Tere Naal Luv Hogaya~ RagLak Chapter 1~Leap

Many years flew away, litlle lucky and ragini had grown up in different countries but with same values none knows how they looks now its been years they hardly talk or seen each other. But at a corner of their heart they still remember loki and naagin, no matters how big you have become you will get peace remembering your childhood only.

In Mumbai:

A big garden is shown where many aged man and women are shown dancing, a girl wearing track suit is shown doing steps and the aged man and women are shown following her.

“Song change”, shouted the girl tucking her hairs behind her ear. Her sparkling eyes are shown.

“Okay no do this,1 2 3 “, says the girl and do some dancing step, the lady and man follows.

“Yeah keep doing this for 5mins”, says the girl and takes out a bottle from her bag. She opens the cap and drinks the water. Her pink lips are shown. She wipes her lips with the back of her hands. She closes her eyes throwing water on her which is dripping down her face and her face is revelas She is Our Ragini.

“Bss ragu i can’t more”, says one lady touching her knees.

Ragini shakes her head and goes towards her.

“No no sweety you have to do this”, says ragini and makes the lady do the step with her.

Some mans stopped as they become tired.

“Ragini beta its tough we can’t do this we are oldies now”, says one man and some agrees.

“Ohoo handsome don’t you all want to stay young and fit and want to dance on your grand childs wedding”, asked ragini keeping her hands on her waist.

“Yes”,replies all nodding.

“Then be like good grand parents and do this you all can do this lets play emmm budho sa mann song and dance”, says ragini excitedly, all nods and claps.

“DJ”, shouts ragini.

A boy wearing yellow shirt and blue shorts nodded and plays a music.

Ragini and all takes her position but stops as they heard the song.

“Chitti ai hai ai hai chitii ai hai”, starts playing.

Everyone looks at each other while ragini turns keeping her hands on her waist and glaring the boy.

“Gutto”, she speaks deadly Nd reveals the boy as gutto played by deven bhojani.

“Sorry dost”,gutto speaks and hurriedly changes the song.

Dabi dabi si hansi honthon pe phansi hai
Gudgudi kar rahi hawa
Oo.. halla macha rahi hai pagal si khwaishein
Khushiyon ki mili hai wajah

Ragini sings spreading her arms and hugging granny from back. All smiles at her

Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch paagalpan hai
Sau baatein karta ye buddhu sa mann hai

Ragini dances along with others

Karne de khwaabon ko badmashiyaan
Chalne de nazron ki manmaniyan
Dhoondhe chalo kuch thikane naye
Hone de pagli-pagli si nadaaniyaan

She takes some ballons and flies in air dancing surrounding by the oldies.

Hosh mein rehna hai kyun
Rehne se hoga kya
Behoshiyon mein hai maza
Oo.. bachkaani harkatein jo hoti hain hone de
Khushiyon ki mili hai wajah

She acts like falling unconscious but gutto hold her on time and make a cute face ragini smiles pulling her cheeks and twirling him.

Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch paagalpan hai
Sau baatein karta ye buddhu sa mann hai

Ragini dances making other’s dancing along with her.

Mausam ne bhi ki hai kuch koshishein
Hone lagi dekho ye baarishien
Sar pe chadha hai yeh kaisa asar
Daude raftaar mein dil ki sab dhadkanein

She does some steps like orignal one followed by gutto and everyone.

Dhun koi chal rahi hai, kaano mein dheeme se
Roshan hai zyada yeh subah
Oo.. halchal jo ho rahi hai seene mein hone de
Khushiyon ki mili hai wajah..

Everyone felta new energy in them they dances enjoying it with Ragini.

Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch paagalpan hai
Sau baatein karta ye buddhu sa mann hai

Ragini crazily dances along with other’s and smiles widely seeing everyone happy.

Songs end and everyone smiles at each other.

Ragini cutely smiles hugging each of them and taking blessing.

“Chalay dost”, asked ragini snaking her arms around gutto who sheepishly smiles and nods. Both smiles and nods
Scene shift

At LonDon ” Night Club”, music is playing loud in bg and people there was dacing crazily In the disco light which is adding the glow in the club. Spot light’s fall on a boy who is surrounding by a girl and dancing with her.

Aa Zara Kareeb Se plays in BG.

The boy holds the girl hand and pulls her towards him hitting his chest, the girl moves back as he leans closer to her. He dances with her sensually the girl was feeling uncomfortable. The boy seems drunk as he tightly holds her wrist and lean closer to her lips.

