My Savior My Love – Savitri devi-epi 5

Good morning lovely readers
Thanks all for ur lovely Independence Day wishes wish u all a very happy Independence Day n Happy Janamastmi
Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna
Hare Hare
Hare Rama
Hare Rama
Rama Rama
Hare Hare
may shri Krishna fulfill all ur wishes

Am so sorry for two reasons-
1.Today am not writing each one’s name to thank I read every comment n all r precious
I appreciate those who shared opinion against ff too
Dear friends my stry involved just one couple n since am sanveer fan it had to be them other imp character is sanchi’s bro apart from veer I know u all love Kabir so I gave him that role nxt was her husband this is negative role cannot be given to Kabir so am sorry I cdnt depict kanchi as a couple so tried something diff
2.epi will be little small
as am little involved with janamastmi celebrations first I thought not to write but guys ur comments encouraged me to give update(something is always better than nothing right? )

Thanks silent readers

Recap-Kabir tells Veer how sanchi married Vikrant in just 15days As alliance was proposed by Anand n Gayathri he describes Vikrant’s weird behavior
Veer encourages him to talk to sanchi
Sanchi doesn’t say anything
veer says maybe sanchi will spk to somebody else as she cannot see Kabir in pain

Kabir is walking in corridors
He is lost in his thoughts
A modern lady doc is shown coming towards him
she is in hurry
she has lots of pprs in hand n
She lands in Kabir’s arms n pprs spread all over them
They have intense eyecontact (who is she read on )
Dr releases herself
Dr-Abhhe yaar (yes guys pragya) yeh kya kiya tumne satyanaas
abh tuk tuk niharr ka rahe ho madad karu hamari

So Kabir helps pragya in picking pprs, he keeps looking at her
Just then veer
Veer-Pragya madam what r u doing I called u here for some imp wrk
Pragya-Abhe yaar kamse bhai tumko kya kaam ke shivyaa kuch dikhata nai

Veer-Meet my sister dr Pragya Kapoor
(so one more twist pragya n veer bro n sis haha)

N pragya he is Kabir sanchi’s bro

Pragya (keeps her hand on Kabir’s shoulder) Kasamse ur sister’s case is in best hands pragya kapoor will become sanchi’s friend n get all info

Kabir is confused-Dr Veer she is ur real sister
Pragya-Bahut logoko doubt hota hain par bhai ne padaii ki Singapore se aur humne hindustan se actually hum hain hi itne talented…..

.Veer interrupts- dr Pragya please go do ur duty

pragya salutes him-yes bhai

she runs
veer smiles-she is unique
Kabir is still looking at her
Veer-Any prob u look worried
Kabir-Hmm Actually I got call from airport authorities I came in hurry some formalities r left
but Sanchi

Veer-Kabir plz dnt wry u go we all r here with her

Kabir nods

Veer looks in Sanchi’s ward she is sleeping he switches off light
Sanchi starts sweating she is shivering she screams
Veer rushes to her
She hugs him she holds his shirt tight she is weeping
Veer switches on light

Sanchi realizes n moves away they look deep in eachother’s eyes
Her face turns pink
Sanchi-Sorry I get scared of darkness
He offers Her water
Veer-Please Relax Its ok am sitting here u please sleep

Sanchi-No am fine u might be busy
Veer-Kabir has given me responsibility

n am ur Dr listen to me sleep chupchaap sleep sleep

Sanchi closes her eyes

Precap-Pragya is about to show Veer’s childhood pic to sanchi he snatches she runs they run
sanchi smiles seeing them this way veer himself shows her pic
she laughs loud

  1. Rehmat

    awwww superb keep writing don’t mind anyone comment everyone has choice

  2. Amazing one Rushi dear ?omg pragya & kabir ??? eagerly waiting for ur next update asap ☺☺☺

  3. What beautiful story’s amazing yaar

  4. Moonlight25

    Amazing update yaar…Pragya and Kabir??..looks weird but never mind…waiting for your next amazing update!

  5. Amazing yaar it was super and precap is funny

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  7. always superb and superb. I loved it Rushi once again. Rushi dear u are an awesome writer. The romantic part was then when sanchi hugged Veer. And the interesting part was of pragya. Wah perfect bhai behen ki jodi hai Veer and pragya and Sanchi and kabeer. Love the siblings too much. Pragya words are always amazing. Her language is maast ek dam. Keep posting this amazing chapters this only. I loved all ur episode. U are an awesome wrirer once again. Don’t forget to post soon. I am eagerly waiting for ur next chapters. Loads of love and take care.

    1. *writer ( Oh this typing mistake will make die while correcting.)

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