Teri Laadli Mein 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yash Meets Blackmailer

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Akshat gets concerned seeing Bitti’s duppata near gas stove while she is busy cooking. He runs to her and pulls her dupatta away from gas stove. she slips. He holds her. Their eyes meet. Naina Thaglenge…song plays in the background. He scolds her to work carefully, then says company doesn’t have waste money to spend on her. He gets Vaishali’s call that they should visit Surendra’s lawyer to bribe him not to fight his case. Bitti also gets Urmila’s call that they need to visit lawyer.

In police station, constable offers his daughter’s birthday sweets to everyone. Surendra comments that one should only celebrate son’s birthday as sons are born as boon and daughters as curse, sons will take care of them while daughter will ruin their lives, etc. Constable offers him cake and says he cannot believe that there are still people like him with such a cheap thinking, boys are born with fate and girls are born with good fate, the son about whom he is boasting about didn’t even come to see him once while his daughter comes at least 4 times a day to check on him, he is so unlucky to have such a cheap thinking, etc.

Urmila with Bitti enters lawyer’s office and hears Vaishali bribing lawyer and ordering him to back off from Surendra’s case and make sure Surendra is punished rigorously for harming Pratap. She confronts that rich people like her can buy anything they want with money and stoop so low for their benefit. Vaishali says she should not talk about morales as her family betrayed them, her son tricked Richa and married her, etc. Urmila says she should not punish father for son’s sins and should find out truth from Yash as only he knows that Surendra is innocent. At home, Yash gets ready for office thinking he shouldn’t bother about blackmailer’s messages. Blackmailer sends him video where he pushes Pratap from building and messages to meet him. Yash thinks he will not fall for blackmailer’s tricks and then thinks what if he shows video to everyone.

Vaishali says its proved that Surendra pushed Pratap and Yash is hiding truth to protect his father. She orders lawyer to tell Urmila that he is backing off from case. Urmila pleads lawyer that she brought 50% fees and pleads not to back off from case. Lawyer says he cannot take her case. Urmila pleads Vaishali not to bribe lawyer. Vaishali says she will fail her chances of saving Surendra and get justice to Pratap. Bitti requests Akshat. Urmila stops her and walks away telling Vaishali that she is doing wrong. Vaishali says she is doing right and will get Surendra punished for sure.

TYash walks to Akshat’s cabin and asks peon if Akshat didn’t come to office yet. Peon says Akshat will come late. Yash sits on Akshat’s chair thinking he will takeover it soon. Blackmailer calls him and warns to stop ignoring him or else he will send him to jail, he should come and meet him outside office soon. Yash gets tensed.

Bitti returns home and sadly reminisces Vaishali’s words. Daadi asks her not to get disappointed as they still have 5 days left, they should trust god. She feeds sugarcane juice to Bitti. Gauri enters and surprised seeing that asks if she is really seeing Bitti and Daadi together. Urmila says she already informed her over phone. Gauri asks Daadi if she really accepted Bitti. Daadi asks if she should tear her chest and show her love for Bitti. Gauri hugs Bitti and says she is happy for her that her childhood wish is fulfilled. She asks Daadi to give even her some gift. Daadi acts as scolding her and asks her to sit. Akshat returns home and reminisces his love for Bitti. Naina Thaklenge..song plays in the background. He thinks why he feels Bitti is right, he should hate her instead.

Yash waits for the blackmailer at his said spot. Blackmailer enters. Yash is surprise to identify him. Daadi gives gift to Gauri and says she realized that her granddaughters are her real assets, She hopes Surendra is out of jail soon. Gauri says her husband is worried for papa after speaking to him. Daadi asks when did he meet Surendra. Gauri says he had come that day to seek money from Surendra and was looking happy after returning home and told he arranged money, so she thought he met papa. Daadi asks to forget about it and have food with them. Bitti remembers Gauri’s words and thinks something is wrong.

Precap: Blackmailer demands 5 lakhs from Yash. Yash demands 5 lakhs from Sakshi next and threatens to give evidence in Surendra’s favor if she doesn’t. Bitti throws a ball with note in front of Richa. Akshat picks it.

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  1. So far I like this show….I love bitti’s character n good to know dadi accepted her…poor thing suffered so much. Surendra needs to come to his senses and Akshat has to trust bitti please!!

    1. Absolutely,Bitti is going through so much for her family n the father is worse to her.

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