Tere Sheher Mein 10th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 10th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya coming home. Sneha says I did her bail, as Sumitra bailed Rachita, I have returned the favor and goes. Bua stops Amaya from entering the home and pushes her. She scolds Amaya and shuts the door. Amaya cries and goes. She sits at some corner and cries miserably. Rama comes home and asks Bua about Amaya, he got to know she got bail. Bua says I know, I kicked her out. He asks what and looks for Amaya. Rama finds her and asks her to come home with him. He holds her hand and takes her. Mangalam……………plays……………..

Bua asks Rama did he go mad, how can he get Amaya back. He says she is my wife, she will not be on road till I m here. He takes Amaya inside the house. Bua thinks what will she answer Sumitra. Rama asks Amaya to freshen up and goes. He brings food for her and makes her sit to have food. She asks why is he doing this for her. He says I know you did not do this, I trust you, you can stay here, we will see whatever happens, turn that side, I have to change tshirt. She thinks Rama can’t know Jaz did this accident, he can never know this. She says its true I did the accident. Her says I can’t believe this.

She asks why. He says I can understand what you are, you saved me from going on wrong way, you showed me right path, how can I believe you did this, tell me what happened, why are you taking blame on yourself. She says I did this accident, this is truth, even if you don’t believe. He thinks he is sure she is hiding something,

Sumitra scolds Amaya and asks how dare she come to hospital, you knew Kangana’s mental disorder, and still did her accident, Amaya says it happened by mistake. Sumitra says I m not afraid of your warnings, you know Kangana’s secret so you are doing this, I have secret of Sneha and Rachita too, I can expose them.

Amaya says you do what you want, I will do what I find right, I love my mum a lot, so I will bear everything, its true we both have our secrets, we have to say who uses it, my values don’t ask me to use any helpless girl, I understood Kangana’s pain. She goes. Sumitra thinks Amaya was taunting me, I will show her my real nature. Amaya sits with Kangana. Sumitra asks her to leave. Amaya asks her to see Kangana’s state. She says she will stay here and take care of Kangana. Sumitra asks her to just go from here. Rama comes and asks Sumitra to go home and rest. He says Amaya and I will take care of Kangana, we will manage. Sumitra says I will stay. Rama says I will drop you, come and leaves with her.

Rama comes to see Kangana and sees Amaya taking care of Kangana. He says I told you can’t do accident, this is your true side, emotional and good. He gives her coffee. Kangana gets conscious and they get glad. Amaya goes to call doctor. Rama sits near Kangana and asks her to rest. He says you are wounded, take rest. She asks how is she here. He says you met with an accident. The doctor comes and checks Kangana. He saks her to rest for enough days, his progress will be by her self confidence. Rama goes and Amaya thinks to see him. The doctor gives prescription to her.

Kangana tells Amaya about her order delivery and asks how did this happen. Amaya hears some sound and says I will just come. Rama brings balloons and flowers. Amaya asks whats all this. Rama says I know Kangana well, she will be depressed in light colored ward, we will make her happy with this colors. Amaya agrees to help them. Amaya and Rama blow balloons and laugh. Kangana smiles seeing them. Tere Sheher Mein……………..plays………… They take selfie with Kangana.

Amaya sits awake at night. Rama comes there and sits with her. Sikha maine jeena……………plays…………… She sleeps on his shoulder. He recalls Amaya and her humble deeds. Its morning, he wakes up and sees Amaya sleeping in his lap. She wakes up. He says I did not wake you up as I did not wish to disturb your sleep. The doctor comes and says you did good to brighten the room with balloons and colors. He says Kangana’s progress is good. Amaya hopes everything is fine.

The doctor tells Rama about severe fracture in Kangana’s right hand and they need to do operation for it. The nurse asks Amaya to go out, as she has to change patient’s dress. The doctor tells Rama that operation is necessary and it will cost nearly 3-4 lakhs. Rama says fine, I will arrange money, I will get this operation done, you prepare for it. He thinks how to arrange money so soon. Amaya looks on.

Amaya sells her jewelry and asks how much money can she get against this jewelry. He says just 2 lakhs. Amaya goes to take money from Chobey Nivaas. Sneha catches her and asks how can she rob her own home.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. where is mantu??

