Shaadi Mubarak 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeti confesses love to KT

Shaadi Mubarak 28th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum and KT singing Shehnai…. They dance. Everyone claps for KT’s team. KT says its your team now. Preeti asks Shivraj to sing. Shivraj sings Shava shava…. Everyone dances. KT says dad is still romantic. KT sings Bachna aye haseeno….. He dances with Kusum and Kushala. KT asks Preeti to sing now. Preeti gets tensed. She says this song is my feeling. KT smiles. Kusum asks what is she going to say. KT says I don’t know. Preeti sings Tujh mein rab dikhta hai….

KT likes the song. Preeti gets emotional and comes to sit near KT. Kusum goes aside. Preeti holds KT’s hand. KT looks at her. Kusum thinks they are just keep staring, they need my tadka. She goes. Everyone claps. Kusum removes the fuse. Kushala asks what happened to the lights. KT says I will check the fuse box. Priyanka says Preeti took a bold step to confess in front of everyone, our journey started together, she fell in love and even I fell in love, she was 45 and I was 24, I wish she gets her true love, one gets true love with difficulty. Neil thinks what am I doing, I also truly love Priyanka, why am I lying to her.

Preeti gets a candle for KT. KT says you scared me. Preeti does shayari to express her feelings. She says we got married in a different situation, we became business partners, then friends and husband and wife, then I fell in love for the first time, I realized this when you came close to me to make Nandini jealous, I liked staying with you. KT is shocked. Preeti says I know you are different, don’t know when I fell for you, I love you. She says maybe I don’t know to confess love, but the strength of your love forced me to learn it, I know you will be shocked, but its my feelings, I accept your answer, tell me, I love you, I don’t want to get you, I wanted to tell you since many days. Yeh moh moh….plays…. She goes to Kusum and says I have told KT, did I make a mistake, if he gets upset, I m worried. Kusum says look at yourself, you got a chance in life, I wish KT loves you a lot.

KT sits on a bench. He recalls Preeti. Preeti comes back. She asks can I sit. He asks her to sit. She says I know you don’t love me, you told that we can’t have love between us, I respect your feelings, don’t run away from me, you tell me what’s in your heart, I won’t feel bad. He asks her not to cry. Kids ask them not to disturb their game. KT says sorry. They play dumb charades. KT asks them to give him one chance.

Kids try to guess. Preeti looks on and guesses. She says I love you. KT smiles and says yes, I love you. Kids clap. Preeti says but there is no such film. KT says there is a film. She asks who is the hero and heroine. He says KT is the hero and you are the heroine. She asks what do you mean. He signs I love you. She asks you mean you love me. Adha ishq……plays…..

Preeti says I got my love, you gave me much happiness, I m scared that I can lose it. KT says don’t worry, I will do anything for your happiness. Kushala asks Preeti to dedicate herself to KT. KT hears their talk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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