The land of Zombies TwiRaj Vijay Hina TS Part 3(The last part)

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The land of Zombies Part 3

The credit for the Yuvraj-Twinkle collages goes to the real editors.

Hina grabbed Twinkle’s hand and took her to another room.

Hina:Dr.Twinkle,before I die,I want to tell you about my last wish.After I leave this world,my Yuvi bhaiyya should not be alone.Only you can give me a company.Because Yuvi bhaiyya loves you.

Twinkle was shocked.


Hina:Yes..Yuvi bhaiyya loves you a lot.

Twinkle was stunned.

She thought:So that’s why after meeting Kunj,he started going away from me.

Twinkle became upset.

Hina:Promise me that you will not leave Yuvi bhaiyya alone.Please Twinkle…I request you.

Twinkle held her hand and said emotionally:Even if not as a life partner,I will be with him as a good friend.



Hina looked at her emotionally.

Hina thought:I wish you also love him Twinkle.

Hina and Twinkle went back to the doctor’s room.

Doctor:You all listen to me carefully.What I am going to tell about Hina will surprise you.

They were stunned.

Doctor:Though the Zombie bit Hina,she has not turned into a Zombie yet.That means she has resistance. She will be able to help them in finding the vaccine as she has the required antibodies and immunity.

They were surprised and happy.

Hina smiled:That means I won’t die?

Doctor smiled:No.You are one of the rare people who is resistant to this virus.So you will not turn into a zombie nor will anyone kill you.

They became very happy.Yuvraj,Hina and Vijay hugged each other.


Yuvraj smiled tearfully:Nothing has happened to you.My little sister is going to be the saviour of millions of people.

Hina smiled emotionally.

Vijay looked at her emotionally.

Vijay:I have heard that love can defeat any storm.Now it’s been proved.Our love has fought against the destiny and the bitterness of life successfully.Our love won Hina.It’s miracle gifted to us by God.Nothing can separate us.


She smiled nodding her head.

Har dua mein shamil tera pyaar hai
Bin tere lamha bhi dushwar hai
Dhadkanon ko tujhse hi darkar hai
Tujhse hai rahatein
Tujhse hai chahatein

They embraced each other.

Har dua mein shamil tera pyaar hai
Bin tere lamha bhi dushwar hai
Dhadhkon ko tujhse hi darkar hai
Tujhse hai rahatein
Tujhse hai chahatein(Race).

Twinkle went out.Suddenly Zombies ran towards her.She ran and hid in a shed.She rang up Kunj.

Kunj:Hello Twinkle!


Twinkle:Kunj,I am stuck here.Some zombies are following me.Please save me.

Kunj was shocked:Where are you now?

Twinkle told him where she was.

Kunj:I really love you Twinkle.But I am practical.If I come there to save you,I will be putting myself in danger.If anything happens to me,my family will be alone.So I can’t come there Twinkle.Please forgive me.I really feel sad.But I am helpless.

Twinkle became upset.

Twinkle:I don’t know whether I will survive or not.But before I die,I want to tell you something Kunj.Our relationship has no meaning.So I am ending it here.It’s all over.

Kunj became upset:Twinkle!

She cut the call and cried.

Suddenly the Zombies tried to get inside the shed.



She screamed in fear.

Suddenly she noticed Yuvraj fighting with the zombies.She could not believe her eyes.



Yuvraj shot them with his gun and went towards Twinkle.


Twinkle:How did you reach here?

Yuvraj:My heart told me that you are in danger.So I searched for you and reached here.

She looked at him emotionally hearing this.



Yuvraj cupped her face in his hands and asked:Are you alright?Did they attack you?

Twinkle:When you are there as a saviour,how will they attack me?

Yuvraj was relieved.

Twinkle:My own fiance did not bother about me when my life was in danger.But you risked your own life to save me.Why?

Yuvraj said emotionally:You only told me that we are friends.Can’t I save my friend?

Twinkle:Just a friend or more than a friend?

Yuvraj was stunned by her question.

Twinkle:Because only a lover can do this and a person can do this only for his lover.Say Yuvi.

Yuvraj was silent.



Twinkle:Atleast now you tell me what’s in your heart.Stop suppressing your emotions.

Suddenly Yuvraj burst out:Yes,I love you Twinkle.I can even sacrifice my life for you.

