Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil coming to Ragini’s house and greets everyone. He asks Agam to give the gifts to everyone. Sunny Tai gets happy and asks him to eat something. Neil says he had enough breakfast. Suhani tells Neil that everything is best in this house specially mom and hugs her. Neil smiles. Badi Nani comes and says she is going to Jamnagar with Neil. Nani says they are going to Pune. Badi Nani insists to go. Neil asks her to come and says they will get her injected by the doctor. Badi Nani refuses to go.

While Ragini and Neil are on the way in the car. Neil says he is feeling good and says they don’t have any hurdles today. He says our ride will be beautiful. Benaam Rishta plays…………….Suddenly car stops on the way. Ragini asks didn’t you get the petrol tank filled. Neil says he told Karan to get it filled, but don’t know. He says he will bring it and tries to take lift. Ragini says her head is aching and says you should have checked the petrol tank. Neil says he told Karan, but……Ragini says it will be memorable trip. An old couple stop the car and agree to give lift. Ragini and Neil sit in the car.

Arav talks on phone and says he will arrange 5 lakhs anyhow. He collides with Shilpa and her vegetable falls on the ground. He apologizes. She says she will keep the potatoes inside. Shilpa says it won’t look good if he picks the potatoes. Arav says he can do anything for her. Shilpa says I am not your girl friend, then why you are doing this. Arav says only he knows her value. Shilpa gets thinking and comes to Ranbir. She collides and the potatoes fall down. Ranbir asks her to pick it up. Shilpa asks what you can do for me. Ranbir says these questions look good on films.

Neil and Ragini talk to the couple and tell that they are married since 20 years. Old couple says they are married since 60 years and used to fight a lot. They start arguing. Neil says we should apologize to wife, even if we are not wrong. Old man says he is here because of his wife and children. Neil and Ragini come to the place. Neil tells about the camp there, 20 years ago.

Nivedita talks to someone and says Neil and Ragini’s romance will be over once again. She turns and realizes RK is listening to her with head phone on his head. She asks do you want to talk to me. Pam comes and asks RK about Neil. RK takes out his head phone and asks Nivedita, what she was saying? Nivedita says nothing and gets relieved. Pam scolds RK for listening to music. RK says lady gaga is a superb artiste. Pam says you are acting as young. RK says he is really young.

Pam redials the number and the man tells that he will end Ragini and Neil’s love chapter. Pam is shocked and thinks who is he? Ragini and Neil reminisces the past as they sit near the bonfire. Neil says why he will look at others when he has a beautiful wife. He says his recalls everything and is alive because of those memories. Pam comes to Nivedita and asks about the phone number.
She asks whom did you call just now? Nivedita says she called a friend. Pam says your friend might be someone special, who was talking about ending Neil and Ragini’s chapter. Nivedita acts shocked. Pam asks her to be careful. Nivedita acts as innocent and says she is not doing anything. Pam says I know you are hurt, but don’t do anything wrong. Nivedita asks her to have trust on her. Neil and Ragini have a romantic dinner near the bonfire. Ragini thanks him for dinner. Neil asks about her habits. Ragini says her kids don’t allow her to wear stitched chappal. They talk about each other.

Neil talks to Neil on phone and says our broken relationship have started again. Neil promises to stay with her forever.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    There’s somethung drastic going to taje place. Lets keep a watch. Be alert

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