Tere Sheher Mein 16th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 16th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rachita seeing job posting and calling a man. The man says he does not know English. She says it was English tutor job, so I called to ask does it need any hindi language proficiency too. He says no, I m here to teach English. Rachita gets glad and says I know to teach English. The bank manager talks to Pushpa and Dimple. He asks them to come for the locker. Pushpa gives keys to Dimple to get the jewelry. Dimple asks what will she do standing here. Pushpa says I trust your choice, go.

Rachita meets Rama and asks what is he doing. He says a customer came and asks for mixed grains and till I mixed, he went. She asks why. He says because of my craziness. She says don’t say this. She says she is going for job interview tomorrow, its perfect job but address is complicated, can he come with her. He says yes, sure, as I have to take treat too, don’t forget your promise.

Pushpa comes to loan department and comes to know Sneha is taking loan. Dimple comes and asks what is she doing there. Pushpa says nothing, come we will go home. Dimple thinks why did mum come here, by making jewelry excuse. Rama gives some grains to Rachita. She bonds with Rama and asks him to make a wish using the eyelash. He wishes she loves him.

Dimple asks Pushpa why did she go to ban, she is her bahu, she can tell her, she promises she will not tell anyone, she trusts her right, else she will not ask again. Pushpa says you are like my daughter, I don’t want you to worry. Pushpa says Sneha is keeping her haveli mortgaged. Dimple says we will tell dad or Dinesh. Pushpa says no need. She says we have to talk to Dinesh, Sneha is his elder sister, he will surely help, don’t worry.

Amaya says Jaz’s uniform came and asks Rachita to give. Rachita refuses and it falls in Jaz’s hand. Jaz says she is so excited that uniform came. Amaya asks her not to take stress and see well. Rachita says it’s a good thing. Jaz asks why are they behaving weird. Rachita says now she will say whose dress is this. Jaz checks and asks whats this, whose dress is this, where is my school uniform.

Amaya says this is called salwar kameez. Jaz says I know, where is my uniform. Rachita says this is your uniform. Jaz says I don’t think so, I don’t want to wear this. Amaya says she is in shock and asks her to sit. Amaya tries to leave and Jaz gets angry on her. They convince her to try it. Jaz sends them out. Uma asks Badi Amma to sit outside and she will try the dress. Amaya and Rachita ask Jaz to come out. Jaz says I m looking funny, I won’t come. Amaya asks her to come. Sneha asks whats happening and asks them to come to have food.

Rachita asks her to call Jaz out. Sneha calls her and Jaz refuses to come. Sneha asks whats the problem. Rachita tells about the uniform salwar kameez and Jaz does not want to come. Sneha asks her to come out. Jaz says fine, tell Amaya and Rachita to say they won’t laugh. Amaya, Rachita and Sneha promise her. Jaz comes out in the uniform. She says how will I go like this. Amaya and Rachita control laughter. Jaz says that’s why I was not coming. Sneha says enough now, Jaz is looking cute. She takes Jaz with her.

They say she is looking very good and they all make her smile by tickling her. Sneha coughs and holds her head. Uma says the dress is very tight, and gets angry on Barfi. She tells Badi Amma that she will not leave him. Badi Amma asks her to calm down, he will alter it. Mantu thanks Barfi for stitching Jaz’s uniform and Uma’s suit. Barfi says she said you gifted her. He says yes, two years ago by my first earning. Barfi teases him. Mantu says nothing like that, she is just my friend.

He says he does not have any woman/Laxmi at home, no mum, no sister, so he gifted Uma. Uma comes and scolds Barfi for stitching wrong. Barfi says I did not stitch wrong till now and checks it. He says he did mistake and stitched of Amaya’s size. She gets angry.

Sinha tells Sneha that there is some bad news. Sneha faints and the girls rush to her worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice epi bt I hate dis rudra he is so mean…

  2. Rudra is stupid… Just to punish amaya and her family he is making his dad suffer… Creating more problems….

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