Teri Laadli Mein 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Akshat Teaches Sakshi A Lesson

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Sakshi continues insulting Bitti and Siddhi and says they don’t have standards to stand in front of her, so they should be in their limits. Richa asks her to stop now. Sakshi asks her not to interfere. Akshat signals Richa to stop and starts car, but it doesn’t. He checks engine looking at Bitti and tells Sakshi that its not starting, so they may have to take cab or auto. Sakshi asks to call mechanic. He says he can’t so soon. Siddhi walks to her and says she should share auto with her, they can know each other’s status. Sakshi gets into car shouting shut up, illiterate behanji. Bitti stops Siddhi and takes her along saying Akshat was just acting as she feels car was fine. Akshat starts car. Sakshi asks how did it start now. He says he tried his best and winks at Richa. Siddhi suggests Bitti not to fall for rich boys as they are poisonous, they will be sweet at first and then betray.

Gowri returns home. Daadi asks her where she had been. Gowri says she had been to tuition. Daadi yells at her and says she will ask Surendra to get her married soon as neighbor’s daughter eloped. Urmila asks her not to inform Surendra about it. Surendra returns home. Daadi informs her him about neighbor’s daughter eloping and asks him to find a boy and get Gowri married soon. Surendra says he will, but first he is going out as boss has called him and he may get a good news today. Bitti enters. He stops and frowns. Daadi yells at Bitti that she spoilt Surendra’s mood. Surendra leaves. Gowri asks Bitti to come in as papa left and only dayan daadi is present. Daadi continues yelling at Gowri. Urmila requests Daadi to find alliance for even Bitti. Daadi yells that Bitti is a curse on them and she will not do anything for Bitti. Bitti gets sad hearing that.

Supriya serves coffee to Vaishali and Pratap while enjoying coffee says Akshat and Sakshi’s preferences are different, Sakhshi likes black coffee and Akshat milk coffee. Sakshi enters fuming and hugs Vaishali crying. Vaishali asks where are her shopping bags. Sakshi says she couldn’t fine a single proper dress and will shop in Mumbai next week, she complains that Akshat doesn’t love the way Vishali loves her and he insulted her in front of illiterate poor girls. Akshat says he was just stopping her from insulting poor girls. Surendra enters. Vaishali gives him catering contract for tomorrow for 50 people and arrangements for bhoomi pooja via Sakshi. Surendra says he will manage everything. Pratap says he will get more orders from their house if he does good job and offers him 20000 rs advance. Surendra leaves happily thanking him. Sakshi asks why did they give catering contract to unhygienic and poor man. Supriya stops her, and she walks away fuming. Supriya tells Vaishali that she spoilt Sakhi via her pampering.

At home, Bitti shows Siddhi’s gifted dress to Urmila. Urmila gets happy and hides dress when Amma walks to them yelling to serve food. Amma yells at them both. Surendra returns home and informs amma about catering contract. Amma happily takes money from him and blesses him. She yells at Gowri that she will be married soon if god blesses them like this and yells at Urmila to start tomorrow’s catering preparation and to take Bitti’s help.

Vaishali walks to Akshat and says she knows he is not yet ready for marriage, but he needs to marry Sakshi in the future as they took a lot of favors from Pratap and its the best way to repay him, etc. Akshat sits silently listening to her.

Precap: Vaishali tries to put necklace in Sakhi’s neck in front of god’s idol when it slips and flies and falls in Bitti’s neck.

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