Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kailash saying its your marriage, see these decorations and my face’s happiness, I m happy as my daughter has come back and will stay in a good family with respect, you will forget everything, this is a good thing. Vividha smiles and claps. She says you did good planning, did you leave to do this planning, I m already married to Atharv Sujata, I have a daughter and son too, you really got mad while acting mad, I came here to take my son, I will take him and leave, if you see my family, I will kill you.

Atharv hugs Madhav’s school bag and sees his things. He recalls Madhav. He thinks I promised I will never leave you alone, don’t know what to do, I don’t know where you are, where to find you, where are you Vividha.

Kangana imagines Madhav. She cries and recalls Khushi. She thinks why did I not think this before, I know where is Madhav. She goes out and hires an auto. She leaves. Vividha calls out Madhav. Kailash stops her and asks her not to be kiddish, try to listen about the guy once, you will forget everyone, he is one in a million. She asks Madhav to come out and looks for him.

Atharv says this is Madhav’s fav car, if he comes back, he will try to find remote. He looks for the remote. He finds the remote in burnt state. Vividha asks Madhav to come out. Kailash says the guy is very rich, listen. She asks him to stop his nonsense. Kangana comes somewhere and looks for Madhav. She cries.

Vividha says this won’t happen, I m married, I will not remarry, if you force me, you will be badly caught, stop this drama. She hits the kalash pot. Kailash says this is abshagun, I have brought this puja plate for you, if you are Madhav’s mum, its bad for him, you take Madhav, if anything happens to him, then what, I m worried for you, have some water, I will not tell anything, don’t think I m threatening you, just have this. She drinks the water.

Atharv looks around in the burnt room. He finds a wallet. He checks it. He says why is Kailash having this card, even the address is wiped off, where will he be. Vividha meets Madhav and hugs him. She asks are you fine. He says yes, that bad uncle scared me and said he will kill you. She says nothing will happen, come we will go home to Atharv. She takes him. Kangana looks for Madhav and recalls…. FB shows Kangana asking Kailash how can I do this. He asks her to take risk, he will support her. She says I will do anything to get my son.

He says I will get your son, you should get him, they did big mistake to steal your son, you should punish them. She agrees and asks why are you helping me. He says everything is not done for profits, some things are done for person’s dreams, I have to fulfill my dream, Vividha did some mistakes in the past and I think she should rectify it, you go to her house, everything has a time destined, you will get your son there. FB ends. Kangana says what does he want, why is he doing this with me, he wanted Vividha to remarry, Vividha went to Atharv after marrying Ravish, what does he want now.

Vividha asks Kailash to open the lock. Kailash says this door won’t open. She says I will call police, police will open the door. Kailash asks her to use the landline. She gets dizzy. Madhav asks what happened. Kailash smiles. He asks her why does she not understand him, he has no option and had to do this. He says I don’t lose, I just like winning, so I can’t hear your no, its the effect of this water. She asks Madhav not to worry. Madhav asks her to open eyes. Vividha faints.

Its morning, Vividha is not in senses. The girls make her ready as the bride. Kailash sends the girls and talks to Vividha. He says the day has come, you will get happiness, you are not valuing me, just marry once and then see, you will say I did this for good, you will be very happy, understand this, I got you married before also, just marry now. She says its wrong, I m already married. He says I agree, but you did mistake, its not called marriage, its time to rectify the mistake, I will not let you miss this chance. Madhav gets angry hearing him. Kailash tells about the guy Vivek, his parents are no more, none will trouble you there. She says Atharv will come, you just see, he won’t let this happen. Kailash goes. Madhav says I have to save mumma, what to do, I will call Papa.

Atharv says it means Kailash went to Ajmer with Vividha and Madhav, but why. Kangana says he wants to get Vividha married to someone. Kailash says Atharv was given slow poison, he would have gone to heaven by now. Atharv falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sreelekshmi

    Today’s episode is superbbbb today also there was no scenes of Atharv and Kailash clash waiting for that episode I think Atharv and vividha will remarry

  2. Sunanda12345

    Nyc episode ??

  3. Vigneswari

    now how will he save vividha ???
    what will happen next???

  4. Vimala12345

    i want vitharv scenes. I think they show these 3 days saving vividha and they went to ajmer and last recalling past.

  5. Usha

    Only 3 days left. Still dragging .
    Don’t know why these cvs r playing with our emotions.
    I think may be tmrw also they will never show kk’s death. That may be on the last day : MEANS NO VITHARV MOMENTS WILL LEFT FOR US.
    Really Disgusting .

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Hi ushaa di, I’m a big fan of jndsd, VITHARV,shivik….
      But commenting here for first time.I was a silent reader here….
      Saw ur nostalgic post yesterday that’s y I commented today.
      Was following from 1st epi, I saw the first episode in repeat timings 11am.
      Then I became a big fan & began watching every telecast+ hotstar.
      I resumed following for some time but still came back.
      This serial is very much nostalgic serial.for me & the song too??

      Will always love VITHARV & shivika??

    2. Usha

      Hi Shraddha , u r right.
      Yesterday my cmnts r had some nostalgic feelings.
      I was strongly addicted to this show as well as this tu page , means i got many friends from here.
      And this was really a surprise for me.
      Yah many one were interested in jndsd after watching Phase 1&2.Bt gradually lost interest with off track of the show and they stopped watching jndsd.
      A best example is my sis. She was the one who made me watching phase 1episodes through her phone. Bt after the 4 year leap , she lost interest and stopped watching .
      Bt some of us r still here , we couldn’t leave jndsd even at the time of off track .
      Actually don’t know why , may due to the hang over of phase 1 .Anyway now show is going to end .
      This completely broken my heart .
      Leave it Shraddha , when i started writting abt this i will never stop.
      Anyway happy to see another Vitharv / Shivik fan here.
      Nice to meet u .

