Tere ishq me jana – swaragsan-Epiosde 1

Thanks for ur comments friends. I was about to update tomorrow. But can’t stop myself. So today only doing.
Let’s start

Sanskar gets a call
San: hello
Op: …
San: ok, I will meet you tomorrow. Come to mansion.

Next morning
(Friends.. let me tell you. right now sanskar is living in London)
San: hello uncle,sudden surprise. Any important matter?
Shekhar gadodia(manager of sanskar, handles his all buiseness in India)
She: Nothing important sir, it’s been long time that you visited India. So I came to tell you to come and see all your companies and factories in India.
San: uncle, first of all stop calling me sir. You are elder to me. And about coming to India.. there is no need of that. Becoz I know, you very well handle everything there.
She: but sir..(interrupted)
San: uncle.. again?
She: ok. Sanskar beta you haven’t visited India once also. At least come once and have a look at your buiseness. Workers don’t even know how Thier boss look like. So want you to come there once. Please . For me at least.
San: ok uncle. Only for you I am coming. After two days I’ll be in India.
She: thanku beta. I’ll leave now.
San: ok uncle.

In car Shekhar with his friend
Friend: shekhar, who is he? Your boss?
He’s very young.
She: yes. He’s only son of durgaprasad maheshwari. His father did everything for him. Left big property behind him. After his death, I am only managing everything.
Sanskar has finished his MBA. Not having interest in buiseness.already he’s having large amount of property of his dad. From 3 yrs he’s living in london.
Friend: means, he’s just spending his dad’s money.?
She: he’s gud by nature. And by heart too. Just his young age. It’ll take time for him to take all responsibility.
Well.. restaurant came, let’s have lunch.

After two days.
Sanskar reaches his mansion. He gets fresh.
As he finishes his breakfast shekhar comes.
She: gud mrng beta. Welcome to India.
San: gud mrng uncle. For your sake I came here. Tell me what work I have to do. I’ll finish it and Wil leave.
She: arrey.. just now you came and talking about going.
San: I don’t want to stay here. My all friends are there.
She: ok ok. As u wish.
Go and visit all your companies and factories. And workers. You should know about your buiseness.
San: uncle, when you are here, I am tension free. For you, I’ll go and visit.
She: he’s Milan. He’ll assist you. Till you are in India , he’ll be with you all the time. He’ll give you details of companies as u visit.
Mil: gud mrng sir.
San: gud mrng.
Let’s start our work. Let’s go.
Mil: ok sir.

They both visited companies and were moving towards other company, they got stuck in traffic.
San: oh man, this is what I don like. Don know how much have to wait.
Mil: this is only India sir. Don worry, you will be habituated.
San: no way. I am not going to stay here. I’ll just move back to London after finishing work.

Just he hears bangles sound. He saw in that direction. A girl of 23 was trying to stop auto. She was wearing blue and white mix salwar. Long earrings. Holding books in one hand. And trying to stop auto with other hand. Sanskar got mesmerized. Got lost in her beauty. Her eyes, which were seemed like tensed. Dust went into her eyes. She started rubbing her eyes slowly. Sanskar got fully lost in her simple beauty.
(Guess the girl). It’s swara.
Sanskar was about to go and meet her. Signal became green, and all vehicles started moving. He took his mobile out and took her photo. Again when he saw she disappeared.

Whole day sanskar was thinking about her only. In all persons he was seeing her only.

Sanskar was waiting for his juice. He saw swara coming holding glass of juice. She came near to him. She asked which flavour you want sir? Mango or orange?.
San: you here? You know I was thinking of you only all the time. Where u disappeared.
He got reply… Sir i am with you only. I din disappear.
It was Milan.
Sanskar was imagining. He came out of imagination.
Mil: well sir, why were you thinking about me? (Showing his teeth) do you like me so much?
San: shut up. I was thinking about that girl.
I think m in love with her. I want to marry her. But how do I know where is she? Who is she?
Mil: don worry sir. I’ll find out that girl.

San pov:
In my life I never gone through such feeling. M restless since I saw her. Where r u? When will I see u again.

He slept thinking of her.
After two days
Mil: gud news sir.
San: what happened?
Mil: guess sir. We found that girl.
San: what? Really?(he got very happy)
Who is she? What’s her name? From which city?
Mil: (seeing his excitement) wait wait sir.. I can see love for her in your eyes.
San: now Tel me fast.
Mil: sir she’s our manager Shekhar gadodia’s daughter. Swara gadodia.
San: What? Shekhar uncles daughter? Such a small world.
Mil: sir. R u really serious about her?
San: glares at him and says. Come let’s go to uncle’s home.
Mil: why sir? We can call them here only.
San: idiot. He’s going to be my father in law. I’ll go and ask her hand for marriage.
Mil in mind: father in law? Sir is so fast.
San: come fast.
Mil: coming sir.

@shekhar home
Sanskar enters in his home calling uncle
Shekhar surprised to see him in his home.
She: sanskar! You here? Any work beta? You would have informed me, I would have come. Why you came?
San: (smiling)why uncle? Can’t I come to your home?
She: no beta . Not like that. You are always welcome. It’s your home only.

Mil: Shekhar sir. U got bumper prize. Sir want to marry your daughter. U r very lucky.
San: glares at him angrily then look towards Shekhar.
Uncle, right now don see me as your boss. I came to you as a boy who loves your daughter madly and want to marry her.
Shekhar got shocked by hearing his words.

She: what are u telling sanskar?
San: yes uncle. I want to marry swara. If u give me permission.
She: ???

Will shekhar give permission?
What about swara?
Does she also love him?
Friends, as per story the pairs r different.
If you tell whether I make it swasan or ragsan? I’ll change and edit as per your pairs.
Pls share it in comments. Which pair gets more comments, that pair Wil be considered.
And pls don’t forget to tell how is story? Do you really like it? Pls comment. Negative comments also welcome. Suggestions also welcome.

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    Thanku so much each of u for commenting. Sorry if I hurted u. I dint do purposely.Actually I’ve taken only story line. But not decided pair. As this is my first FF so just want ur al suggestions. I’ll post next part tomorrow only. And Wil Tel pair. Pls read it and comment ur suggestions. So that I’ll get confidence to continue. And m really happy for ur comments.

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