    1. Mantu left the show.

  2. As I’ve said a few times, and S has agreed with me………….Rama and Amaya is too forced upon us. Today we see Rama holding Amaya’s hand, and then Amaya sleeping on him. Oooooh very romantic. It seems they have their own romantic music too. They are really promoting this. Dheere Dheere with Mantu is long forgotten.

    Why do people keep saying where is Mantu. I know the show is drab, but are people not even reading the updates.

    I dont really want to watch this show, and people keep saying why do I waste my time with it. To be honest, i do have hope that Mantu may return. But critiquing this show is a lot more fun. It seems a lot more of the regular posters have left this forum………..

    1. It is hard to even want to comment about this crap. Plus there are obvious trolls who want you to believe they are loving this track – blissfully ignorant of what that says about their tastes. Really, the bottom line of these shows seems to be to prove that Pyar to ho hi jata hai once you get that do chutkki sindoor in that Paris educated maang. This is the king of stuff backward patriarchal systems are based on. Just the right kind of message to keep all women and most young men under the thumbs of middle aged and older men who control power.

    2. I think your absolutely right. There are trolls here. The ppl who are posting they love this track / pair etc are ppl who have never posted on here the past few months and suddenly they appear to write one line that they like this show/ episode.
      Thanks Ritu for pointing it out. I was getting baffled how ppl can like it. But it’s obviously ppl who want to get under our skin and tick us off. The writers already did that folks. You need not try so hard!!

  3. I love this episode

    1. Seriously? What did you like? Please elaborate.

  4. I think you are right again dimeo.
    There is def less posting now that mantu is gone and ppl have accepted it. Either ppl aren’t watching anymore or they just don’t care to post anything as it’s Rama and amaya
    I read the update today after a long time and all I could feel was yuck. A big yuck. Amaya sleeping on rama’s shoulder then waking up in his lap. And their own music. Wow. Way to make it unique writers. Sure the same stuff will work as with mantu?! Heck no. Them two had chemistry. These two look like bro and sis. Yuck-o-Rama.

    I admire you dimeo and others who think mantu might come bk. prob not until the writers get back on track to where they were in June. But that won’t happen so it’s alvida(good bye) time.

    No mantu. No tsm for me.
    I’ll support the other actors in whatever shows they go to

  5. Mantu left d show alrdy nd sme new male chrctr is gng 2 enter in d show. Nd dis is a bleady bakwas serial dats y he nd uma left d show

  6. Long back hiba nawab and dhruv bhandari have assured that they will reunite one day but i dont have the hope

  7. I quit, already have quit. and it’s been ages since I even read the updates. today I read the comments at least to get a glimpse of mantu’s return or at least the show giving out an acceptable change. but no. The writers are determined enough to make this crap a crap. anyway it the leaving of dhruv and uma and more ones who left have a good future, good luck to them ?and ‘a too good luck for the writers ‘?

  8. I like this epi and i loved Rama and Amaya scenes.

  9. This episode is really amazing. Rama & amaya’s jodi is superb.

    1. What aspect is superb? The bride switching? The spineless mama’s boy? What part has you enthralled? Please explain. I can give you hundred reasons for thinking this story has no legs. Please give two reasons for your love for it.

  10. But I still hop dat 1 day Mantu will b bck and ManYa reunites.I m still reading dis updates wid dat hop

  11. Hi,i m bangladesi.i want to watch ipkknd se-1.how could i watch it.give any solu.plz

  12. If writers know that mantu was going to left the serial then why should they made the love scenes of mantu-amaya….its better if they made mantu-uma a couple then they both can happily left the serial with their childhood friendship + love….
    N its superb writers that love can happen any no. Of times…. it was lyk…..uma-mantu-amaya-rama-rachita..superb story…..n in future episodes I think its amaya-rama or mantu-jaz/kangna….

  13. And writers we want to know where is the real father of rachita …this whole drama starts with him now where is he along with Nana g……????

  14. even i want mantu and amu to reunite

  15. Hi everyone. I scarcely watch tsm but I check every now and then to see any improvements. It’s a total mess.i think because the makers goofed up good actors walked away.there’s enough sadness in real life so I don’t think we need anymore depression. The sparks amaya and mantu’s chemistry had was adorable plus the dheere dheere track to sweetened it. Right now I think the makers are clueless star times is wasting a good slot.

  16. This was my best tv serial but now I hate that show bcoz of blo*dy story begin between amaya n rama without mantu that serial will loss trp n fan following like my kind of pls dont do this

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