Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti tricks everyone to enroll into Doberman security agency

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

16 Aug

Tiwari on call says I have fired Tilu so give him no payment,he says but Tilu has taken 4500, Tiwari says ok and get angry. Anguri says take Tilu bhaiya back on job,Tiwari says he misbehaves with me,she says because you didn’t give him salary,Tiwari says don’t interfere and if I scold you will be hurt. Tikka Tilu malkhan make a fake call to Anguri,Tilu says god bhabhiji and prays I respect bhabhiji but Tiwari I hate him and says I will kidnap you tonight,Anguri says what you will kidnap me why,twirai takes the call,Tilu abuses him and says do whatever you can I shall kidnap your wife tonight.

Anguri starts crying and says he will kidnap me tonight,Vibhuti hearing all this from door,walks in and says you look worried,Tiwari says a goon just now threatened us saying he shall kidnap Anguri,Vibhu says don’t worry I’m here,Tiwari says what will you do we shall inform happu Singh,Vibhu says that fatty,don’t worry I shall help out, I will be her body guard, Anguri says yes good idea,Tiwari says how much will you charge ,Vibhu says I take 3000 per day,but Seeing your middle class status I shall take 2000, Tiwari says we get guards at 100 per day get lost,Vibhu says I’m all round commando,Anguri says really,Tiwari says you are good at faking,Vibhu says look bhabhiji he finds money important than you,greedy man,Anguri says he is so right,you don’t love me,let me call Amaji.Tiwari says stop 1000 final,Vibhu says deal.

Tikka disguised,Vibhu says go tikka attack,tikka as African, master on call says yes I shall get jalebi on my way back,he goes to master dancing and snatches his packet of money and runs away,Vibhu walks to master and asks what’s wrong,master says he stole my money,Vibhu doesn’t let master get tikka,master says I shall go lodge complain,Vibhu says he will ask bribe and make a deal with that thief instead,I shall help,role under Doberman security agency,master asks how much,Vibhu says 250, master says 50 ,Vibhu says I knew it and calls out guard ,tikka rushes to him,Vibhu says you are appointed as his guard.

Vibhu walks to table,and sees tikka malkhan Tilu finished all food. They praise Vibhu and say you are in wrong profession you should be a chef you cook so good,Vibhu says why didn’t you leave any food for Anita,tikka says where does she eat anything,Anita says yes I don’t I survive in grass,Vibhu says baby I shall make you daal and rice.

Anita says Vibhu please hinge tadka in daal ,Tilu says there’s no grocery in house,Vibhu says I shall make salad,Anita says okay add some lemon,malkhan says tikka ate all,Anita says shut up I shall die hungry and Vibhu your staff I’m not liking it and leaves.tilu says does that mean we are thrown out. Vibhu says we need to make Anita insecure and only then you can stay here,do one thing go to her grooming class and misbehave go disguised and soon she will learn our importance and soon appoint us.

Anguri scared at night,Tiwari says no one can touch you,Vibhu walks in through window,Anguri says good you came,I was waiting for you,Tiwari says is this a way you enter,you are giving goons an idea,Vibhu says shut up go down and sleep,its as per our rules,we can trust no one,Anguri says but he is my husband why will he harm me,Tiwari says you go and guard at door,Vibhu says bhabhiji your security is our business and responsibility and so I need to stay here at this door and Tiwari has to go down,Tiwari says no I won’t,Tiwari gets a call from Tilu,a fake call,he says so you sleep in bedroom,beware I shall kidnap you keep a watch at window and I shall abduct you beat you to death,Vibhu asks so where will you sleep,Tiwari says I shall sleep down.vibhu says bhabhiji before i count to three go to sleep,Anguri sleeps ,Vibhu looks at her.

Anguri is eve teased by men in market,Vibhu jumps in and saves her,both run hand in hand,she winks at Vibhu,Vibhu says don’t be scared I’m with you,Vibhu with his gun shoots,a song plays and both lost into each other,Anguri blows him flying kiss,Vibhus bullets are over and he is shot down,Anguri shouts vibhutiji hello why are you dancing,Vibhu realises it was a dream.vibhu says nothing and leaves .

Anita leaves her grooming classes,tikka Tilu Saxena malkhan say we are here to have fun with you,Anita says really sure go ahead,come one by one,Tilu goes first, Anita slaps him hard,and he falls down,Saxena says I like it,Anita says yes come go ahead,malkhan says don’t take me lightly.anita pulls his hair,and plucks them hard,Vibhu watching feels pity.malkhan picks all his plucked hair and on floor crying,Vibhu says Anu is so ruthless,tikka goes dancing to Anita,Anita gives a nice hard punch in his stomach,tikka flat in slow motion,Saxena gives Anita a stick and says hit me,I said hit me.anita throws the stick and leaves,Saxena gets upset and starts crying.

All four go to Vibhu,Vibhu says what kind of men you are,you got hit by her,tikka says why didn’t you tell bhabhiji is so strong,Tilu says she is karate champion,Vibhu says I bare her everyday,tikka says I don’t want any halwa from bhabhiji,Vibhu says calm down boys,go change I shall make you halwa.

Pre cap : Ayushmann and Kristi Shanon dance along with Vibhu and guards and Anita Tiwari Anguri.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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