Manmarziyan 16th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manmarziyan 16th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil calling Sam. She rejects his call and a car follows her. A goon follow Radhika and run away with her bag. She says thief and runs after him. She catches the man and beats him. He still runs away. Sam breaks the car glass and shouts will you follow me. She is stunned seeing its Arjun. Radhika scolds the goon and beats him. The man says sorry sister, will you sit on road at night, go anywhere, office, hotel, leave me. He runs. Radhika recalls his words and thinks to go office.

Sam asks Arjun why is he following. He says I got habitual, I was worried and came to check are you fine. She says I m fine. He says I will drop you. She asks where. He asks why is she asking him. She says its fine I will go. He asks how, by walk, and sits there to wait for the taxi to come. He says you were with Neil right? What happened? Sam says whatever happened is just between me and Neil. He says I was just trying to talk. She says I m not in mood to talk.

He asks till when will she wait here. She says I m sorry, you go, I will go myself. He says there is no taxi, it will be better if I drop you, think I m taxi driver, pay me the fare. She says no, you go, taxi will come. She gets Neil’s call. He says I will go to Neil and get him here. She gets angry seeing Neil’s call and stops Arjun. Neil says if anything happens to Sam…. Sam takes her bag and goes with him in his car. Neil comes looking for her and stops seeing Arjun. He sees Sam leaving with Arjun.

Am comes to Birdsong and recalls Piyali’s words. Arjun says Sam.. She says thanks for taxi. He says you can come to my home. She says no need, I will go my home now. He writes his broker’s number and gives her saying my broker can help you in finding a home. She says no. He insists. She takes it and says thanks. Sam looks at Piyali’s cabin and imagines her saying she killed her son Jai. Sam cries out aloud.

She holds Piyali’s scarf and hugs it, crying. She covers herself with it and sits crying, recalling Jai’s death. She hears some sound and goes to see is there any thief in office. She looks outside and goes to attack. Radhika screams. Sam asks what is she doing here. Radhika cries and hugs her. She says Tejh, Zubin, car, I got late and aunty kicked me out, I had no money and phone, my life ruined, the thief asked me to go office. She cleans her nosy with Sam’s scarf and they laugh. Hum khushbuyon se……………… plays…………

Arjun comes home and sees Kaka sleeping. He removes his specs and asks him to sleep well. Kaka says the way on which he is walking will not give peace. Arjun asks him to sleep, this way will end when Sam gets ruined, till she comes his way, he can’t come back. Radhika sees Sam sitting alone and Sam asks her not to come inside her cabin.

Radhika says what will I do, I can’t sleep alone. Sulakte dilon ki…………….plays………. Radhika comes and sits with her. She says dad will not let be stay in Mumbai, I will have to go back empty hand. She says she has to go back, everyone will worry for me. Sam says its good someone worries for you. Radhika says its family’s work to worry and support you. Sam says everyone is alone in life. Arjun tells Kaka that Sam needs a home and I will give her. Kaka asks Nandini’s home. Arjun says yes.

Kaka says what he is doing is not good, will Nandini feel good. Arjun says I don’t want to talk about her, do as I say, Sam should get home tomorrow, no one can stop me from reaching Sam.

Radhika talks to her mum and her mum asks her to come back to Rishikesh, else I will not drink a drop of water. Arjun comes to Nandini’s home and recalls her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 2day it was nt bad, awww poor neil.cvs need to gear up a little faster & thy need to add some joy through some character cuz in this show der is alwys sme mystery hides behind each & every charactr,Neil ws d only person who made chashni smile bt nw Neil kuddhi sad hai. Now one more new twist – nandhini…. No one hav any idea abt her.the mystery of Arjun needs to be open up soon otherwise intrsting banneki wajhaye yeh toh boring hojayege….1st of all thy need to change d timing of shw,cuz of this timing shw looses its sab star plus shw ki dance rehearsals ko post kiya par arjun radhika ki rehearsal alone missing… Manmarziyan deserves a lot more bettr

  2. aawwh poor neil..

  3. yeah agreed..the show must need promotions,the show must atleasst give some positivity and the show has to gie some joyful moments…..and precap what is radhikas mother doing yar…she has to support her or she has to do some alternative,i know she is overprotective towards her but she has to understand that her daughter has to solve every problems atleast in the prcap dilip and the rest of the family seemed ok and have to watch what they are upto and on the other side this arjuns track of nandini..only cvs know what tthey are upto..and there in only two days for them to show something new..or they will again loose their trps…and this week also they showed more about samaira and BS..whae are they going to develop radhika and arjuns mystery…very very slow..

  4. neil wholeheartedly loves sam…he is relly understanble..the way he called her and came running for her and the tears in his eyes….when will sam understand that..

  5. Arjun aka aham Sharma is dng fantastic job his emotions, his cunningness, his every moves makes him so perfect- no one cn did this role bttr than him. Sam & radhi’s cute scene created a positive vibe 2day…..its jst the beginning I hope they will bring refreshment to d shw frm now on wards. Hav to say this show is really jst beyond a series thy hav worked a lot, most of the scenes r taken so naturally & realistic,creative director & the whole team has put their full potential to make manmarziyan a unique one & it’s totally visible on the screen frm the starting.all the actors r soo talented & gvng their bst on screen.kudos!!! Frm 2days epi flashbacks I observed Arjun’s character is charming,lively,caring & not cunning or villainous types…. He had changed due to some forced reasn.wen arjun sat on sam’s suitcase & wen he said nice nishani- it was like for minute the real arjun ovrtook the villainous side of him & after seeing Neil he bcame the bad one flashblacks arjun’s thirst on his heart for smeone he has lost was soo purely reflected in his eyes, wen he called out nandhu it was so melting the heart….soo pure

  6. 4gt to mention our radhika it was damn funny wen she fought with the theif, ?her role is so bubbly , charming & naive….more to say she is innocent.monica sehgal has a smile which can light up the whole town so cuteeee☺️?luv the way she does to the charactr radhika mishra

  7. nice episode

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