Tere pyar mein… Raglak (Part 7)

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Sanlak were hugging each other very tightly, there wasn’t a point in these five, where they haven’t missed the other.

Lak: (emotionally) Bhai, I missed you so much, so much than that you can imagine. How can you leave me and go? Do you know how tough it was for me without you? Every time I get into a problem, all I could think was about you, but……

Sanskar hugs him tightly.

Ragini gets emotional seeing the two. She could see the love between the two and she was very happy that her Laksh got his brother back? Her Laksh??? She pitied her heart for still thinking him as hers, but whatsoever she was happy witnessing this reunion.

Lak: (cutely) you are so bad Bhai, you left me alone.

Sanskar chuckles, so he is still his baby brother.

San: Sorry Lucky, but… Anyways now I am back,

Lak: And I won’t let you go away from me again.

Sanskar smiles.

San: I was coming home only, but before that this accident,

Only then Laksh thought of the accident, he broke the hug and asked Sanskar about it. Sanskar told him everything, meeting with the accident, Ragini helping him, etc.

Laksh looked at her gratefully, she smiles back. He gets lost in her smile; he had a huge urge of hugging her then and there, but somehow controlled himself.

Before any of the three could say something, the whole Maheswari family, including Dp came inside.

Sanskar was in touch with Ram alone as he was afraid that if he talked to anyone else, then he would breakdown as he misses them. But he needed a support system and it was his Dad.

When Sanskar informed Ram about the accident, he told everyone about this. Dp was still in his ego trip and was not ready to take Sanskar back. But he had to surrender to Ap and Sujatha, as the two mothers raised their voice for their sons. Both of them regretted fot not supporting their sons when they needed them, not any more. And then what can stand in front of mother’s love for her son, hence Dp agreed to take both Sanlak back and also to apologize to Gadodias’ as he knows that Laksh won’t come back until he does so.

Family surrounded Sanskar first and then Laksh, Ragini smiles watching everything.

Dp came to both and apologized and asked them to come back, but Sanlak didn’t pay any heed. Then Ap and Suji requested them, how can they say no to their mothers?

Lak: But I will come home only if,

Dp: I know, I will apologize to Shekar and his family, I know I can’t change the past, but at least I will try to mend the future.

Lash just nodes, and Ragini smiles at Laksh.

Later Dp, Laksh and Ragini heads to badi, while others leaves for MM, after thanking Ragini.



Dp apologize to everyone one by one and also thank them for taking care of Laksh. Even though there was friction between everyone, they all remained quite. Meanwhile Laksh came out with his luggage.

He bid bye to everyone personally.

Swa: (side hugging him) I will miss you Laksh.

Lak: I will miss you too.

Ragini turns to the other side to wipe her tears. How much ever she tries, her stupid heart is not ready to listen her.

Finally Laksh reached her, he forwarded his hand. Ragini hesitated at first, but then shook her hand with him.

Both forgot the world when their hands came to contact, the world freezes for them. Laksh again had an urge to pull her close and hug her tightly, ever letting her to go.

Ragini didn’t wanted their hand to part, she wanted to hold his hand forever, she looked at their hands, their hands fit into each others’ so level, as if it was made for each other only. Then she remembers Swara and quickly draws back her hand.

Laksh looks at her disappointed.

Rag: (faintly) Bye.

Lak: bye,

Dp and Laksh leaves, Swarag looked on sadly.

Late at night, Swara expressed her feelings on Laksh going away to Ragini. She was missing him badly, Ragini simply nodes. It is getting harder for her now, she can’t tell Swara anything, and neither can she listen to Swara’s feelings on Laksh. Somehow she controlled, she was feeling lonely.


Next day:

Swarag were missing Laksh very much. Swara was missing his company.

Even though they don’t talk much, Ragini was missing him badly. Every morning she was able to see him and that lightened her heart, seeing him happy and healthy. But today!

She always used to visit temple in the morning, but today she was feeling something different, she was feeling good at temple, she was feeling his presence around her. And she was confused. Unknowingly, she looked around for him.

Laksh who was watching her till then, hides soon.

Lak: (in mind) I was missing you very badly, every day I used to see you before going for work, how can I change it today? But I don’t want to come in front of you now, because I only want to her a “yes” from you when I propose you. And there is still friction among our families, let it cool down. I will talk to Papa, and then…

He smiled and then he kept watching her until she went away from there. Later he too leaves.

