actually stood by her husband and find like a rock.
    4) What could be a reason to show consuming hard liquor in such a short period of time. Drinking like this is not good for your health and if the Indian regulations require that movies carry warnings for smoking then why is it that movies and TV shows do not carry a warning related to drinking.

    1. For your second observation
      I don’t think the Sandhu family is still angry with Kasmine because of the way she refused the marriage. Jasmine didn’t just refuse but she embarrassed the groom and his family.
      Jasmine never made it known that the wedding is postponed until Fateh gets his visa, she downright refused and also told him that he will never find a girl like her and that he’ll remain a bachelor. Jasmine made her family look so bad that they had to resort to fatejo’s wedding to save face

    2. And again she is selfish,Was he in love with fateh or the idea of fateh taking her to canada,she was very rude n even now she doesn’t accept her wrongs,but the time she wakes up she will have lost everyone

  8. @BONSILAS thanks for pointing that out to me. I was confusing the actual refusal to marry by Jasmine with Fateh’s imagination during the ceremony that Jasmine has come and stopped the marriage and was willing to wait a couple of month to see if Fateh gets a Canadian visa.

  9. A few more comments about last 2 episodes.
    Even though Jasmine did not physically appear in the 2 episodes, her presence in Fateh and Tejo minds is like a huge albatross lurking in the background waiting for an opportunity to pounce.
    Fathe and Tejo before they can move through various stages of getting close have to tame this negative presence. It is not a quick process or fight but a long arduous one that the 2 of them will have to pursue as a couple. I think that the process has already started. In today’s episode Fateh was drunk and let his guard down. As a result he got in Tejo’s lap and cried his heart out and through the whole sequence of events he did not blame Tejo once. During the whole episode his questions were like Why did Jasmine do this to me? I love Jasmine more than my own life (indicating that he would have done anything for her) then why did she leave me? You could tell that Fateh’s tears were erasing some scars on his heart and mind and making space for new memories. Tejo’s performance was rock solid and the last scene captured it all – Fateh sleeping peacefully and when Tejo tried to leave he held on to her hand and said something like “Tejo ji Jasmine tho mujhe chode kar chali gai per aap mujhe kabhi bhi chode ke na jana” and that my friends makes me believe that we are on the verge of seeing a very long and beautiful friendship between Tejo and Fateh.

    1. Well said I must say…. I think if things go like this… Not only friendship we will see live also btw them… But yes it is far away right now… Also fateh loves jasmine but deep down in his heart tejo also holds a very special place… How tensed he was when tejo went missing… Also he let his guard down only in front of tejo not any one else till now…. The sandhu family is not angry on jasmine for breaking her marriage only… They are angry on her as she said those rubbish things to tejo… And she is not even apologizing about it… In fact she is continuing her bad behaviour with tejo and her family…. Doesn’t matter if she cries when she is alone… That’s a good side of her… But the negative and bad… Actually not negative but egoistic and attitude is more dominant in her behaviour…. I just want she is able to fullfil her dream… And fateh and tejo become a lovely couple…. And love each other…. Fateh and tejo have more things in common and are best for each other.. Most importantly they understand each other… Jasmine did not understood fateh…

  10. @ Divyakshi you and I think alike. I do not know difference between Tejo’s and Jasmine’s ages but it appears that they must belong to same age group which means that either is more mature than other people her age or Jasmine is immature. I think it is both. Maybe life experiences in the past have allowed Tejo to become more mature and reponsible – an assumption on my part since we are given only glimpses of Tejo and Jasmine early days. Judging from comments of different people in Sandhu household it appears that Tejo has always been Jasmine’s protector and always trying to hide her mistakes. We saw a lot of instances in Jasmine and Fateh’s pre-wedding rituals where Jasmine was not bothered in participating in those events if they interfered with her appointments with hair dressers or spa so that she looked perfect for the wedding. I get it that people getting married want to look their best but you have to balance family events with personal tasks. Tejo and Fateh know her nature and were constantly reminding her of upcoming events and time. She almost always ignored them and did her own thing. Tejo had to apologize on her behalf on many occasions and in some instances Tejo actually had to step up because Jasmine had not shown up. I remember that during one of these events Nimmo and Sati’s elder sister were wondering as to if there was something brewing between Tejo and Fateh. They even suggested that Tejo may actually sit in the mandap instead of Jasmine and Tejo heard these comments upset her a lot. Jasmine is not only immature – she is very selfish which makes her act in a very irresponsibly at times. Do not know if people like Jasmine ever grow up to be a more mature and responsible adults. I think she will develope into a more negative person because she will start pushing all her friends and loved ones away because she will not take any responsibility.

    1. Exactly… tejo is older obviously… But the age difference is not much… Probably 3-4 years highest…. They both are sisters but completely different… Let’s see what happens in the story next… I just want fatejo to be together and the makers are stretching jasfa too much…. I mean it’s not at all interesting to see the flashback of fatehs memories…

  11. Currently the makers / writers as focusing on Fateh and Tejo but also keep showing FBs of Fateh and Jasmine moments. Right now I will give the writers benefit of doubt. So far they have kept the story moving at a brisk pace and the next few episodes are critical for the upcoming tracks. It is very important that the viewers get a very good understanding of anguish that Fateh and Tejo are experiencing as individuals and as a couple. How much Jasmine has been affected by her own actions is currently as she is in denial and refusing to take any responsibility. How she reacts to the fallout from her own actions is an unknown until such time that faces reality. As things are progressing right now it may take a while unless she gets a major shock (jhatka) from Fateh.

    1. Yes she will definitely get a shock… A good one… I really wanna see her face at that moment… Until now she has taken Fateh for granted… She knew he loved her… And she never really cared about it but now when Fateh is getting close to tejo… She knows that one day he will forget her… So she keeps reminding herself that Fateh loves her… And will now do stupid things to get Fateh back… Lets see what will Fateh do I hope he chooses tejo over jasmine and that too with love not with anger like last time

  12. Wow this was probably my fav episode

  13. Wow this is so good episode… Atlast fateh opened upon his feeling to tejo… I’m loving this did anyone see today’s precap in voot app how this jasmine can surely say that fateh lover her forever he is also a normal human being..she broke his heart but confidently saying that he’ll love her forever and then fatejo mended together and playing ps and i hope fateh should never pick her call that is good for both of them

  14. Malayalam Babe

    This is the best show on TV. It beats the rest. Better than Shakti which is the most pathetic show. The story ultimately is about Tejo and Fateh. Fateh will gradually fall in love with her and will soon forget about Jasmine. Jasmine will be upset that Fateh no longer loves her and will try to make Tejo leave him. Watch and see. In the end, Fateh will realize that Tejo is loyal and a good girl and he will not bother anymore with Jasmine. Remember that wish Jasmine and Tejo made on paper planes and when they threw them in the air Fateh got them? Jasmine wished to marry and go to Canada and Tejo wished that her sister’s wish would come true. Fateh said that Tejo’s wish seemed like it came from a good girl and one that he admired. Let’s see how it plays out, but in the end it will be Tejo that Fateh falls for.

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