    3. Manju..xyz

      Usha. Ya .I also feeling so much angry. I had been waiting for some happy vitharv moments for 5 days .2 days already gone .Now nly 3 days remain. Whats wrong with this cvs ? Why r they dragging srl unnessassirly at this last moments too.
      For 2 days they r showing irrelevant things instead of complete vividha -kk confrontation. And I can’t understand how can atharv be so patient when Madhav & vividha r missing from one day & night ??
      Why did sujatha prevent atharv from searching vivi?
      Sunjiv puri said that there is some vitharv tabela romance. But I have no hope .Bcz day by day distance bw vitharv is increasing. There is no proper scns bw vitharv for almost 2 week. And I m sure tomorrow also they will dragg epsd with some another new unnecessary things.
      I also think atharv -kk confrontation will be in last day and kk dies on last day .
      And I have doubt of vitharv remarriage.
      Bcz kk never let atharv to prevent vividha’s marriage with unknown person easily. There must be a fight bw atharv -kk.Then atharv has to kill kk .So after kks death I don’t think they show vitharv remarriage.
      Or if they will remarry after kks death ? After kks death what will be atharvs fate ?
      If he don’t go jail ? Or someone else will kk instead of atharv ? Or again some leap ?

      Don’t know actually. But here we r counting the remaining days eagerly for some happy moments. But there they r wasting remaining days as much as possible. They don’t know the remaining days r how much precious for us .Totally disappointing. They r still nt ready to consider our feelings in this last moment too.Such a pathetic ppl .

    4. Usha

      Manju , yah me too heard of Sanjiv puri’s words abt tabela romance.
      He also said KK’s death will be in second last day or last day ,ie , Atharv’s last dialouge with kk: Tuche Ravan bann ne ka shock hena …………………
      Me too have the same dbt : If Atharv will kk , then he would go to jail , right ?
      Then how vitharv’s happy family will happen ?
      Don’t know da , actually these cvs bcm really mad with the show . They were in a hurry to wind up shooting. That’s why they r using only flash back scenes to fill up the entire episodes.
      I think no quality scenes didn’t shoot till now except kk’s death by Atharv.
      Bt one thing : I like to watch kushi calling Vitharv , as mummy – papa .
      These stupid cvs will never give those beautiful moments also . Sure
      Anyway only 3 days :
      Me too think that they will show another leap , may be in the last day.
      We r addicted to this show na ? So we should tolerate these craps also.
      Good Morning & Have a nice day

  6. o god I can’t express my feelings that how much I will miss vividha atharva and shivik bonding just crying in every episode by seeing their love which will not be seen after 30 june o god hope I restart in zee anmol only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  7. I think Atharva saving vividha from another marriage and Kailash death will be the last episode of this serial..bcz in the last interview given by Shivik vividha was wearing the same bridal saree she wore today…if that happens very bad ending I should say

  8. Usha

    @@@Rethu . Actually my friend’s name is also Rethu. I didn’t hear this name any where bfr. Even my other frnds also didn’t know any one with this name.
    Rethu is ur real name ? Or nick name ?
    Anyway happy to see another jndsd fan here .Bt fact is that we r meeting in these last days. Bt that’s ok.
    Nice to meet u .

    1. Nice meeting u too… rethu is my own name.. you can consider me also as ur friend…

    2. Usha

      Thank u Rethu. From today we r friends : JNDSD TU friends.
      Good Morning & Have a nice day

  9. Nice episode:-) 🙂 🙂

    They are making the show interesting at the last minute.. they could have done it before.. then the show might not have this fate..

    Feeling very bad.. only 3 days to go.. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  10. Actually till now I didn’t understand why the show is going off air.. there are so many stupid shows are rounding for years…
    why they are ending at the middle..

    Vitharv are just married.. from the day of marriage to till today only tensions are going on.. they didn’t show any of vitharv family moments properly.. now ending..
    What they wanted to show ? If anyone married by their own wish…will not get peaceful life….??

  11. Super episode …
    But for sure there will not be any vitharv moments.. because as per the pace of show , the kk’s end would be jndsd’s end..

    For vitharv moments…
    We have to live in phase 1.. nothing more to happen

  12. Oh no not again i hate this stupid kailash he is so evils i want to see my Vividha atharv and there happy family
    Vividha atharv
    Atharv vividha
    Vividha atharv
    Atharv vividha
    Vividha atharv
    Atharv vividha
    I don’t want to end this program i Will miss this to couple so much please God save Vividha atharv Jodi what u all say my friends i love u both so much i don’t know how Will i stay whiteout you both i am big fans of vividha and atharv

  13. I think manga a will reach to save Madhav n vividha n she will end up killing kk or he will kill her

  14. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! This is like a nightmarish adult fairy tale where the bad guys have supernatural power to inflict any damage they want against the good guys. At the end, only by divine intervention, the good guys find their way to happiness. Kailash has the power to make anything happen!! The rest of the cast, including Vividha, Atharva, and all the others are just helpless puppets at his mercy!! How can this have any semblance to credibility?

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