Twinkle kept her palm on his mouth and said:Don’t talk about sacrificing your life.I don’t like that.You should live long.



They shared a deep eye lock.



She took her palm off his lips.

Twinkle:If you love me so much,why did you start avoiding me?

Yuvraj:I purposefully tried to move away from you as I did not want to be an obstacle in your life with Kunj.Because I knew that you both love each other a lot.

Twinkle became emotional.

Twinkle:Kunj does not love me.He proved that today.

Yuvraj was shocked.

Twinkle:I agreed to marry Kunj only because my brother Veer chose him for me,not because I love him.But I would not have agreed to marry Kunj if I had known that you love me.Because I used to love you secretly.

Yuvraj was shocked:What?

Twinkle:Yes Yuvi.I loved you.But I thought that you consider me only as your friend.That’s why I agreed to marry Kunj.But today I broke up with Kunj.

Yuvraj was stunned.

Twinkle:Infact still I love you.

Yuvraj became so emotional that he embraced her.





The doctors found the required antidote from Hina’s body to make vaccine and started dealing with the virus.Slowly the state got cured of the virus and Zombies too disappeared completely.

Yuvraj-Twinkle and Vijay-Hina got married on the same mandap.


At night…

To his surprise,Twinkle came wearing an attractive red gown.Yuvraj could not take his eyes off her.

Twinkle sat on his lap giving him a romantic look.They looked at each other passionately.

Yuvraj caressed her face romantically.

Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali(Miruthan)

Vijay decorated the terrace and waited for Hina there.

Hina arrived wearing a grand pink outfit.

Vijay was mesmerized by her beauty.

Tu jo mili ek din mujhe
Mein kahin ho gaya lapata
O jaan-e-jaan dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa bhool ja, ah-ah
O jaan-e-jaan dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa bhool ja, ah-ah

Vijay:Guess the Princess from the heaven came to the earth by mistake.

Hina smiled:No.The princess did not come to the earth by mistake.Purposefully she came here to be with her Prince.And that Prince is you Vijay.

He smiled.

Kar diya deewana dard-e-khas ne
Chain cheena ishq ke ehsaas ne
Bekhayali di hai tere pyaas ne
Chaya suroor hai
Kuch to zaroor hai

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Kar diya deewana dard-e-kash ne
Chain cheena ishq ke ehsaas ne
Bekhayali di hai tere pyaas ne
Chaya suroor hai
Kuch to zaroor hai

Vijay:You look so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off you.

She looked down shyly.



Yeh dooriyan jeene na de
Haal mera tujhe na pata
O jaan-e-jaan dono jahaan
Meri bahon mein aa bhool ja, ah-ah
O jaan-e-jaan dono jahaan
Meri bahon mein aa bhool ja, ah-ah

He held her hand and made her sit for dinner.They both had dinner feeding each other.



O jaan-e-jaan dono jahaan
Meri bahon mein aa bhool ja, ah-ah


Then they danced romantically.

Baby, I love you, baby, I love you
Baby, I love you, baby, I love you so
Baby, I love you, ooh, I love you
Baby, I love you, I love you(Race).

Yuvraj embraced Twinkle from behind.

Hey munnal kadhali
En munnal kadhali
Evanodo pogirai
Poyi neeyum vazhadi

Yuvraj:Hey my sweet wife!

Twinkle:Yes my dear husband…

Valiyirundhum sogam illai
Unmel thuli kopam illai
Penne nee illamal en
Ethirkaalam thooram illai

Yuvraj:I am tired after my work.Give me the medicine for get rid of stress.

She blushed.

Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Un poigal thantha thithippil
Mayangi kidanthaen

She looked at his face and claimed his lips.


Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Unmai kasakkum velaiyil
Mayakkam thelinthaen

Twinkle was waiting for Yuvraj.She was irritated as he had not reached home yet.

But finally Yuvraj came from behind.

Twinkle:Hey Twinkle!

She stared at him angrily.

Yuvraj:Sorry Twinkle…

Twinkle:You are so late Yuvi.

Yuvi:Sorry Twinkle.You know my job.It’s just like your job.Any time we may get stuck up in the work.

Suddenly she smiled.

Twinkle:I know that Yuvi.I just faked anger.

Yuvraj was relieved.

Yuvraj:I knew that.

