Tere Sheher Mein 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rama’s dad scolding him. His mum comes and defends Rama. He asks him not to scold Rama, he is upset as he failed in job exam. He asks him not to taunt Rama. His dad asks Rama to take leave today. Rama is stunned. His dad asks him to sit happily from tomorrow. Rama says I have to meet some friends, thanks and leaves. His mum asks how did he give him leave today. His dad says he is happy as he did not get govt job, he will focus on shop, but he is sad for his failure, he does not want him to fail like him, he failed every time, I don’t want my son to become a failure like me, he has to go much ahead. She smiles.

He asks Shamu to work and scolds Rama. Amaya thinks she has to spend an hour with Mantu. Mantu comes and she talks about bottles. He says she is interested in bottles. He asks her to sit and cleans the bed. She says he does not waste money, so much space. He asks how much more will she scold, they came suddenly, they are guys, so what if home is not clean. She says I know, its so unclean. He says whats unclean here. Jaz talks to Chiklu amd asks which subjects is he weak in. Chiklu names all. Jaz asks Mantu to talk in low tone.

Sneha tells Rudra that she is tensed, what will we do if bank takes so much time. Rudra says I told you we can take money from lender. She says no, I will think something else. Sinha calls her and says I wanted to know what will you do to bail Hari, maybe I can help you. She says I m keeping haveli mortgaged. Sinha is shocked and says you can’t do this, if you don’t repay loan, you will lose the haveli. Hari will not agree. She asks him not to tell him. He says fine, but don’t do this.

Sneha says she will think of some other option, as Sinha said this mortgage idea is not good. Rudra gets angry. Chiklu says he likes history, he wants to break Mantu’s record. Amaya says fine, it was my mistake. Rama comes to meet Rachita. He gives her paper. She thanks and says I was coming to shop, and how was your job exam. He gets sad. She asks did it not go well. He says no, and she learns some hindi from him. She asks him to come inside the house.

Mantu says tea. She asks shall I make. He says no, I will make, you might be not knowing it. Mantu goes to make tea. Amaya sits waiting. Rachita says I m sorry, sit here, what will you have, tea, coffee, juice. He says no need. She says I will get. He sees papers kept improperly and sits to align. He asks about others. She say there is no one at home, I m alone at home. He gets shocked and gets up. She brings juice and asks what happened. He says I think I should go. She asks why, is there urgent work. He says no, my dad gave me holiday today, but you may understand. She says I don’t understand, fine, I will not talk about interview.

He takes the juice and says drinks it fast. He says it was very good. Jaz asks Mantu not to talk much, its so disturbing. Mantu says sorry and goes. Rachita asks Rama why did he not cut govt job ads. Rama says no need, I have habit to keep things nicely and this habit will make me get rejected. She says don’t think so, I wanted to talk about this. She sits near and says its not madness, its psychological disorder. He asks you mean I m mad, I also knew this, my dad says so.

She says no, its just condition and holds his hand. She says its just like habits, its called OCD/ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, its not bad, they are on high posts and names some. He says but who will understand me. She says I will, as I have same issue. He says really and gets glad. He says its common between them, and he has one more problem, he murmurs when he gets nervous, and when she is infront of him, he does not know what he says, and leaves.

Mantu gives tea to Amaya and shows her how to drink. Amaya says no, I will wait for it to cool. Mantu says she can’t do it. She says I can do it, I will show you. He smiles. Uma comes and bumps into her. The tea falls. Amaya asks what did she do. Uma says sorry. Amaya says it was hot tea and fell on me. Mantu asks them not to fight, and asks Amaya to come with him. Rudra eats biscuits and have tea. Sneha cooks and says its good I came to know how much time bank takes, we can’t lose without trying, we will go to some other bank. Rudra says fine, but there is a problem.

She asks whats the matter, I know you are worried. Rudra says everyone talk bad about Rishi, if we take bank loan, people will get chance to gossip, they will say you all sold the house. Sneha says let them say, I have to bail Hari. He says big people come to banks, like Chobey came today. Sneha thinks dad should not know this. She says she will do as he says, and asks about businessman providing loan. He says yes, Sharma, I will fix meeting with him. He leaves.

Rudra asks Sharma to auction the house and show Mathurs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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