“Leave me you jerk”, says the girl and tries to push him but he hold her hand and forcefully tries to kiss her.

This scene was seen by one boy who is dancing surrounding by some girls. He smirks seeing the scene.

The boy is about to kiss her when the boy who saw this come keeps card in between.

“Kissing someone that to forcefully show how cheap you are man”,says the boy as he frees the girl hand from boys hand and pushes the boy revealing his face as laksh. He wears black V neck shirt looking hot.

“You how dare you to come in between me n my gf”, shouts the whom laksh stops.

Laksh chuckkles at his statement.

“LOL you and his bf “, says laksh and chuckled looking at the boy who is wearing a torn jeans with torn shirt looking like a complete bikhari in his avatar.

“What’s problem in mee haan many girl’s drool over me and you are laughing”, says the person to laksh proudly.

“Well sorry to say bro but those girl’s really need a eye specialist to check their eyes, they can even date johnny lever but not a beggar like you who looks clown in his so called fashion sense”,says Laksh and again laughs with the girl who is seeing them.

His laugh irked the boy and he makes a fist.

“You are gone”,says the person and hits on laksh nose directly.

As soon the punch hit him he stopped laughing and make a weird face holding his nose which is lightly bleeding.

“Oii maa”, he winced and looks at the boy.

“Kya yar bey bhikari aisa shot koi deta hai, iska bhi ek style hota hai ek art hoti hai you know how”, asked laksh raising his brow the boy looks at him confused before he could figure out something he found himself lying on floor half councious.

“This is called laksh Maheshwari aka luckyzz ka ghazabbb style”,says laksh and blows his fist smirking at the boy he winks at the girl leaving the club.

“Hey stop”, shouts the girl stopping laksh.

Laksh turns smiling.

“Emmm wo i want to ask you something”,asked the girl hesitated.

“I know what you will ask let me guess a date?”,asked laksh raising his brow.

The girl shyly smiles nodding.

“Ahaan so in that case sorry cuz i don’t date anyone nor i make any girl as my friend”, replies laksh smiling.

“But why”,asked the girl upset.

“Because there is someone already in that place I’ll date her and make her my friend as well as friend wali gf yeah I’ll not make her wife but she’ll be my one n only friend after her i cant give that place to anyone of my life”, says laksh and murmurs “none can replace my naagin”. He smiles leaving. The girl follows.

Scene shift

Ragini who is eating gol gappa started chocking hardly. Gutto worrieldy pats her back and make her drink water.

“Are you okay dost what happened don’t you like it today”,asked gutto.

“No dost it’s like someone curse me”, replies ragini.

“But who will curse you,you trouble many people na”,asked gutto.

“Obvio who’ll curse me other then that idiot loki he always curse me whenever i am eating,wish same happens with him”, says ragini and drinks water.

Scene shift

Laksh who drinks water chocked badly.

“Are you okay”,asked the girl who is following him.

“Naaaginiiii”,he shouts as he calms a little.

Scene shift

Ragini spills the water she was drinking.

“Goshh this gorilla loki will never let me eat peacefully”, cruses ragini.

Gutto laughs.

Ragini eyed him confused.

Scene shift

Girl laughs

“What’s laughing in this”,asked laksh annoy as he curses her.

“You were behaving like she is near you and curisng you for cursing her”,says the girl.

Scene shift

“Yeah i know he is near m cursing me as always cuz he is the most useless person in this world”,replies ragini.

“But dost how you know he remembers you still from many years you did not saw nor talk then how can you be so sure it’s him”,asked gutto while ragini smiles.

“Yeah you are right that we did not saw each other nor talked but we both know that we still remember each other in a corner of our heart the little ragini and loki you know gutto i don’t know but i have faith that he is still remember me and curses me like he does in childhood”, replies ragini lost in her own world.

Scene shift

“It’s heart connection madam that you can’t understand i know and have trust that she cant be change and still remember his loki i meannm lucky and from years we did not see each other nor talked but i know she is same as childhood a figher a annoyer and a trouble maker jhalli naagin of mine and soon i am gonna meet her aftet many years “, replies laksh smiling.

The girl shakes her head in his statement and goes from their.

Scene shift

Gutto claps brining Ragini out of her world.

She smiles at him and both goes from their.

“Miss you loki”, thinks ragini remembring their childhood.

Scene shift

“Miss you naagi”, says laksh looking at sky.

Screen splits on both of their faces.


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