They embraced each other.

Yuvraj:Anyways..get ready.We are going for a dinner date.

Twinkle was excited:Yes sure…


(Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali)

Yuvraj and Twinkle went to a restaurant for dinner.

They enjoyed their date by feeding each other.

(Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali)

Yuvraj and Twinkle did a romantic salsa dance together at a party.

(Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali)

Yuvraj and Twinkle looked at the starry sky.

Yuvraj:Twinkle,if you want to make a wish,what will you wish for?

Twinkle smiled sweetly.

Twinkle folded her hands closing her eyes.

Twinkle:God,please keep Yuvi and me together forever.

He smiled cutely.

Twinkle looked at him.


Twinkle:I don’t have any other wish Yuvi.My only wish is to be with you always.When the Zombies tried to attack me,I feared whether I will not be able to see you at all.But God blessed me and that’s why I am with you now.I don’t want to lose you at all.

Yuvraj became emotional.

Yuvraj-Twinkle shared a romantic eye lock.

Yuvraj:Well…you have a surprise.We could not go for our honeymoon yet as we both got busy.But since we both got free time now,I have arranged a honeymoon trip for us.

Twinkle was excited:Really?I am so happy Yuvi.

She embraced him.


(Munnal kadhali

Munnal kadhali

Munnal kadhali

Munnal kadhali


They went for honeymoon and enjoyed the sight seeing.They took selfies to cherish their romantic honeymoon as a beautiful memory.


(Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali
Munnal kadhali(Miruthan).


The end.


  1. Ishana_stories

    Wow!! This episode was really good!! As I expected, hina’s body has resistance to the virus. Glad to see that she will be alive. Shocked to see that Kunj refused to help Twinkle but Yuvi came in time and saved her. Their moment was really emotional when she asked him to confess his feelings and he did. Surprised to see that Twinkle too loved him back from the start. So happy for them!! This was my favorite scene.
    Vijay saying that today it got proved that love conquers everything was so emotional. I really liked Twinkle’s and Yuvi’s character in this story as they are both righteous and honest and dedicated towards their work. My favourite jodi was Twinkle and Yuvi. the ending was beautiful!

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.

  2. Revu

    Beautiful ending to the unique story. Hina requesting Twinkle to stay with her bhai yuvi always and twinkle promising even though not as life partner but always as a friend she wil stay with him forever was so heart touching. Happy that Hina is out of danger and her body has resistance power too. After getting to know about it Vijay and Hina moment was so good , that was one of the best scene of this episode . Twinkle got scared by Zombies and hiding in a shed was so scary. She called Kunj for help but he is selfish which I didn’t expected. Surprising that Yuvraj came there and fought with Zombies , that was a heroic entry. After saving Twinkle from Zombie and later their convo was so well penned. That was my favourite scene of this episode , especially when she asked not just a friend or something else . Twinkle too loved Yuvi from beginning was really surprising . Still I love you Yuvi and Yuvi hugging her was so emotional. My favourite pair was both TwiRaj and Vijay Hina. All of them truely loved their partners that’s why I liked them. Happy that antidodes worked and Zombies were vanished . Ending romantic scenes , honey moon were written so beautiful with lovely pics. My favourite character was Hina. Because she loved her lover and bhai so much . Last episode when she pleading Kill me I will turn to Zombie was so touching. She had enough guts to say that before her brother and lover . Also she opened the truth to Twinkle about Yuvi’s love. For these reasons I liked her very much.Overall a good work

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much for the long comment.

  3. Wow🤩😍amazing episode…… When twinkle tell yuvi about her feeling was the best scene.. Nd hina requesting twinkle for staying with yuvi forever was a bit emotional….. Nd the best thing is it’s o twiraj fiction….. I am biggest fan of zain imam❤❤❤….. Nd images of yuvi is also very cute…… I also like vijay and hina together….. I wish wo naagin main bhi pair hota… But …. Anyways story is awesome😊😊😊… Keep it upp….. Bring some more stories of zain imam… With cute pictures…. Thanks for a amazing story…. ❤

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.

  4. Jia Toshi

    Amazing end and awesome story..💖💖. The twist was really superbb.. both the couple’s marriage and romantic scene was really nice. Twinkle’s confession was nice..this kunj is one idiot who just cares for himself..😑

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