Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-19

Hello friends, here is the next chapter. The chapter is quite long so, i will be posting it in two parts. here you go


A day with Omkara

It is a chilly breezy Sunday. Ishanya was getting bored in her room. So, she came down of her apartments for a walk. She was walking in the garden of her society when she got a phone call from Shivaay.

“Hello, Shivaay.” She told in the phone.

“Hi Ishanya, what’s up??” He asked.

“Sky.” She replied nonchalantly.

“Very funny, ha! I was asking what you are doing.” He said to her.

“Walking, in the garden. Thinking about the lunch offer which you took back” She replied smiling.

“Hey, I didn’t take it back, it’s still on but had to post-pone to the next week as I have to go to pune to attend a meeting. I did tell you na?!” He said explaining her.

“Chill Shivaay!! I was just joking.” She said laughing.

“But I don’t understand, what is the need to work on Sunday?? Can’t you schedule it to some other working day?” She asked Shivaay

“No, It is urgent or else I wouldn’t have postponed the lunch plan. It has to settle today.” He replied and asked, “Hadn’t you worked on Sunday’s when there is an emergency?”

“No, Never. Not even when the short-circuit happened. I work to earn and earn to live not to become a money making machine. If loss comes, let it be. But I don’t change my way of working.” She replied.

‘I need to learn a lot from you.’ Shivaay said to himself.

“Yeah, we have different work styles. You can’t manage mine and I can’t manage yours. Bye for now, I need to drive.” He replied.

“Ok, then. You drive safe. Bye.” She said finishing the call.

Ishanya was feeling bored and thought of roaming the city. She first went to Gate way of India and then to Marine drive she was walking on the beach side when she spotted Omkara. She got surprised and went near him and saw him completely lost in making the painting of the city which is other side to the beach. She observed him while he was painting, ‘he looks more intense with the glasses on’. She thought to herself.

Omkara noticed her gaze on him and smiled broadly seeing her. He waved her hi and signed her to come towards him. She went and stood beside him while he gave finishing touches to his painting.

“Nice painting.” Said Ishanya looking at the painting.

“Thanks.” He replied smiling at her and wiped his hands on the cloth.

“Let’s sit” he said pointing to the sitting area. They both sat there looking at the sky, water and birds.

“You are more interested in painting nature than others like modern arts and portraits, right?” She asked remembering his paintings she saw while looking at him.

“Yes, I do. It is the nature which is truthful, which modern art lacks. I rarely paint people or their portraits as I feel they are full of lies.” He replied to her.

“There you go again! Whenever we meet you bring the topic of truths and lies mostly!!” She said surprising Omkara.

“What’s your problem with lies, man!!?” Ishanya exclaimed.

“Yeah, now that I think you are right we talked mostly about this topic only not about ourselves, so surprising!!” He said to her.

“That’s because, your mind is always filled with this only!!” Said Ishanya pointing him. “May be.” He replied lost in thoughts.

“Ok, Let’s end this once and for all. Why do you have problem with lies?” She asked and continued when she saw him frown in confusion.

“I mean, it’s fine if you don’t want to lie but why do you ponder over the lies which others tell? Why do you let that affect you?” She asked elaborately.

“Ofcourse, it affects me because they are lieing to me.” He replied not getting the point of Ishanya’s question.

“So, you can see through their lies, then what’s the problem? You are trying to be truthful and you can even see through the lies others tell you. It should be enough for you. Why do you want to control others? What ever they are doing or telling to others, why do you bother? Why do you care?” Ishanya explained to Omkara.

“Why do you want to control things, which are not in your hands? Isn’t it wrong?” She asked trying make sense to him.

“You are right. But what about the feeling of sadness when you know that someone close to you is lieing to you!! How can you term it wrong?” Asked Omkara emotionally remembering the time of childhood when his mother used to lie him that she is happy when he can clearly see she isn’t. The time, which is the root cause of his conflict.

“When did I tell you that feeling sad is wrong? Infact I totally believe that no emotion is wrong.” She said to him she continued while he frowned.

“Really not even jealousy, angst and hate.” She said surprising him.

“What are you saying? How can feeling jealous be not wrong?” He asked her in confusion.

“Because they are feelings, emotions, Omkara. They aren’t in anyone’s hands. They just happen then why blame anyone?” She said to Omkara.

“The actions which we commit to fulfill are the ones that should be judged. If we hurt someone in our anger, it is wrong. But when we just mourn in our room in anger, what’s wrong in it?” She said explaining to Omkara.

“Feelings will never be in our hands so we should not try to control them. But our actions are completely in our hands. So, it’s OUR actions, which we can control.” Ishanya said to Omkara while he stared at her in awe.

When Ishanya noticed it she waved her hand infront of him and asked ‘what?’ by rising her eye brows.

He just smiled and nodded in no still staring at her and said, “How do you make all this so simple?” He asked in awe of her.

“Because they are simple. It’s us who complicate things.” She said nonchalantly while Omkara was still staring her.

“Stop staring.” Ishanya snapped at Omkara, then he averted his eyes but the smile was still on his lips.

“God!! It’s getting hot here. What’s the time now?” Ishanya wandered out loud and checked her watch to see it’s already noon.

“It’s already noon!!” Said Omkara and looked around to see no crowd at all.

“Lost the track of time while talking to you” They both said in unison and laughed while they stood up.

“I am feeling a lot of hungry. Don’t you?” He asked Ishanya.

“Yeah, me too.” She replied.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go to lunch. Where would you like to go?” He asked while packing his stuff.

“You choose. Remember, I am new to city I don’t know much places.” She replied looking at him.

“Ok, tell me what would you like to have? Chinese, Italian or continental?” He asked Ishanya.

“uh… why not something, desi? I haven’t tasted any Marathi food yet!!” She replied to him.

“Cool then, I know a place where we can get awesome Marathi dishes.” He said.

“Let’s go then.” She replied.

They both reached the parking place where they parked vehicles. They looked at them and then at each other in confusion as they can’t decide in which vehicle they go.

“Let’s go in your car. It’s hot anyway.” Said Ishanya making Omkara happy.

After sitting in the car Ishanya asked, “By the way, why hadn’t you msged me after that day? I thought you will after we talked in art-exhibition.”

“Ah! I wanted to but wasn’t sure how will you react, so hadn’t msged you. But I was waiting for your message. Why didn’t you msg?” He asked while driving the car.

“Honestly, I was busy in other things and I didn’t even find any reason to msg.” Ishanya said politely not wanting to sound rude or offended.

“Do friends need reason to msg each other?” He asked acting as if he is genuinely confused.

“We are not friends, ‘yet’ Omkara.” She replied to him while smirking.

“Oh! Really? Then what are we?” Why are we going to lunch together then?” Omkara asked in playful tone wiggling his eye-brows.

“Don’t get any ideas, ha!! We are going to lunch because we are hungry and we have nothing between us!!” She said in the same cheerful tone.

“Oh! NO! You broke my heart!!” Omkara exclaimed and acted in a dramatic way.

Ishanya was silent for a second scaring Omkara and then broke into fits of laughter. Omkara too laughed with her whole heartedly.

How is it?? I hope you guys are liking the ishom bonding. The day hasn’t ended yet it will continue in next chapter.

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