Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-11

Hello friends. This chapter is all about o’bros’ bonding with Ishanya. Don’t take this as filler part. There are hints about Ishanya’s past. Here you go


Bonding with o’bros

Ishanya woke up from her sleep as her phone beeped indicating a message arrived. She looked at the mobile screen opening her eyes and smiled seeing a ganeshji’s photo with a message wishing good morning. She got up and replied to the message. Now, it became a routine for her.

From that day in art exhibition, Omkara was in touch with her through messages. They don’t talk much it’s just good morning/night, had lunch kind of messages. But by these messages Omkara was assuring her that if something happens, he is there. If she wants to talk, he will listen. Ishanya sensed his intention in the beginning itself.

At first, she avoided those messages and hoped he would stop messaging her. But Omkara continued to message her as his motive was to assure her not chatting with her. Seeing his sincere attempts she too started replying to his messages indicating him that she is fine.

In Oberoi Mansion, O’bros’ are in kitchen preparing breakfast. Omkara got the reply of Ishanya and smiled broadly looking at his phone screen. Rudra noticed it and decide to play a prank with him.

“Oho!! O!! Messages and all that too this morning, who is it?? Your new girlfriend??” Asked Rudra startling Shivaay and Omkara.

They both looked at him shockingly. Before Omkara could say anything Shivaay asked him, “Om? Girl-friend? You didn’t told me anything! What is the background of the girl? Don’t mind me asking but did you checked everything well? Remember how riddhima turned out?!” He showered all his questions showing worry and concern for him.

Omkara just laughed a little and said, “Relax Shivaay! There is nothing like that!! This Rudra is just making fun.” And slapped Rudra at the back of the head.

“Aah! O!” Rudra whined and asked, “Then who were you messaging to at this early morning? I have seen you in the night too messaging someone goodnight shayari after we slept. Who is it?”

“How do you know it is shayari?” Asked Omkara in shock.

“Arey, I know it my poetic ‘O’. Now you won’t send your girlfriend normal good night, right?” Said Rudra again shocking Shivaay

“Ha, I did sent the shayari but it is not for my girlfriend. It is just a friend not even friend just a close acquaintance.” Said Omkara explaining to Shivaay as he looked at him questioningly at him.

“And you ‘detective Rudra’, stop spying on your brothers.” He said giving a warning look to Rudra while he got scared hearing omkara’s angry tone.

“Ok!!” Said Rudra looking down but he got surprised when he was pulled in a hug by his brothers.

After having their moment they got busy in making break-fast.

Ishanya looked at her schedule for the day. She needs to go to the workshop first and then had a meeting of business council post lunch. She smiled remembering it is Friday today and Rudra too would be there in the South-Indian restaurant. He comes there every Friday or Saturday sometimes.
These days they got very friendly with each other during their “Fretes” like Rudra termed it for their friendly dates.

It was afternoon and Rudra was already there in the restaurant waiting for her with their order on their regular table. He waved at her and she smiled and went to the table.

“I thought you are going to ditch me for this ‘frete’, what took you so long?!” He asked unpacking the contents in foil paper.

“You know na, I have to make sure every work is done before leaving, I can’t trust anyone else for these works. I myself have to take care of them.” She said explaining.

“Ok now office mode off and friend on. Now eat it it’s getting cold.” He said serving chutney’s for her.

“Ok baba, ok.” She replied and then started eating.

They chatted about anything and everything but not their personal lives. Rudra sometimes brings his family topic mostly his brothers but never told their names and she too hadn’t asked about his personal life surname and all. She never shares anything more than needed for the moment.

In these few days Rudra has become her yaar, her buddy. He enjoys time with him joking and teasing him. He too doesn’t treat her like he treats other girls, they have this unique combo of sibling-friend bond.

After finishing their lunch Ishanya said, “I need to rush now, I have business council meeting to attend.”

“Ok, then bye.” He replied

“Bye, see you” Said Ishanya getting up from the table.

“When?” Asked Rudra

“Next to next sat” Replied Ishanya wearing her scarf around face and left from there waving bye at him.

She reached Oberoi’s Building and uncovered her face she went inside after looking at her reflection in her scooty’s mirror. She went inside lift and did her touch up. As she reached the floor she hurriedly put all things in the bag.

Sahil, her secretary is already waiting for her in the lounge with files. She went to him and checked the files contents before giving it back to him. As she was walking towards the conference room she saw Shivaay coming from the opposite direction. He was wearing a striped shirt with matching three piece suit looking dashing like always.

