Teri Laadli Mein 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yash Betrays Surendra

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Yash pushes Daadi away denying to give evidence in favor of Surendra. Bitti holds Daadi and stops her from falling on glass pieces. She then gives Yash a tight slap, and he falls on Daadi’s feet. She holds Yash’s hand and tries to take him away when Akshat stops her and says he will not let her take Yash away disobeying mom. Bitti signals to let her take Yash away, but Akshat drags her out and asks why is she trying to take Yash forcefully to give false evidence. Bitti signals that Yash has seen the whole incident and Surendra is innocent. Daadi says Bitti is right. Akshat says he is respecting her age, so he should leave from there. Bitti signals that she will not go without Yash. He challenges her that he will not let her take Yash with her. She challenges that she will free her papa from jail at any cost and walks away.

In police station, Surendra requests inspector to call his son Yash via his mobile as he will give evidence in his favor. Inspector says his son has switched off his phone. Bitti brings food for Surendra and gives it to constable. Constable gives him tiffin saying his son didn’t come, but food came from his house. Surendra keeps it aside saying he will have food only after Yash gives evidence in his favor and frees him. Bitti returns home, videocalls Yash and shows him his childhood pics with Surendra and Surendra’s immense love and trust on him. Vaishali walks in and Yash disconnects call. She tells Yash that he betrayed her daughter with fake paintaings and shouldn’t betray again b y giving evidence in his father’s favor.

Bitti goes to temple, prays for Surendra, and does parikrama. Daadi and Urmila watch silently worried for her. After pooja, they reach court and see Askhat, Vaishali, Supriya and Sakshi coming there. Yash also comes out of car. Sakshi fumes why did he bring Yash. Akshat says to get truth out and asks Yash to tell whatever he saw. Daadi emotionally runs and hugs Yash and says she knew her lalla will come to save his papa. Inspector brings Surendra. Surendra gets happy seeing him, says this is called blood relationship, and asks Yash to tell truth to everyone. Court hearing starts. Judge walks in. Yash reminisces Vaishali’s warning not to falsely support his father and Akshat’s words to tell truth. He acts as feeling dizzy and falling down. Akshat worried for him say he will take him to doc. Sakshi stops him. Yash says he will go to doctor with driver and walks away with driver’s help. Pratap’s lawyer starts allegations against Surendra. Surendra asks judge to call Yash as he saw everything. Daadi goes to bring Yash. Yash orders driver to bring car and switch on full AC and walks towards car. Bitti calls Yash, but he ignores it and walks away. Vaishali assures Supriya that hearing will be in their favor and Surendra will go to jail.

Daadi follows Yash and sees him getting into car and asking driver to take him to a good restaurant. She stands shattered. Bitti walks to her and takes her back to court hearing. Judge announces that there is no strong evidence against Surendra, so he will be sent under police remand for 15 days. Surendra resists and asks Urmila why didn’t Yash come to give evidence. Inspector says even he wants to know why his son didn’t come, if he is real or step father that his son didn’t even bother about him. Daadi, Bitti, and Urmila return home. Neighbors badmouth about them.

Precap: Bitti confronts neighbors for insulting Daadi and Urmila. Neighbors ask why is she supporting them as if she is their family member.
Daadi says Bitti is her granddaughter.

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  1. Good for you surendra…you never accepted ur own daughter so its good in a way ur own son b etrayed you.jo boya wahi paya.Akshat is so dumb n blind now

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