Tere Ishq Mein Fanna – a Beyhadh FF (Part 1)

Tere Ishq Mein Fanna

Author’s Note- Hey everyone Here’s my Aaya fanfic. This story is inspired from Twilight and Pyaar ki yeh ek Kahani ( if anyone remembers that show). In this story Vandana is Arjun’s real mother. And later in this story characters from pyaar ki yeh ek kahani will also appear
A red car pulled outside an old house and a lady and two men exit

Vandana: (looking emotionally at the house) I never thought, I would return to this place. This house has so many loving memories of your papa and me

Arjun: (looking bored) Why did Papa choose this Bhoot Bangla as his dreamhouse?

Ayan- bhai is right ma. We can’t stay here.

Vandana: Quite bhai’s chamche. We’re here to restore this house and for your information Arjun was born here.

Vandana rungs the neighbor’s bell and the door is opened by a young girl around Arjun’s age

Girl: yes?

Vandana: uh Prem ji?

Girl- Papa there’s a woman asking for you.

Immediately a man wearing kurta pajama appeared. A huge smile come to his lips

Prem: Vandana bhabhi what a pleasant surprise. Suman look who’s here

Prem welcome everyone while Suman hugs Vandana. Arjun and Ayan touch Prem and Suman’s feet. Everyone have tea

Vandana: so Saanjh beta, what are you doing these day?

Saanjh: I’m studying law aunty. I want be a lawyer

Vandana: (slaps Arjun’s back) Kuch seekh isse!

Everyone laughs except Arjun who sulked.

Arjun: (looking at Saanjh) dose this place have anything good

Saanjh: of course it has

With Prem’s permission the Saanjh along with Arjun,Ayan and Shubh went out. On the other side in a large mansion a woman approached a girl whose back is turned to her.

Jahnavi : Maya I talked to the Raichands they’ll be here to take you.
Maya gets up abruptly and look her mother in eyes

Maya: I’m not going anywhere maa
Jahnavi: try to understand I’m doing it for your own safety. What if he comes back?

Maya: (looking confident) he can’t harm us. I gave him a reason to fear our kind

On the other side of the city a lame man approach some local people showing them Maya’s photo. They shook their heads. Then one man nodded and point at the direction

Ashwin: (looking at his deformed leg then Maya’s photo) Let’s the chase began Princess Maya

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