The day went on. Sanskar had applied for leave for one week but now as he wanted to shift, he as asked to take leave for a month.


A week passed by. Everyday Laksh used to go to temple to see Ragini, and she always felt his presence around her, this was confusing her a lot.

Sanskar was fine by now and the et morning, Ap and Suji took him to temple with them. They met Ragini there, Ragsan were very happy to meet each other. They talked happily. Ap and Suji smiles seeing them, but someone was burning seeing them together, at that moment he even forgot that the boy with whom his love is talking is his brother only. At that time, all Laksh wanted was too break his brother’s head. He was not able to hear them.

Ragsan exchanged their numbers and then Ap invited Ragini to MM.

Ragini hesitated, Sanskar who understood this asked her to take her sister along with her and told her that he wanted to meet her as he hasn’t seen her. Ragini smiles and nodes.

Then they all leave the temple.


Later, that night Sanskar called Ragini. Ragini panicked seeing his call, as it was night but she lifted the phone. Because at that time she wanted to talk to someone, because before that she was chatting with Swara and was again hurt by her words. Many times she thought of saying her feelings to Swara, but then stopped as she knows Swara too will feel the same pain which she is going through, and she didn’t want it. But she wanted someone’s support and Sanskar had called her at time only.

She didn’t say anything about her problem, all they did was casual talk only. Sanskar was talking nonstop and she was listening to him.

Sometimes, to calm our mind, someone’s presence alone is needed. We need not talk about our problem to them, they might not even now that we are having some problem, their talks, them being there for us, will calm us down and change our mood.

This was happening with Ragini, Sanskar didn’t even know that she was upset, he called her because he was feeling very connected towards her, and talking to him, she felt assured that there is someone with her, and she was happy.

They have met only twice, but that was enough for making a strong connection between them. For the next week, every night they talk to each other, and their bond was growing stronger by each passing day, they have became special for each other.



Ragini and Swara visited MM by evening. Everyone were having their evening tea when the girls came there. Ap welcomed the in and they too joined the others.

Laksh smiles widely seeing Ragini, but it vanished as soon as she sat beside Sanskar.

Ragsan started to chat. Both were very happy they were seeing each other after a long week.

Laksh was fuming seeing them. He fisted his palm and was giving death glares to Sanskar. Swara was talking with everyone happily, having tea. Everyone was in a jolly mood that no one noticed Laksh, who was in verge of bursting.

After a while,

Rag: Aunty I want to use the wash room.

Ap directed her and she headed towards the washroom. Laksh too got up. He has to clear things with her, he can’t stand Ragsan together.

Before Ragini could enter the washroom she was pulled and then pinned towards the wall. She was shocked by this sudden action and looked front only to meet Laksh’s angry eyes. She was so shocked. What on earth is he doing and why? She was confused too. He was fuming so much that she got scared. He was holding her by her shoulder and it was hurting her.

Rag: (painfully) Lak, Laksh, leave me, you are hurting me.

Laksh calmed a bit hearing her, he removed his hands from her shoulder and kept them on her either sides on the wall, caging her.

Rag: Laksh, wh, what are you doing?

Lak: (fuming) What am I doing? What were you doing? Why were you so friendly with Bhai??

Ragini was utter confused now, it took her a moment to understand what he said.

Rag: Huh?? Why means what? He is my friend, so what if I behave friendly with him.

Lak: I too am your friend, but you were never this free around me, then how and why with Bhai?

Rag: Laksh what are you,

He slaps his hand hardly on the wall, she was scarred even more.

Lak: Answer me.

Rag: (stammers) Laksh, he is my close friend, we connected with each other easily, so,

Laksh was fuming even more now, so she is more connected to her brother, not him.

Lak: (controlling himself) Stay away from Bhai.

Rag: wh, why?

She was very scared by now. He was very upset, jealous seeing her with his brother, that’s why he reacted angrily, but her scary eyes calmed him down. He was regretting being angry on her.

Lak: (emotionally with a pinch of guilt) I can’t see you around with any other men including my brother.

Rag: wh, why??

Lak: (intensely) because I LOVE YOU.


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