SWASAN : FATE (Chapter 1)

Heyyyyyy my dear friends…. How are you??? Anyone remember me? If not that I’m Introducing myself I’m Rina Sivaguru writer of My Life’s Miracle… I know it’s quite long ready I came back with a story and I’m so sorry for that… So here we go today I back with another story but I’m not sure whether it will be ff or few shot story because I didn’t plan to write this story…. I feel so bore I simply write it out… So I thought to post it… Feel free to comment and sorry for the grammar mistakes…

Uncle what are you doing???Why are you touching me there? Uncle you are hurting me!!! Stoppppppp….. No…. No…. Uncle!! Stop… No… Swara wake up sweating badly…. Her body shaking vigorously while tears continuously flow through her eyes and her heart clench with pains and agony….. Alarm rings broke her thought from thinking about her previous nightmare which she is trying to forget… but it’s like there is no mercy for her pains and fear and the past keep came haunting her everyday…. The things she wants to forget came to her thought everyday and make her stay in the same place were she was few years ago…. Ignoring her pain, she rushes to do her daily shores before she late to her work….
Finally she reached her office on time after stuck in that heavy traffic due to accidents…. Thank goodness she made to came earlier than her boss…. Arghhhhh….. I hate Monday!!! With that I made my way to my cabin…

I feel like long time ready I didn’t write anything in my diary… I quickly have glance at clockband noted in my mind that I still have time…. I pour whatever I had in my heart in my diary which is my best friend…. “I really hate my boss….My boss never polite with his employees… He always wear his hard and cold glare whole time with everyone…I don’t know how he behave with his family members….because no one know about him even media also can’t track his activities and biography…. He is so secretive and mysterious…. Most of all I can agree that he is smoking hot and s*xy with his six packs…. If you all have the naughty thoughts that how did I know so detailed…. Let me tell you that he is my boss and I’m his PA… PA means I’m his personal assistance….

And please stop you dirty thoughts right there friends!!!There is one time, I went to his cabin to remind him about his latest schedule…. There he were doing his workout half naked, I mean without his shirt…. Obviously for a second my mind stopped thinking anything and forget the reasons that why I entered his cabin……I couldn’t stop myself from admiring and drooling over him…. See his body with muscular and so fit a make my heart skips a beat…..sorry..…. Sorry….. I shouldn’t do that…. so I scold myself to get a grip….… it’s for second girls…. For a second…because who am I kidding… Yes, he might be my boss…. But I’m telling you he is like a king’s of devil who will keep calculating his employees fault to trash and scold them especially girl’s employees…. Even it’s a small mistake; he will start scolding them or not keep firing them…. Sometimes I’m really getting fed up with his so called attitude…. I also thought about quit my job from here….No matter what, I need to agree that get a work at here, Karma Industries is not easy task…. Their company also well paid and well known internationally…. He also a good man who never take advantages of girls…

If you ask me how I know, there is one night I’m on my way with him for a meeting which been postponed suddenly …. On the way there were a girl been chased by a few guys… He stops his car and helps the girl and beat the guys blue and black…. And hand over the culprit to the police and make sure the girl is alright till the end…. Due to that incident he couldn’t attend his meeting and lost a huge project but he seems didn’t care…. His care didn’t stop there only…. He gets to know the girl is an orphan, so he sponsors her for an education and took the girl under his guardianship…Since that day i start to observe him like a love sick puppy….He look tougher from outside but he has his soft corner and concern for others…. He never shows it outside but I saw it…..since then I have a crush on him…. but I know it’s a silly crush and he won’t really care of my existing…. Deep in my heart I know I’m just his PA…. I’m not his standard and a girl with a lot of black marks…that’s all for today my dear friend….
“Swara!!!! Where is my coffee!!!”

I quickly put my diary inside the drawer and went to make his so called black coffee….. yuckkkk…. I don’t know how he drinks his coffee with sugar…. With that thought I made my way to pantry to make coffee before he shout again and again…. I don’t know how he is energetic all the time….. arghhh….idiot boss….

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