Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mayura takes Tara to a school

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tara comes to the kitchen and says wow. Mayura tells her that she made all her favorite items in breakfast. She asks her to go and sit outside. She will bring to her soon. She gets a call from her father. She goes on a side to talk. Omkar’s mother mixes something in Mayura’s tea. She gets happy seeing Mayura drinking it and says now will be fun.

Everyone is at breakfast. Tara says both mumma and papa will feed her. Omkar says he has always been feeding her. Tara says now her mumma is back. Omkar and Mayura forward spoon together. Tara moves back and tells them to feed each other. They hesitate, but do it. Mayura feels like having a headache. She feels it might be due to lack of sleep. Tara gives her water and asks whether she wants a massage. Mayura says she’s fine, but still Tara gives a massage. Omkar tells his mother, it seems medicine effect started. His mother tells him that this is just a start.

Ladies come home to take report. Tara says she’s enjoying her stay with Mayura and also informs that she’s going to take her to school. Mayura brings water and snacks. Omkar’s mother pushes the snacks plate saying there is a cockroach. She acts crazy. Omkar understands that instead Mayura, his mother ate that medicine. It’s shown in flashback that Mayura saw mummy ji near kitchen and didn’t drink tea. Omkar’s mother continues acting crazy. Mayura asks Omkar he didn’t do her treatment? Ladies tell Omkar is this the environment he’s raising Tara in? He says his mother is absolutely fine, it seems someone mixed something in her food. They give him last warning and leave. Mayura reminds Omkar that she’s a doctor. Omkar asks how dare her to feed that medicine to his mother. She says she made a mistake, she should have instead given it to him, so those ladies could make decision in her favor. But she’s not like her that she would cheat. She warns him if he does this again, then she won’t stay quiet.

Omkar brings Kada / juice to his mother saying she’ll feel better. He says he almost lost Tara because of her. She says she didn’t know Tara would figure out her plan. He says tomorrow Mayura is taking Tara to a school. Other kids there might have diseases, he cannot let Mayura take Tara to school. She asks how they will stop. He says they’ll have to do something, so Tara herself says she doesn’t want to stay with Mayura.

Mayura shows school photos to Tara. Tara is excited. Mayura prepares Tara for interview. Omkar comes with a teddy saying look whose here. Tara’s new friend. He says there are more gifts outside. Tara asks Mayura whether she can go, she will study later on. Omkar says why she would say no, you’re so happy. Mayura asks her to come back soon.

Omkar and his mother play game with Tara. Omkar’s mother cheats in a game. Omkar says she’ll get a punishment like teachers give punishment in school. They also say classmates make fun of others. Tara gets scared. Mayura comes and says what nonsense they’re telling to Tara. Tara says she doesn’t want to go to school. Mayura says school is not like that, it’s a very good place. Omkar’s father tries to motivate Tara to go to school, but she still refuses. Omkar says if she doesn’t want to go, then no one will force her. He asks his mother to take Tara inside.

Omkar tells Mayura that she can never take Tara away from him. She tells him that she’s spoiling Tara’s life. It’s important for her to go to school. He says he won’t let society’s bad sight come on Tara. Tara will study, but at home. She says he’s taking away Tara’s childhood from her. He says this is why he didn’t want her to come close to Tara.

Mayura talks with her mother and Dadi and asks what she can do. From their conversation, she gets an idea. Next morning, Tara is having breakfast with Omkar. Tara asks where is mumma.. she didn’t even say her good morning. Mayura and Omkar’s dad come there in school uniform. Tara asks why they are dressed up like that. Mayura tells her that she doesn’t want to go to school, so she thought to take her grandpa. Tara asks Omkar to tell them that school is not a good place. He tells her to let them go and experience. They’ll play games at home. Mayura shows off her water bottle, backpack, etc. Omkar tells Tara not to pay attention to her. Mayura starts walking. Tara asks her to wait, she also wants to go to school with her. Mayura hugs her. Mayura tells her to get ready fast. A servant takes Tara. Mayura goes to Omkar and says one drama he did, one drama she did. She tells him to get used to losing. When it’s about Tara, her mother will do everything that’s possible. Tara comes back. Mayura and Tara leave to go to school.

Omkar is furious. He says enough of Mayura. He’ll have to bring old Omkar back.

Tara is at Mayura’s home. She cuts a welcome cake. She says she never cut a cake with her friends before. Mayura says from now on, she will cut cakes with her friends only. She feeds cake to her friends. Mayura says that she didn’t think Tara would make these many friends on first day. Akhilesh says, she’s your daughter, she knows how to win others heart. Tara asks Mayura when papa will come.

A guy comes to Omkar and says all arrangements are done and police is informed as well. His mother asks him what he is planning to do, what arrangement? He says arrangements to separate Tara from Mayura.

Precap: Mayura gets dizzy and falls in middle of road. Omkar takes Tara and leaves. A lady (new entry) rescues Mayura. She advices her to make her beauty her weapon. Mayura does her photoshoot.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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