Tere jaisa yaar kaha – No friends are like you (Part 3)

Hii everyone I am uploading the last part of this ff .
Tere jaisa yaar kahan part 3

Recap – Jigar gets to know disha is marrying anand for money .


Jigar goes to anand and tells him that preist has come to finalize the date of wedding.

Anand and jigar go down stairs

They finalise the date

Anand , jigar to to their Bachelorette party in london

Jigar calls anandi there and tells her everything about what disha’s real intentions are.

Anandi – Anand loved her so much and how can she ??!!

But anandi refused to help

On the day of marriage …..

Anand to jigar on the mandap

Either she or me

Anand chooses jigar and anandi enters

They get married and disha looks them

Anand anandi getmarried . Anand apologises anandi for breaking up .

Everyone is happy . For them .

Jigar also gets married to( ayesha singh) malini

AnAn enjoyed their honeymoon lived years together

Looked up to their generations

They lived happily ever after .

Please do share your review . You favorite momenta and the plot . I will soon start a new ff . Any sugeestions please??
The end

  1. Jasminerahul

    Good that jigar told about disha to anandi.but why did anandi refuse to help him?glad that anand chose jigar over disha. Surprised that anandi came there n anaan got married.did anandi come there because jigar called her there?is jigar the one who got anaan married?liked anand apologizing to anandi for breaking up.surprising that jigar also got married.
    My favourite part was anaan marriage.i am shocked that you ended this story fast.i wish you has written this story in detail with more anaan scenes.

  2. Revu

    Anaan marriage was cuter one. Disha’s true face is revealed. But why you ended it so fast ? Next time please don’t end ffs so soon. Also please write some romantic scenes of the leads. Can you please write for Anubhav and Gungun -Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se. The show just spoiled the beauty of their bonding. I want to see a genuine story of them. If possible please write an FF for AnuGun

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