Tere Sheher Mein 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rishi and family arriving Paris. Amaya rushes to receive them. They all wait for Amaya. Her mum says we came on time across seven seas, but she is not able to come on time 7 kms. Amaya reaches there and hugs her dad saying superman. She says this tie is not good, lets go for shopping. Her mum Sneha says another excuse for shopping and hugs her. Amaya hugs Rachita joking about the cusions kept right in flight, and Rishi is glad calling her perfect. Amaya talks to Jasmine. Jasmine asks how did you pass. Amaya says I can do disaster management when I can manage Jas.

Sneha asks Rishi why did he buy the car for Amaya. The girls like the car. Rishi says it was less in price, so I just bought it. She asks the price. Amaya says 25k Euros. Sneha reacts and starts nagging Rishi. He says fine, my punishment is I m sitting away from you in front seat, come on drive Amaya. They roam around the city and Jasmine gives info about all the places, museums, and shows her ‘Did you know this’ skills.

Rishi messages Sneha.. I love you and sorry. She stays annoyed. Rishi asks the girls to do a favor, go back as I want to take your mum for a walk. Amaya jokes to leave the love birds. Rishi tries to end Sneha’s annoyance and apologizes sitting on his knees, saying sorry, forgive me. She says I m not annoyed and makes him get up. They smile and he asks him not to spoil Amaya, and make her responsible .He says what did I do, I want to spoil my daughters, what else do we have in life, I want to give them the best in life. He says I want to be with you. She says I m always with you.
He says its your love that you are still the same and hugs her, saying time changed and she always loved him, but he could not do anything for her. Sneha asks what are you saying, you do a lot for us, why suddenly this, you ask us to live for today. He says yes, I want to live today, we were young yesterday and today our daughters are young, time changes in a second. She hugs him.

Jasmine and Rachita pull Amaya’s leg and the sisters have a sweet argument. Amaya asks Jas what will she do in her future. Jas says her big plans of linking to Bill Gates foundation and being on Times Magazine cover, and Amaya asks her to shift to Paris with her. Jas says yes, Rachita will settle with Paris. Rachita says I will design furniture. Amaya says then one piece per year, as perfection is something. Rachita says if we all settle in Europe, it will be fun. We can meet whenever we feel lonely.

Rishi and Sneha sit in a park. She asks what is he thinking. He says reminds their first holiday. He kisses her hand and she asks him whats this PDA here. They smile. Amaya says cheers to tomorrow, we will tell this to my superman. Sneha asks him not to spoil the girls. He says I m their father, I just want them not to struggle what we faced. She says but they don’t value money. He says how they have faced their life, my daughters will start a life from here. She says then I will be alone. He says I m for you and sings Ek Ghar banaunga tere ghar ke saamne………. She smiles and says he could not make any home infront of hers.

He gets Hari’s call and does not take it. They come back to the girls. Amaya introduces her best friends Elly, Mathew… Amaya says he is my superman, and one day he can fly too. He says definitely and gives a superman pose. They come home and she colors her nails. He says he got old and she says superman never gets old. She says I used to paint your nails when I was little, and colors his fav orange to his nails. He asks her what if things change tomorrow, if all these are not there then. She looks at him puzzled.

She takes his eyelash and asks him to make a wish. He asks will this make everything fine. She says yes, and he wishes and blows it. He hugs her and hides his tension. Amaya asks Sneha to buy few clothes. Her mum says I don’t want to, and asks her rate of dress. Jasmine says its 999 Euros. Her mum shows her a dress of 200 Euros. Amaya asks her not to worry. Rishi’s bill gets nearly 7000 Euros and he gives his card. The man says sorry Sir this card is blocked. Rishi says try this one and gives another. The man says this one is blocked too. Rishi is stunned, and gives his Debit card. He pays the bill and calls Hari.

Hari says I got bank message alert, and asks him why did he spend 5 lakhs. Rishi says its about crores, you are worried for 5 lakhs, let me come there, I will make everything fine. He smiles.

Rishi asks everyone to get ready in 5 mins and meet in lobby as he has a surprise for them. The girls think what might be the surprise. Amaya says I know my superman, it has to be some awesome surprise.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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