She raised her eyebrow seeing him. He wished her with a winning smile. But he got disappointed hearing her say, “Looking good, Mr. Oberoi. But with this suit brown belt not black.” She said smiling slyly at him.

He now got used to this, whenever they see each other she point outs his fashion blunders for boasting about his fashion sense to her once. But he is also Shivaay Singh Oberoi. He won’t accept defeat. In this too he tried to dress up perfectly every time he knows he is going to meet her just to earn a perfect praise from her but she always finds something or the other.

Ishanya walked past him leaving him standing there while smiling at her new achievement. It has become like a game for her, which she is leading currently. After laughing a little she put that professional smile on her face and turned to Sahil her manager and said, “Ok, then. You leave for the production unit, anyway you don’t need to be here, it’s necessary to be there. I am not going to tolerate any mistakes.” He was about leave but turned hearing her say, “And yeah, eat your lunch before going.” He nodded in yes while smiling and she went into the conference hall .

After the meeting, Ishanya came out of conference hall and went towards lift. She was checking her phone, while waiting for the lift. She went inside the lift still immersed in her phone. After a few seconds she looked up from her phone and got aware of her surrounding and noticed there are 3 men in the lift, she gulped in nervousness and took a deep breath.

She felt someone staring at her she turned back to her shock there is another man present there. She isn’t shocked to know that she is in between four men. It is the shock of facing ‘HIM’. She knew when she came to Mumbai that she is going to face him someday and she thought to be prepared for it. But any preparation is small to face this fear of her.

She took her eyes away from him and focused on her breathing, but the feeling of his constant stares failed her in that too. She pressed ‘stop’ button on lift in hurry and she fumbled her way out of the lift shivering badly. She tried to takeout her medicine from purse but because of her shivering hands it fell down. She tried to bend down to take her purse but she fell and felt heard to breath as the flashes of her past came infront of her. She tried to block them and fight but with every flash she felt more weak. Her pain worsened when the images of the court room scene passed her mind. She tried to fight, to breath but it was very hard for her.

Crowd started to surround her but she was oblivious to it all she sees is the flashes of her in a dark room. Someone from the crowd came forward and tried to talk to her but she couldn’t hear it, All she hears is her yelling, yelling….. “I am not lieing!! They did all this! They are criminals.”

A security guard witnessed this and informed it to Shivaay as he was personally taking care of security issues these days. Shivaay came down and shocked to see Ishanya in that state. He rushed to her and took her in his arms, he slapped her cheeks and called her many times to bring her out of shock. He understood that she was having a panic attack as he saw Omkara went through it couple of times. He knew that he have to make sure she doesn’t blank out. He lifted her in his arms and rushed to his car.

He tried to snap her out of it by calling her many times throughout journey to hospital. He rushed her to the emergency ward and explained her condition to doctor. They took her inside the ward and started her treatment. He sat outside waiting to know that she is fine. This is the first time that Shivaay Singh Oberoi got worried for an outsider i.e not his family or friend.

He doesn’t know that he cares this much about her. From their first meeting to till now they had always been professional with each other at least that’s what he thought. But today he knew she became a part of his life unknowingly. When he saw her in that condition he remembered Omkara his dear brother as he too went through the same hell. He doesn’t know the reason of her panic attack, but he is determined to find it.

Shivaay breathed in relief when doctor announced that her condition is stable and appreciated him for making sure she doesn’t blank out before they reach here. But she is not conscious yet, the doctor said that it will take some time to get her consciousness back. Shivaay saw her sleeping peacefully and smiled with content. He waited outside her ward till she was unconscious. After she came into consciousness he went inside to talk to her.

“How are you feeling now?” He asked seeing her sat on the bed.

“I am alright. Thanks for the help.” She said looking straight at him.

Before he can say anything, She said “You can leave now Mr.Oberoi. I want to be alone for some time.”

He just nodded and left from there understanding that she need time to recompose herself. After he left Ishanya was left alone to ponder over what happened. She was feeling ashamed for not being able to compose herself and have to take someone’s help. But she decided that she is going to teach HIM a lesson, she is not going to leave him after what she went through because of him. She lost her father and had to went through hell because of him. She had to make him pay for it.

So, how is it? Shocked? Surprised or expected?? I am waiting to know ur views. Please comment long.

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