Teri fariyaad (episode 22)

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Next day
As always raglak and dev ansh were having breakfast happily cracking jokes and making fun of each other

When doorbell ring
Swara who was reading some reports sitting on couch got up and opened the door there she saw
A delivery boy standing holding a courier (no sanskar ??)

She signed on the sheet and took it from him saying a sweet thank you

Ragini shouting – dii who was it ??

Swara – courier boy

She opened the letter with confused face as to who in this century sends letter but shrugging her all thoughts she started to read it

” My life was not the same before I met you. I was someone else you know. You gave me your smile; you gave me a reason to live. And, life has never been the same again. I still remember the day when I first saw you. That first glance and I was out. You had an amazing effect on me. It was like love at first sight for me, which came true with time.If you understand my language of love, you would also understand my emotions and feelings. I love you and will love you till the end of time. You mean the world to me. It’s everywhere that you I can see. My jaan be as you are simple and wise, your love gives me the power to suffice. I love you! ”

Her whole world turned upside down reading the letter she knew who it was only he use to call her jaan yes her SANSKAR but the question was how did he knew about them being living here …………….. but then something strikes her mind how can she forget that he himself told her his true identity a DON what he actually was she still remember each and ever sec of that day when he revealed his identity to her and why not it was the most shocking truth of her life


Swara – sanskar where are you taking me I am tired of walking please tell na

Sanskar – just few min more

As they walked between the dense green jungle crossing the tall trees
While swara was holding his hand tight due to fear which she was hardly be able to control

Finally they stood infront of a old damaged palace which nevertheless look like a haunted place

Swara gasped seeing it and tighten her grip more on sanskar hand

Sanskar looked at her tended face and said calmly – jaan do you believe me

Swara just nodded without looking him she was too scared to reply that time

Both entered inside holding each others hand

The sight in front of her made her shock to the core it was a huge hall filled with diff types of weapons
On her left side there was preparation for practicing shooting and on her left it was for boxing

She looked at sanskar with blank face seeking him to answer her unsaid questions

Sanskar understood what all is going on her mind he knew it is hard for her to digest this thing fast but he has to tell her before she comes to know from some stranger which will hurt her more so he took this step and there is no way of backing off

He gently hold her and and led her to a small cabin in middle of room and made her to sit on a chair and he himself kneels in front of her taking her both hands in his

Sanskar – jaan I know you will feel betrayed after knowing who I am but it’s imp for you to know

He sighed looking at her face which held nothing but hurt

Sanskar – I am the only person whom this whole world think threat to them ( he closed his eyes while a tear escape his eye) I am Don

Swara looked at him shocked she felt vulnerable at that time she don’t knew how to react after hearing the most worst confession she would have ever thought in her dream also

Seeing her pulling her hands out from his he felt like someone stabbed him directly in his heart the fear which he held in his heart was coming true

Sanskar in mind – she is leaving she is …… like others

He made himself strong and his heart of stone and stood up from his place facing his back to her

Sanskar – swara you are not bounded if you wants to leave you are allowed
Only he knew how hard it was for him to speak these words but……..

His chain of thoughts stoped when he felt two soft hand around his waist and some wait on his back he very well knew who it is but what shocked him was to hear her sobbing ……… he immediately turned and cupped her face wiping off all the tears

Sanskar – jaan what happened please don’t cry

Swara in broken voice – how can you think that I will leave you after hearing this

Sanskar – matlb

Swara dipped all her tears and looked at him sternly – idiot I was upset becoz you didn’t tell me this before instead kept it hideing from me all these days

Sanskar instantly hugged her without letting her speak further
They stood there for few min feeling each other when swara broke the big and started beating him on his chest

He tried to stop her but seeing his all tries in wain he caught hold of her hands and pulled her on himself
Sanskar – why this so sudden

Swara glared him – how can you ask me to leave without fighting huh….idiot

Sanskar chuckled listening her and again pulled her in a bone crushing hug

Flashback ends

Swara stood there lost in thoughts when she found some one pulling her dupatta She looked down and saw ansh holding it

She quickly made her presentable hiding the letter in one of her file she took ansh in her lap

Swara – what happened dear

Ansh puppy eyes – mama you also come with us to mall please

Swara wanted to melt instantly seeing his cute irresistible expression but other fact was that if she agreed than she will remember HIM in every sec which she don’t want to at least not know

Swara – baby you go today with massi I have some imp work we will
go some other time

Ansh nodded disappointed but



Dev appeared suddenly shouting

Dev – oye hoye what are you doing here you amul baby come we are getting late

Ansh pouts listening him – I am not any amul baby

Dev laughing – ya ya you are not amul baby but cry baby
He ran from there laughing

Ansh – ma see he always tease me

Swara smiled and kisses his fore head – when he will come back I will scold him ok

Ansh immediately – no no he will feel bad

Swara smiled and adored this innocent soul

Swara – acha now go all are waiting for you outside
Laksh and dev ansh were sitting there with a pout seeing ragini who was busy selecting clothes

Dev whispering – chachu why these girls take so much time to select cloths

Laksh – ary yaar ye to mai bhi aaj tak samajh nahi paya

Dev – chachu bhai I will tell massi what you all are saying her

Ansh – aby chup ( mimicking) I will tell massi

Laksh – stop fighting you both look ragini is coming

Trio looked at each other and then at ragini who was looking all frustrated

Ragini – idiots don’t know how to deal with customers also

Laksh sweetly – princess what happened

Ragini angrily – nothing come we will go to some other shop

Laksh ansh fainted there only listening her

Ragini looked at them angrily while dev hit his head with his hand murmuring – they are gone now

Ragini controlling her anger held dev hands and took him from there glaring lakansh for final time

As she disappeared from there both slightly opened there eyes and when found her not there they both get up and gave hifi to each other

Ansh grinning widely – finally we got free from her torturers

Laksh smiling – you are great buddy what a idea join me too as your student

Ansh smiling proudly pulled his collar up – you know born actor but I will teach you my skills

Laksh tickling him – acha bacchu born actor

Both laughed whole heartedly

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