Begusarai 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddi says to Priyom that Poonam cant speak up infront of anyone but infront of you she becomes lion, Priyom says she is mad, she cant say heart thing to anyone, she is afraid of everyone. one day life will destroy her, Guddi says no, you are with her. they come in home to find water flowing in hall, they find Lakhan lifting buckets, Mitlaish (elder son of Phulan, husband of Jaya) comes and use slangs, he says to Piddi(younger brother) that how water is coming in hall? Piddi says that tank is overflowing, Jaya ask Mitlaish why you are angry. its just water, not fire, Mitlaish romance with her, he says i am fire, she ask to stop it, he says you are my wife so why shying away? she says we are married for 7 years, we have two kids now stop this romance thing, he says i have responsibility to bring third kid in world, she pushed him away and leaves. Priyom tries to leave stealthily, mitliash stops him and ask where were you last night? Priyom runs away, Mitlaish says he is spoiled by everyone in this house.
Poonam come back to haveli, she says Priyom doesnt even remember that today was result of mine and he calls himself my friend, i will finish friendship with him, Lakhan comes infront of her, Poonam is afraid of him and moves back, Lakhan ask what are you doing here? she is silent, Poonam’s mother calls her so Lakahn leaves.

Scene 2
workers are pressing money as there got wet in water, Badi Amma(badi Dadi) says if one note gets burned by iron then i will burn your back with it too, Poonam comes there, Badi Amma ask why you are so late? she ask Poonam to count notes, i dont trust these workers, Jaya comes and says Thakur has called her, let her go, i will count, Poonam leaves, a worker tries to steal money, Badi dadi says if a penny is missing then all’s underwear will be checked. Badi Amma says that you tries to save Poonam from me, you try try make Poonam against me but i wont let it happen till i am alive.
Poonam finds newspaper in Priyom’s room, she tries to grab it from window, Priyom comes out washroom and is in towel only, Poonam looks away and tries to grab newspaper, Priyom finds her and ask her to stop, both tries to grab the paper, Poonam finally gets it, Mitlaish comes there and ask what was going on here? Poonam is silent, he says whom i am asking even as answer never come out of your mouth, you are always silent, he takes newspaper from her and leaves, Poonam gets sad.
Lakhan says to Piddi that tank should leak again, Priyom comes there, Lakhan wears shirt, Priyom says you became king from servant, Lakhan says i had to as i have to d work of yours too, Priyom says i also do your work. Priyom comes to Badi Amma, she says atleast show your face once in a day, he ask for money, she ask where were you? with Priya? he says Priya was with me last month now its Jaya, he calls her old lady, she says i am not old, he joke my mother is gone to God when you are going? she says i wont go before our marriage, Badi Amma says lets have lunch together, Priyom says i have to go somewhere, he leaves, Badi Amma calls Lakhan who is going to meet his mother, she ask him to have lunch with him, he nods.

Scene 3
Poonam tells guddi that nobody remembers that today was my result, nobody cares if i fail or pass, Guddi says nobody cares about studies in this house, Mitlaish is mechanical engineer but he used to go to college to check out girls, Priyom is 1st degree pass in B.A history but his professor wrote his paper and Lakhan is no less, he is metric pass with help of gun, now think how people will think about result in this house.
Piddi is eating, Lakhan ask him how much will you eat, they find some baraat music and comes out to see who is it, its Priyom with band, he is dancing, all are stunned, Phulan Thakur comes there too, Badi Amma says if has brought bride? Priyom announces that there is one news, till now we have earned marks in exams with help of guns ans weapons but today for first time, one has got 90% with help of pen only and she got 52th position in Bihar board, she is Poonam, Poonam smiles at Priyom, Priyom dances and looks at her. Poonam takes Amma’s blessing, then Thakur’s blessing, Thakur ask her to touch her father’s feet, Poonam takes her father Manjeeta’s blessing, Thakur ask him to smile atleast today, Piddi dances too, Priyom comes to Poonam, she ask did you remember today was my result? he says i never forget things related to you, she says then why you didnt tell me earlier, i got angry on you, he says if i had told you then how would i have seen lioness in you, she says you are bad, i was about to break my friendship with you, he says i know that and i also know you cant break it as you are coward, she says dont brag about bringing band here, he says dont brag about your result too, she says ok please dont fight today, he says ok, she says thanks for celebrating my result, he says only thanks? i had to steal money from Amma to bring this band, will take it from you now, he leaves, she looks at him and smiles, Lakhan looks at Poonam smiling at Priyom and gets angry.

Scene 4
Priyom comes to restaurant, he finds celebrations there, Lakhan is there, Priyom takes drink and ask why celebrating today? Lakhan says i took money from Amma’s wallet, Priyom laughs, they drink, Priyom ask whats the matter? Lakhan looks at Poonam coming there in car, Priyom is shocked and ask what is all this? Lakhan says i called her to celebrate her result, Priyom says what was the need to call her here? Lakhan says i couldnt congratulate her due to your band’s noise so called her here, Priyom says you called girl of house at this drinking bar? let her go back, Lakhan fires in air and ask everyone to close eyes, all close their eyes, Lakhan goes to Poonam, he is being slapped and its Mitlaish who slaps him, Lakhan is shocked.
Majosi says children of Mitlaish that any government can destroy due to property, land and girls but Phulan is very clever, Phulan divided begu Sarai in two equal parts, one is of Phulan and other is of Bhushan, so now there will be no fight in their kids for land and property, kid ask that what about girl?
otherside Lakhan gets angry as he is slapped by Mitlaish.

PRECAP- Lakhan and Poonam are alone, Lakhan tries to come closer to her, Poonam is afraid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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