Santoshi Maa 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati performs Paath Prayers of Mata Santoshi for Child’s well-being.

Santoshi Maa 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati reading Paath of Santoshi Mata in front of her Photo early morning & praying her to look after her son which in her hands now. Swati remembers expressing to Mata about those incidences that how she got involved in Mata Santoshi’s devotion since childhood who always took care of her & now too takes care of handling trouble whichever comes in her way. Mata also says that I’ll always be with you like I was from your childhood which was gifted devotee to me in your form since you were the child. Swati prays Mata that now it’s your responsibility to take care of my child too like took of me since I was a child & Mata smiles accordingly.
Indresh’s mother & Lovely come to see what Swati is doing & Swati’s mother in law asks her that how come so early you woke up & she tells her today is the day of receiving reports & also thought to take blessings of Mata for my child hence got up & she too prays Mata but advises if she can stop this prayers of Mata from some days due to pregnancy but Swati tells her nothing will happen as devotion has great powers to handle these kind of things.
Devi Polomi complains Mata Santoshi that why is it that I can’t do anything wrong against you or has some tricks being played with me of stopping my powers to do this but Mata asks her why you want to do anything wrong against me & she tells her that it’s my quality of behaviour due to an Asoor daughter hence if I do not do such things I become restless. Mata explains her that’s why Prabhu Mahadev had taken our test to know the actual truth of the person how calm he or she is. Devi Polomi says that I know Prabhu Mahadev must be partial towards you but if any person isn’t attracted with my powers then I create troublesome life for that person. Mata Santoshi prays Prabhu Mahadev who smiles on her prayers while Devi Polomi leaves.
Swati wakes Indresh telling him to get ready soon due to program to begin of Pinky & also to know about the reports hence he immediately wakes accordingly.
Singhasan asks his wife about Swati & she tells him she is waking Indresh while he shouts her why you are allowing her to do up & down but she tells him she did prayers of Mata Santoshi & also she has fast for child’s well-being but he again shouts her saying that I do not like all this only she should rest properly & tells her to bring tea but Laila brings & Indresh’s mother gets bugged on her. After drinking sip of tea Singhasan spills out curing & insulting Laila & tells his wife to bring & she goes to bring tea happily. Lovely jokes about Laila while Laila feels very insulted & promises herself of taking revenge of the same once of all insults later in the day.
Indresh is going along with Swati to hospital to receive reports but his father tells him to let them deliver here but he instead says that we’ll get to talk also about it while Laila is worrying about the reports if doctor might tell them the truth. Indresh while going gets a call of hospital which is received by his uncle & the nurse tells him to give it to Swati Singh or her husband & Indresh takes the call but after hearing he falls in confusion while all are asking him what happened but he is silent.

Precap: Devesh is taking round of fire along with Pinky but watching Swati who also steers him. Swati is praying Mata Santoshi for securing her family while Devi Polomi emerges to create trouble but Mata Santoshi also comes to inform her that my devotee will never lose inspite you trying all sorts of tricky plans but Devi Polomi assures Mata that your devotee will definitely lose this time.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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