Finale – Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded (Season 8) 10th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded (Season 8) 10th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganesh gives a welcome performance on medley songs with all the contestants. The four finalists, Faisal, Sanaya, Mohit and Shamita dance on the song Aaj Ki Raat………….Manish welcomes everyone in Jhalak Reloaded. He calls upon the cool judges with the semi finalists. Manish tells about all celebs coming to support the contestants. He says after one round, one contestant will be eliminated, then a rocking relay will decide Jhalak winner by audience vote and judges’ score.

Manish welcomes Shilpa Shetty on the show. Shilpa says she is proud of Shamita.
Shamita and Deepak
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Assalam Ishqum from the movie…… Gunday.
Judges’ Comments:
Shahid: Shamita and Deepak, I m so happy to see your complete family here. I want to ask Shilpa how amazing is she. Deepak, you showed Shamita iright light, the start was fantastic. This was smashing performance, I loved it.
Shilpa: I m amazed seeing this dance.
Malaika: We all support you, It was such an amazing act.
Salman Khan gives a message for Shamita and wishes her all the best.
Scores: Shahid 10, Lauren 10, Malaika 10, Ganesh 10. Total 40.

Alia Bhatt comes on the show to promote her movie with Shahid .. Shaandaar…. Next comes Bharti, Krishna, Sudesh from Comedy Nights with their cast. They entertain the contestants and distress them with laughter.

Manish welcomes Mohit and Sneha for his performance.

Mohit Malik and Sneha.
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Thugle………… from the movie Ladies vs Ricky Bahl.
Judges’ comments:

Shahid: It looked you just wanted to do your best, fantastic.
Ganesh: Your start was majestic, the act was just amazing, we know macho Mohit, it was fabulous act for me.
Alia: You are perfect example for practice makes a man perfect, superb job, all the best.
Scores: Lauren 10, Shahid 10, Malaika 10, Ganesh 10. Total 40.
A special message for Mohit from Salman is shown with his best wishes.

Sanaya and Jai:
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Joganiyan……….. from the movie Tevar.
Judges’ comments:
Malaika: Sanaya and Jai attempted aerial act before, it was perfect, you had all elements for the finale, but I felt I had seen this, overall great job.
Lauren: I disagree a lot, this was super finale act.
Alia: I know Shahid and Sanaya are fond of each later, I noticed you did not dance with him.
Scores: Lauren 10, Shahid 9, Malaika 9, Ganesh 9. Total 37.
Bharti comes on stage and talks about Alia and other judges.

Faisal and Vaishnavi:
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Hairat Hai………… from the movie Anjana Anjani.
Judges’ comments:
Shahid: it was superb finale act, Vivek outstanding.
Lauren: I reached the finale and could not win, If you both win, I will feel I won the competition.
Alia: I like Faisal, I have connection with him, as he is young like me, he is a great dancer, all the best.
Scores: Shahid 40, Lauren 10. Malaika 10, Ganesh 10. Total 40.

Manish says round one ends here and one contestant will be eliminated by the scores. Comedy Nights Bachao cast entertain everyone.
Malaika gives a rocking performance on the song zara zara touch me………. Lauren also dances along her on the song Manali Trance….. Manish dances with them on the song Tune Maari Entriyaan………… Manish tells about the one contestant leaving the competition now. Mohit gets eliminated in round one.

Bharti comes on stage and says she will make them laugh so much that they will shout Bachao. She welcomes Krishna and Sudesh for the dance on the song Afghan Jalebi. The judges and contestants split in laughter. Manish explains about the relay round which will decide the winner. This is the last relay, the judges scores and public votes will decide the winner.

The relay round starts on medley sounds. Sanaya, Shamita and Faisal give their best shots. They dance on the songs Sanaya: Ooh La la……from Dirty Picture….Faisal: Honey Singh’s album Blue eyes…… Shamita: Aye Chori zara nachke dikha…..
Scores: Sanaya is at 8 and Shamita is at 9, Faisal and Vaishnavi get 10.

Shahid gives a rocking performance on his medley songs and performs with Alia on Shaandaar song. The moment of winner announcement comes. Manish announces Shamita as second runner up. Faisal is declared the winner of Jhalak Reloaded Season 9. Shahid announces Faisal’s name and gives him 30 lakhs cheque along with Mahindra XUV.

Jhalak Reloaded Season 9 ends with this Shaandaar finale episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Total let down. Should hv been a tie between sharmita and faisal

  2. Outstanding proved that talent defines everything..You showed some egoistic,logicless people that blind support doesn’t give anything..its nothing to do with true talent,only empty vessels sounds much..proud of you Faisal..

  3. Faisal u are a true performer
    You are definitely the bestest

  4. U r truely a superstar

  5. Congratulations
    Every one praises fail but vaishanavi is no less
    Both r equally talented

  6. Faisal again proved that he is the best

  7. Yaaayyy faisallll!!!! <3333 omgggg I'm soooo happyyy!! I was all for you since the very beginning! Congrats!!! <3

  8. The excellent trio Faisal Vaishnavi and Vivek Sir. They deserved to be the winners.

  9. Who is the 1st runner up is it sanaya?

  10. Awesome. Faizal rocked.

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