Ishqbaazi ff by Rena (Part-5)

Rena again with an episode and thankyou all for your comments hope you like it
Oberoi mansion hall

Everyone are present
Rudr: dadi i have to go to london for a project for a week and is criying
Shivaay: its okay rudr its your first project
Rudr : no i don’t want to go i want to visit london simply and see hot girls but i don’t want project
Everyone gives him an impossible look
OM: saumya don’t you have project
Saumya : yes bhaiya but i can do it frm here and no need to go to london
Shivaay : don’t cry rudr
Tia : universe yahi chahti hoga rudr you should go to london i can provide you a reikhi
Rudr in irritated tune : lady baba you and your universe and reikhi keep it with yourself

Om : calm down rudr
Rohan : guyz lets to do a party to cheer rudr
Rudr: ok i like that idea rohan bhaiya ur awsome
Anika: yes rudr he is alwaays awsome and lifesaver he always helped me
Shivaay glares at anika and anika and rohan keep looking eachother
Rudr : you both are so cute
Dadi: hmm okay do party but we wont be there we have a function and you youngsters enjoy
Shivaay: okay dadi
And the elders leave
Pinky : tia take care

Tia: okay pinks mom
Night oberoi mansion
Pool area everyone came except anika and rohan
Shivaay : anika and rohan is always late they will be simply talking like they have met after 10 years
Om: shivaay are you okay

Just then anika arrives in a beautiful gown with hair loose and curled at the end
She looks beautiful
Shivaay was starting her with his mouth open
Rudr: bhabi you look dashing
Rohan also arrives and side hugs anika
Shivaay pov why do he always side hug her cant they just ingnore themselves ?
saumya : beautiful dress bhabi
Anika: credit goes to rohan he gifted me this dress
Rohan : you always look beautiful jaan
Anika : not as much as you my jaaaan

Shivaay was shocked to hear anika calling rohan jaaan omru look at shivaay
Shivaay pov: she called him jaaan hiw can she call him when i am here she praises him a alot
She don’t even look me even i am handsome
Rudr : shivaay bhaiya
Shivaay :…

Omru : billuji
Shivaay : what and don’t call me that.
Rudr: not fair anika bhabi can call you but we cant
Shivaay : its not loke that and changrs the topic lets start the party
Suddenly a voice came frm behind shivaay baby party without me yes it is tia
Rudr : lo aagaya lady baba
Rudr : universe yahi chahti hi ki ham tumhare bina party start karo
Shivaay : rudr
Rohan : let’s start party yaar
Tia : shivaay why did anika came in party
Rohan : shut up tia don’t even dare to start your drama of blaming anika if you start you wont be there in this universe
Tia kept quite and anika smiled

Shivaay : anika i am sorry
Anika: wah you know how to say sorry
Shivaay : did you forgive me
Anika: no shivaay i did not forgive you and you don’t need to ask sorry to a middle class women
Tia: shivaay baby
Rohan : tia what did i told u
Shivaay: don’t shout at her
Tia : shivaay baby
Everyone except shivaay gets irritated

Rudr : don’t u have eyes tia cant you see he is not a baby
Anika : why are you always calling him baby baby its true that shivaay don’t have so much hight but he is higher than sahil
Shivaay : i am not so small
Om: oh really shivaay soory shivaay baby
Anika : ur small and a mental person
Shivaay : ur mental anika
Anika : getlost you idiot stupid shivaay ur really aaa….. monkey donkey
Shivaay : what the wack
stop it guyz shouted a voive it was om
I know that i am only the sensible person it foes not mean you can always talk rubbish
Rudr: you zulfi sing oberoi you don’t talk you only know to make sculpture and say shahyaari that no one can understand.
Om: shut up rudr

They starts fighting and om runs behind rudr rudr i won’t spare you
Rudr pull om into pool splash om was all watery
Rudr was laughing
Om: rudr ki bachhe i will kill you idiot
Rudr: om don’t play with me now you knowthe results for messing with the handsome rudy
Splash! saumya pulls rudr into the pool om starts laughing

Soumya: dont mess with my brother
Then shivaay pull saumya priyanka pull shivaay tia pulls prianka and rohan pulls tia and rohan anika pulls eachother and both lands in the water they have a pool party atlast they all came out tia was complainin no one listened to her
Oustside the om there was campfire atlast they all wad warming themselves anika looked dashing and shivaay is just staring her and anika is talkin with rohan
Rudr lets do couple dane.
Everyone ok except om and prianka
Atlast they agree rudr says we will only give you all 3 min you have to prepare a dance

Shivaay : i and anika is a couple right
Anika : no you dance with your tia i and rohan are couple
Everyone danced when rohan and anika danced shivaay was irked he just plucking the glowers nearby controlling thier anger and they all went to watch a movie but all slept there in the half of the movie
Morning shivaay wakesup and find anika sleeping in rohans chest
Shivaay just pushed rohan aside and they both wakeup and ask what
And they wake up everyone
They all came one by one in staircase tia saw pinky and acted like falling and shivaay cathes her
Pinky oh my mata tia are you okay

Tia: pinks mom anika pulled me
Omru were behind anika and they knew she did not push her
Pinky: today i won’t leave her
Pinky drags her
Anika shouts leave me( rohan has went outside)
Om: we saw anika did not do anything
Shivaay : if om says then i trust him
Anika is hurt becz shivaay did not trust her
Pinky : today i won’t hear anyone’s opinion and pinky slaps anika and tia also slaps her anika was shocked
Anika: stop it don’t you dare touch me one more time

Shivaay : shouted tia.. angrily
Then many members arrive at oberoi mansion
Tej : Raizadaz
Shivaay : what nade papa and turn and find raizadaas standing along with rohan
Tej : they are the worlds biggest business mans and they have company all over the world
Shivaay : its pleasure to meet you all here
A young man just enterd the hall ina anger and straightly went to tia and slapped her it is arnav sing raizada
Arnav : how dare you beat my sister and looks at anika everyone was shocked
A man said calm down beta

It is avinash raizaada his papa
Arnav : no papa i won’t spare her
And arnav hugs anika and anika looks at rohan and nods yes
….. i hope you all like it

Precap: kapoors ruined

plz comment and suggest if there is a problem so it is rena signing of bye bye

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